Life Before YouTube

Online video streaming has totally changed my TV watching habits.

Seldom do I watch TV except for the occasional movies and a weekly Taiwanese variety show, which I have been following for years. I find it hard to stop whatever I’m doing and sit in front of the goggle box. Because of this, I often find myself immersed in doing something and forgotten that I’m supposed to be watching TV. When I realise it, the programme has already ended. I also don’t like to rush home just to catch a show. In addition, the one episode per week format is too slow as well.

All that changed when youtube came into the picture few years ago. Thanks to the massive user uploaded content, not only am I able to watch media from around the world, I also have the freedom to watch them anytime when I feel like it. If I missed an episode of LOST, I can always catch that episode on YouTube the next day. Well that was before Youtube started taking down copyright stuffs. I missed the days where I can watch Americans TV series and animes on Youtube.

Today I frequent various other video streaming sites for my regular anime fix. One personal favourite is Anime Seed. They have a wide selection of anime titles collected from various sources. Veoh has animes in good quality but sometimes it’s hard to find the complete season of a particular series.

Another thing I like about video streaming sites is the comments under the videos. Most of the times, the comments under YouTube videos are even more interesting than the video itself. I also enjoy reading the remarks after watching an anime episode at Veoh. It’s great to read how others felt about the episode.


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47 Responses to Life Before YouTube

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    OMG, thats the cutest picture I ever seen.. *Right-click save*

    As for me, live before Youtube was that I used to record programs using the VCR-recorder (Classic).. But that really changed after Youtube came.. Made my life a bit easier.. ^^

  2. k says:

    give veoh some time. i think the anime community will grow. ^^ i usually go there for anime watching.

  3. yumeno says:

    I only stream anime online if it’s a series that’s not seeded on torrents 😀 Usually at veoh, YT’s quality is crappy.

  4. er… excuse me.. what is youtube? where can i watch it

  5. Panther says:

    I refuse to bother with Youtube and streaming, for good reason. But ever since I switched to anime, like you, I no longer bother watching TV. Most of what they show is crap, including the movies.

  6. Vaken says:

    ahh.. youtube was past tense.. but some great vids can still be found though.. Will veoh follows youtube’s footsteps? xD i wonder. Anyone tried for anime streaming? though their high quality can sometimes be as same as their low quality xD..

  7. chun says:

    this month I don’t even have enough time to catch up with anime ^^;

  8. Hynavian says:

    Same here, I sometimes find the comments even more interesting than the video itself. There are times when commentors mention the title of a particular song (hear for free at imeem) that is found in the video or provide some extra insights into the film production (director, rumors, next season, etc) and they’re like a mini-gossip column all by itself. (:

  9. otaku dan says:

    youtube has changed my tv viewing habits as well because if i miss a show, i can always find it on a video stream site

  10. The internet, with its streaming sites and torrents has spoiled me. It’s hard to imagine watching a show that’s not available on-demand.

    I haven’t heard of Anime Seed before, so I think I’ll try that next time.

  11. フェイダムさん says:

    Only 165,779 views?! How can a video that cute have so little views?! Meh, never really liked Youtube, the video quality is kinda sucky in my opinion. But then again, some stuff can only be found on Youtube, so I have to put up with it.

  12. Katie says:

    I try not to watch anime from the computer because I like to follow copyright laws… However, I love Nico Nico Douga and I use it all the time.

  13. adaywithoutme says:

    I’m confused… the title of this post is ‘Life Before YouTube’, but I’m pretty sure there was no such thing before the tubes came about.

  14. optic says:

    Due to my limited monthly bandwidth, streaming is not an option for me. While it’s small compared to Xvid files downloads, the quality makes it up.

  15. Orange says:

    I hardly ever stream anime. I like the best quality, so I’ll always be sticking to those .mkv files. xD

    As for comments, Youtube comments get quite annoying. My IQ drops every time I read them.

  16. Marvin says:

    haven’t been able to watch tv myself, come to think of it, not even big screen movies. still haven’t watched the mummy 3 and batman the dark knight. ^^;

  17. malzias says:

    Kinda agree with Orange, sometimes comments there can be pretty dumb to the point of making you wanna pull out your hair >_>

    I hardly ever watch TV now, too. Now I only sit on the couch for House, only because I’m too lazy to go find it online 😛

  18. zenical says:

    I watch tv at times… Somettimes.. LOL

  19. Divine Fang says:

    Seriously my internet connection is lousy and streaming videos have always been not enjoyable at all. As for youtube, I just have to rip them. It’s a surprise that there are people who stream anime. I wonder why would people who have good internet connection stream vids when they can easily go for the far superior AVC/H.264 files via torrent.

