Recently I bought a new pair of megane as my previous pair was getting old with lots of scratches on the lens. Decided to go for a more fashionable type with the black plastic half frame. The old pair was silver metallic full frame.

I became myopic when I was in Primary 6 (6th Grade) and is now in the medium to high myopia range. Just curious, how many of you wear megane as well and for how long? ^^; members may check out this post to enlist in the megane club.


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  1. Panther says:

    Since I was 11, primary 5. Dammit. I also prefer half-frames nowadays.

  2. double says:

    I should really be wearing contacts.

  3. nanu says:

    Same. 6th grade myopia. Have tried contact lenses but disliked them; inadvertently have gotten used to the minimal protection afforded by glasses.

  4. k says:

    no megane yet. ^^

  5. meimi132 says:

    When I was about 7 I actually wanted glasses. Never have had a need for em though. My mother has worn contacts for most of her life and my little bro has had glasses since he was like 4.

    And LOL at the Clannad comment on my blog.

  6. katie says:

    me too! I had 6th grade myopia and just the other day got some new half frame glasses XD

  7. sbhboi says:

    Em my eyes still in good condition, hopefully nothing bad happened to it.


  8. Keith says:

    used to take my friends’ glasses and wear it in Primary6…and end up having needed to wear it since in Sec 1

    i also thinking of changing my glasses when i return to SG this Dec. 😛

  9. Jacques says:

    been wearing one since primary 3, around 9 years old.


  10. optic says:

    When I was 8 years old.
    My sister is suggesting me to get contacts including my workmates. I don’t mind but glasses has always been my thing to wear. ^^
    U should get urself a pair of shades. xD

  11. Sandy-kun says:

    I didn’t and haven’t use megane yet. But acctualy, i got myompi plus cylender eyes both of them in my both eyes as well. But i seemed to not use it coz i have likely a normal eye sight.Yeah. very normal. i still can see something in the far way without any blur. :3
    Maybe it coz of my Sharinegan? lol

  12. Stifler says:

    I have been wearing specs my entire life. I probably already wore them the moment I was born.

  13. Fariz Asuka says:

    I have Megane since I was 10 years old.. Now my eyes degrees are about 500+.. =(

  14. yumeno says:

    Wore ’em around Primary 5 when I got my 1st set of PC. Was gaming with Red Alert then. Wearing a pair megane isn’t so bad until i take photos and my lens reflects the light, even without flash. =.=

  15. Divine Fang says:

    Megane -> That’s a very common tool for an Otaku! Hey, aren’t we otaku supposed to buy cool high-end stuff like Masaki Matsushima’s masterpieces? My brother who is a Kamen Rider Otaku got himself MF-1104 recently. (Google “rakuten Masaki Matsushima” for info)

  16. shiro says:

    Have wore megane ever since I was in Kindergarten 2 (6 years old).

  17. GNdynames says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses since the beginning of grade 6, so that’d be around seven years.

  18. Ayuu says:

    Where’d you get the small glasses for the figmas? They are the perfect size!

  19. リョ Ryo says:

    I wear it since PS1 was came out. At that time I was really addicted to video games and I could really play it all day without any break. >,<“

  20. I responded on your dannychoo post but I guess I’ll say a bit more here too. ^^
    I wear my glasses if I need to to see details such as the whiteboard. But otherwise I don’t need them. Heck, I forgot my glasses during the vision screening for my driver’s permit and still passed.

  21. Blowfish says:

    Ive been wearing glasses since 5th or 6th grade.
    Ive got 3.25 and 3.75 and im no use without glasses^^

    Never even considered Contacts because i dont think i could stick something into my eyes

  22. ETERNAL says:

    Funny, I saw this on DC earlier but I didn’t realize you made a blog post about it. Anyhow, my response is pretty much the same: I’d LIKE to wear glasses, but my vision is perfectly fine without them >_>

  23. malzias says:

    Been wearing glasses since I was 7. Too much reading and TV ^^;

  24. Kippei says:

    I scratch mine new 1 week later and it is transition….

  25. chun says:

    mine one side myopic one side astigmatism? been wearing it since hmmm pri 3 perhaps, can’t remember ^^; I keep breaking my plastic frames 😛 I like the frameless type but I also keep getting the edges chipped ;_; Otherwise I tend to try to wear my glasses as long as possible ^^;

  26. FatB says:

    Do sunglasses count? I’m such an a$$. =P

  27. phossil says:

    I dont use glasses, but all my friends do!!
    I tend to think all people who uses lenses have an intellectual look..


  28. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thanks for all the comments. seems like many of us got myopia at early growing up years.

    @ k, sbhboi, Sandy-kun and ETERNAL,
    u guys are a rare breed. continuing taking good care of your eyes. ^^;

    @ Keith,
    u are coming back soon? great. welcome back. remember to eat more.

    @ Stifler,

    @ Ayuu,
    the mini megane are from max factory’s yuki nagato figure.

    @ chun,
    astigmatism? meaning, blurness when viewing from certain angles?

    @ FatB,
    no count. lol.

  29. chun says:

    Oh it seems to be worse if at night, and I guess to me astigmatism is kinda like blurry vision for objects afar? ^^

  30. FatB says:


    Actually, I do wear glasses for nightime driving. I usually just leave them on as things are basically clearer with them.

  31. andra says:

    wore them since primary 5… *counts fingers* .. oh! it has been 4 years! ;_; I dont dare to wear contact lens, will start crying even before putting on ^^;

    I have one blue frameless and another black full frame glasses (like those old school ones lol)

  32. marvin says:

    I use to wear glasses and sometimes contact lenses however I had lasik surgery a few months ago so no more glasses for me. ^^

  33. Q says:

    I used to have half-frame too, but after dropping it accidently and broke the glass quite bit before a shower prompt me to get something a little more secure -_-.

  34. mikiwank says:

    I feel less alone in the world of myopic, now ^^

  35. tflops says:

    I never used one, and hoping I won’t use one.

  36. gordon says:

    @ chun,
    but isn’t it common for objects far away to be blurry?

    @ FatB,
    wear them for range as well?

    @ andra,
    old school black frame is fashionable now.

    @ marvin,
    congrats on getting new found perfect eyesight. hope there’s no side effects.

    @ Q,
    finding a place to put my glasses during shower is always a problem for me too.

    @ mikiwank,
    you are (not) alone.

    @ tflops,
    do take good care of them.

  37. Hynavian says:

    Oh we have same taste. The megane looks like mine, except that mine is dark blue in color instead. (:

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