Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3 – Allelujah’s Prison Break

Allelujah and Marina Ismail are rescued. Soma (Marie) remembers fragments of her past, Lockon shoots and last but not least, Happy Birthday.

The famous Gendo Pose.

You won’t like me when I’m hungry angry.

“Are you ready to talk now Mr Bond?”

Lockon makes his move on Tieria.

Wang Liu Mei. More than meets the eye.

Celestial Beings wears uniform now. And it’s obvious the supplier went to the lowest bidder.

For some reasons I’m kinda turn on by Marina’s prison uniform.

Most of this week’s budget is spent on the splash and waves.

Lockon tests his new 100-400mm telephoto lens.

Allelujah is shocked that he has 8316 unread e-mails since his imprisonment.

“Anyone call for a Gundam?” Knight in armour, damsel in distress routine.

What must flashbacks always be in black and white?

One thing that puzzles me in Gundam 00. Whenever the gundams are retreating, nobody ever give chase! It has happened too many times, the gundam are always able to escape. -_-||

Happily ever after?

No. I don’t even want to know…

“Setsuna Baka! Baka! Baka!”
Marina is still upset Setsuna didn’t call her all these years.

I’m so looking forward to the next episode.

More of Louise is fine too.

Btw, I found out that someone is using my screenshots from this post for their own blog. Well I’m fine with that but at least credit me by putting a link to my blog. It’s only polite. ^^;

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And lastly in unrelated news, today is May’n’s 19th birthday.


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37 Responses to Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3 – Allelujah’s Prison Break

  1. k says:

    i wonder what engines the other gundams are using. don’t see and sign of the GN drives

  2. GNdynames says:

    “What must flashbacks always be in black and white?”

    Budget problems maybe? Like how they spent all of theirs on splashes and waves this week…

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    I see there is a love triangle in Gundam00.. I could sense alot of catfights ahead.. xD

    I seriously want the 100-400mm telephoto lens… That can beat any type of DSLRs around..

  4. lol at ‘testes’. 8000 unread mail over a span of 4 years is kinda low, isn’t it? It should have been over 9000. Gosh that joke is so dry now.

  5. acesan says:

    “Allelujah is shocked that he has 8316 unread e-mails since his imprisonment.”

    ROFL, I know the feeling. But after vacation, and not prison >_>

  6. sbhboi says:

    “Wang Liu Mei. More than meets the eye.”

    Mind if I ask which “eye” bro refers to ? XD


  7. nanu says:

    Well, B&W is useful to distinguish a change in the medium being shown.
    And B&W lacks data compared to color, so that has to be why. Literal noise also adds to the fuzziness :3

    Tangential topic:

  8. フェイダムさん says:

    100-400? I think it’s at least 100-OVER 9000…

  9. Sandy-kun says:

    8000 Plus Message?
    I got 2500 Unimportant message in half year! Lol
    Wow! i just know that may’n’s Age is still 19.. O_o Yet her sound was awesome!
    Anyway, how’s ur picture’s user??

  10. Raven says:

    @Farzie, you should check out the Canon camera US snipers use. Especially the lenses.

    Turned on by prison uniform. Hmmm… Are you into SM?

  11. gordon says:

    @ k,
    should be the same engine as there’s the green particles.

    @ GNdynames,

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    not really there are longer telephoto lens around.

    @ The Sojourner,
    lol. thanks for spotting the typo. that’s means u really read the whole post. ^^;

    @ acesan,
    ya i have that experience too.

    @ sbhboi,
    optical eye. ^^;

    @ nanu,

    @ フェイダムさん,

    @ Sandy-kun,
    how’s my picture’s user?

    @ Raven,
    prison uniform = SM?

  12. GNdynames says:

    Perhaps you pressed backspace by accident or something? Apparently your comment to my comment is non existant. Sorry for bugging you on such a minor issue, I’m interested to know what you have to say.

  13. gordon says:

    @ GNdynames,
    lol. thanks for highlighting it. sorry about that. i meant to say when i think back of my childhood, it’s in colours, not black and white. ^^;

  14. Rin says:

    This ep was good…
    At least everyone is back together…sort of…
    Well, looking forward for the next eps…

  15. alafista says:

    Woahaha 8000+ unread mail .. thats alot.

    I don’t go office one day and only get 50+ emails, of which only 5 are of any use.

  16. sbhboi says:

    8000+ unread mail, I think mine could reach that if I didn’t frequently check my mails for years. I say it so because spam/junk mail always flood in my email, like 800+ a week ? heh~


  17. zenical says:

    I love their power ranger suits x)

  18. @zenical
    Yeah, you see how Seravee has two heads? Its gonna be the top part of the Tenge-Toppa-Uber-Gundam!

    I bet shes got nothing on underneath 🙂

  19. chun says:

    finally watched epi 3 today lol I have to stop myself from coming to read your blog whenever U do a mock review LOL

  20. zenical says:

    Uh gordon, don’t know why i posted two comments when I only clicked one time -_- Delete if you feel like it. LOL

  21. gordon says:

    @ Rin
    me too. i want to see feldt getting kissed.

    @ alafista,
    let me guess, majority are just read and delete types in which u are inside the cc list right?

    @ sbhboi,
    spam. never use your real personal e-mails for sign-ups, lucky draws, contests etc or reveal it online.

    @ zenical,
    really? u are in luck. come choose a colour, we have extras. btw deleted the double. no worries. 😉

    @ MechaMarshmellow,
    stop being naughty! btw welcome. ^^

    @ chun,
    thanks for your support. no harm coming here to read this humble review as everything i write is misleading. hehehe. ^^

  22. zenical says:

    I like the pink ranger (always love pink ranger since I watched the first season… =/) LOL. I still have the power ranger zoids! XD

  23. koshiko says:

    Knew I was forgetting to do something… meant to drop by earlier but forgot ^^;;

    I had to giggle when Lockon made his move, lol. It’s a shame I have to wait a few extra days to watch the next episode, I went over my limit u_u~

  24. marvin says:

    lol on the telephoto lens

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