  20. Stifler says:

    Excuse me, but what is this “television” that you are talking about again?

    Through, seriously speaking, the advent of video stream has changed entertainment as we know it. The idea of having to follow a predetermined time table just doesn’t appeal to the masses anymore. People want to watch what they want, when they want it.

  21. andra says:

    tv is already fading away from my sight ^^;

    I enjoy watching those funny videos done by people on youtube and of course the miss swan madtv series ^^ I only watch those old old anime series on crunchyroll or veoh or whatsoever when pheonix down also cannot revive the torrent

  22. phossil says:

    Im agree with feidamu, the video quality sometimes is very poor and many videos has copyright problems so youtube deletes them. That makes hard sometimes to find a particular video.

  23. gordon says:

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    glad u like the pic. i made it myself.

    @ k,
    veoh has the best quality. but i believe some countries are blocked.

    @ yumeno,
    u can watch higher quality youtube video by adding &fmt=18 at the back of the URL.

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    u can watch it over there.

    @ Panther,
    yes indeed. locally produced TV programs are crap. movies are alright. i saw blade trinity last week. they just shown constantine too.

    @ Vaken,
    Crunchyroll’s video and sound quality are terrible. >.<

    @ chun,
    in that case i shouldn’t tell that ranka is actually…

    @ Hynavian,
    sometimes the comments can become a flame war as well. lol.

    @ otaku dan,

    @ Coco the Bean,
    Anime Seed is awesome. they even have old anime series like chobits. ^^;

    @ フェイダムさん,
    youtube is great for movie trailers as well. even those exclusive ones.

    @ Katie,
    u deserve a pat on your back.

    @ optic,
    why not go for unlimited? there’s so much to download online. ^^;

    @ Orange,
    that is why youtube comments are great for a good laugh.

    @ Marvin,
    skip the mummy, go see the dark knight. it’s awesome.

    @ malzias,
    welcome to my humble blog.

    @ zenical,
    what shows u watch?

    @ Divine Fang,
    because in Singapore, one friendly local anime distributor loves to sit down and have tea with those who download via bit torrent. after tea, u will be a few thousand dollar poorer.

    @ Stifler,
    i couldn’t have said it better myself.

    @ andra
    pheonix? i never heard of that yet.

    @ phossil,
    a pity. i remember back then, one can find almost any videos on youtube. even movies split into multiple parts.

  24. koshiko says:

    youtube was way better before they started enforcing all those copyright rules. It’s annoying running into a link that directs you to a ‘this video is no longer available’ type page =/ I miss finding asian music videos more easily.

    I generally don’t look up things directly from youtube, I tend to run across an interesting video on a blog and then go from there. And for the more interesting ones, I save them on to my comp with a plugin for firefox =3

  25. koshiko says:

    And that image at the top is so cute~ x3 [sorry for the double post ^^;]

  26. shiro says:

    Youtube is successful due to the fact that there are plenty of content uploaders. Got to thank them for taking the time to upload their files.

  27. Divine Fang says:

    @ gordon,
    That’s a heads up. I wonder how those ‘distributor’ make appointments with BT users. I flipped through a few search result pages and found that Starhub does block BT traffic but none mentioned ‘making people poorer’ in SG. Hmmm… this is interesting.

  28. GNdynames says:

    I personally prefer to download the clips that I want to watch, and that’s really little since I usually only watch several weekly anime. But since most people do link youtube videos on their site/blog I guess that’s something else. Right now though, the residence internet sucks and I can’t even watch Danny’s stormtrooper dance T.T

  29. Saku says:

    Nah I don’t watch anything stream if possible since I would rather download them especially HQ ones. Even without youtube, I rarely watch TV except for occasional food network channel and most of my time I spent in front of my computer.

  30. Rin says:

    Ah, Youtube, where would people be without it!!!!!!
    I also go on Youtube a lot and even post videos on it!!!!!!
    Youtube is a great place to watch vids and upload them!!!!!!

  31. Q says:

    I think the last time I’ve watched one on TV was sometime last year, and strangely enough it was Ginban Kaleidoscope. I remember using Youtube to watch Haruhi and Tsukihime 2 years ago, and eventually I start using other sites for the latest series.

    Btw why do some people hate streaming so much? I’ve always managed to hear some voices of hatred from community to community.

