Was reading a local forum the other day and came across this awesome 3D render of the Decepticon Devastator. From the watermark, I visited the website and find that it is a company that specialises in creating photorealistic 3D images, animations, and modeling. Impressive work.

Anyway Devastator is one of my all time favourite transformers. Love the cartoon when I was a little boy. The 80s was a great era for cartoons don’t you think? We had Ghost Busters, Ninja Turtles just to name a few. Am also very looking forward to the Transformers movie sequel next year as well. ^^;


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25 Responses to Devastator

  1. k says:


  2. Panther says:

    I never really got into Transformers but that 3D render is cool.

  3. Persocom says:

    That’s pretty cool, I watched Transformers when I was a little kid, but I barely remember it now. The movie was pretty cool though.

  4. Vaken says:

    Transformers , Gordon in disguise. xD

  5. otaku dan says:

    it looks very realistic, in my opinion

  6. phossil says:

    Count another transformers fan!! Lol..

  7. meronpan says:

    transformers! one of the greats from my childhood ^_^ that render is stunning

  8. FatB says:

    Did you know Devastator is in the next Transformers movie?

  9. Z says:

    for a good long second there… I thought that thing was REAL! I loved watching Transformers back in like the early 1990’s. I remember my grandma bought me this mini die-cast transformer (i think it was the original bumblebee)that I can pull back, let go and it would take off. Such fond memories…*feeling nostalgic* u_u

  10. Rin says:

    Now that is something really cool!!!!!
    It’s sooo realistic….almost made me think that Transformers are real…

  11. tflops says:

    If only TF CG’s is that awesome to reality. They’re just pretty cool.

  12. gordon says:

    @ k,
    the first combining type of Transformers who made their debut in the last episode of season 1. cool!

    @ Panther,
    what happened to your childhood!? every kid loves transformers!

    @ Persocom,
    how about buying the DVD of the cartoon to relive old memories?

    @ Vaken,
    lol. when i was a kid, i will pretend i’m a transformer as well. ^^;

    @ otaku dan,
    sure is.

    @ phossil,

    @ meronpan,
    very photo realistic.

    @ FatB,
    yup, but the name was already used for the first movie. maybe they will use the name constructicons instead.

    @ Z,
    do u still have it now?

    @ Rin,
    yes transformers are real!

    @ tflops,
    u mean the movie? the movie’s CG is pretty good already in my opinion. maybe some characters need more colours thats all.

  13. Sandy-kun says:

    Very realistic.. I like the picture,but i didn’t get to Transformer well…

  14. Stifler says:

    Not to mention Captain Planet, Beast Wars and Digimon. I spent my childhood life watching those series. lol Sure brings back memories.

  15. marvin says:

    my favorite transformers were the dinobots. wonder if they’d be in the sequels as well. ^^

  16. GNdynames says:

    I only remember the more recent Transformers series (robots in disguise, armada, etc). Which were pretty different from the old series.

    Btw, info on the sequel is already on Wiki, the problem though is that they mixed up Devastator with Brawl in the first film and they said they’re releasing the original Devastator…without plans on resurrecting Bonecrusher apparently…

  17. omisyth says:

    Don’t forget Batman.

  18. リョ Ryo says:

    lol! first I thought it’s a real thing. Transformer FTW!!

  19. フェイダムさん says:

    I remember Devastator. That guy was awesome. This version pays homage to the old Devastator and re-images him using the art style of the new Transformers movie. Totally epic.

  20. PP says:

    fark, transformer movie 2 ? .. i find one kinda disappointing though.

  21. xephfyre says:

    Holy fuck that is the 10th most epic thing I’ve seen.

  22. Saku says:

    Damn, that is one awesome 3d rendering of Devastator.

  23. gordon says:

    @ Sandy-kun,
    another one i see. how can one not like transformers? 🙂

    @ Stifler,
    aptain Planet, Beast Wars and Digimon are the 90s.

    @ marvin,
    i like the dinobots too but they might not fit well into the movies.

    @ GNdynames,
    michael bay says he likes the name devastator so he used it for the first film.

    @ omisyth,
    i’m more of a marvel guy.

    @ リョ Ryo,
    will be so cool of it is real.

    @ フェイダムさん,

    @ PP,
    which part do u not like?

    @ xephfyrem
    what are the first 9?

    @ Saku,
    yes like a photograph.

  24. optic says:

    Starscream is still my fav. Decepticon.
    I hope he returns to the sequel with a lot more fire power. =D

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