  32. Radiant says:

    I don’t use youtube for watching TV. There’s rarely anything worthwhile on TV anyways. youtube is strictly for wasting time (like the TV) but in short 5-minute-sized chunks (leading to hours of wasted productivity).

    It’s also a great place for me to share videos of my cute adorable little hamham.

  33. Vaken says:

    lol gordon i just saw your forum post over at hardwarezone guiding ppl to la tendo.. xD.. its useful to me since normally i take a cab down.. thanks xD

  34. Blowfish says:

    Same here for me…I seldom watch TV and stick to streaming sites.
    Everything else has already been said

  35. Pyoro says:

    the common consensus among readers here seems to be that of apathy towards youtube. while i agree that while there’s definitely more room for improvement in terms of quality, the purpose of youtube has never been to provide demand tv. instead, it serves as a means for users to share their videos,providing a platform as a free tool, and to engage the internet community,a traditionally text based medium before youtube.

    that said, as a anime fan, i am particular about the quality of videos. I would watch videos no less than the highest quality available, unless the file size is ridiculously huge…

  36. alafista says:

    Yeah youtube are a whole lota fun, but i usually just go there to watch music videos

  37. Len-Vesper says:

    I know what you mean, Gordon. I have FTA satellite at home, but I now only use it to watch Japanese Television shows, movies and the occasional UFC Pay Per View.

    Most mainstream TV nowadays is total crap, with a rare few exceptions in the form of tv shows or series here and there. (Breaking Bad, Deadwood, etc).

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  39. gordon says:

    @ koshiko,
    youtube is a great place for movie trailers/videos as well. i missed the last scene of iron man where nick fury showed up. got home and watched it on youtube. ^^;

    @ shiro,
    but there are lots of trolls as well. 😦

    @ Divine Fang,
    u can do a wiki search for ODEX for more info.

    @ GNdynames,
    do what i do. play the thing, pause it, do other things while it loads and return later to watch it.

    @ Saku,
    u like watching cooking shows?

    @ Rin,
    lol noted!!!

    @ Q,
    hey i watch my haruhi on youtube as well. ^^;

    @ Radiant,
    hamham is your hamster?

    @ Vaken,
    lol take a cab down? it takes freaking long for the bus to come and it is always crowded. i’m not going back there again. ;-/

    @ Blowfish,
    noted. 🙂

    @ Pyoro,
    quality wise as long as i understand the story, anything else is alright to me. afterall i only watch most of my animes once.

    @ alafista,
    ya me too since national tv don’t play music videos much. sigh…

    @ Len-Vesper,
    hey i have a friend who is into UFC as well!

  40. Saku says:

    Yah I like watching cooking shows and great way to learn how to cook ^^;;. I am always interest in a simple recipe, easy and fast because I don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking XD. The faster I cook, the sooner I eat XD. Most of the time, I put them all in oven lol.

  41. Lsio says:

    well, YouTube didn’t change my TV watching habit, but living in US did. The US TV program is very boring to me ^^; only watch 3-4 hour TV for a weekend football game… yes, that TV only get turned on 4 hours a week ^^;

  42. tflops says:

    Before streaming, my life has been HD because of massive torrents on movies and etc, I don’t watch TV, but spend my time on the net using forums. Just wasting my time. Youtube enlighten me, and heck even though it’s on stream, it has interesting stuffs, and made me completely busy,.

  43. soonkiong says:

    still not used to streaming anime online yet, as I might want to re-watch most of my animes in the future, so most-if-not-all of the time I just leech everything off the p2p and http world, burn it to a DVD and store it in my ever growing collection.

  44. Haruji says:

    Before YouTube and after YouTube, I’m still watching anime through fansub/torrent/share means.

    BTW I added you to my blogroll, hope you don’t mind. It is a new blog that I havent finalize it properly yet.

  45. kielmaru07 says:

    Thank you. I learned something. XD

  46. Mizunaga says:

    I am a HD + Streaming guy. ^^;

    I download the series I like (or series with lots of action), and stream the rest. I normally stream on crunchyroll (even though the quality is HORRIBLE), because us Malaysians are banned from Veoh. orz

    I must check out this AnimeSeed. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Persocom says:

    I don’t even own a tv since the internet became so easy to watch things on, and I despise being forced to watch commercials, which you can watch by choice on the net. Youtube has gotten worse over time and I find myself branching onto several other sites to find what they’ve removed now, but I still go there often enough

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