Singapore Fireworks Celebrations

My second (n00b) attempt at taking fireworks shots.

Still need lots of improvement. orz. Anyway the Singapore Fireworks Celebrations is held annually as part of our country’s National Day celebrations. The 2 days event showcases fireworks performances by France and Korea.

Lots of photographers and their high tech weaponry were present. My crappy tripod broke that night. One of the knobs fell off due to me tuning it too tightly. >.< Can’t help but think mine was a piece of junk compared to the ones others around me were using.

As I am a novice, one of my buddies taught me some basics to shooting fireworks. Shutter speed was set to ‘bulb’, aperture to f9, ISO to 100, camera to manual focus. Using the remote control, all I have to do is press the shutter button, hold it there and release it.

The others around me use the ‘black card’ method whereby they use a black card to cover the front of their camera lens when taking shots. If anyone here has fireworks shooting techniques or tips, please share it with us. Thanks. ^^;


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  1. nanu says:

    Those shots look great! You’re doing well.

    I had to google the “black card” method o.o
    So it’s useful for nighttime photography “to stop mirror and shutter vibrations from blurring the image.” and to get your exposure time.. good to know.

  2. Tirana says:

    did u really took these awesome pictures?

    u know, its really hard to take fireworks pictures. took for me forever to just setup the SLR.

    good job!

  3. otaku dan says:

    those are some pretty fireworks and nice pictures you have there

  4. shiro says:

    Pretty stuff you got there.

  5. marvin says:

    nice photos Gordon, you seem to be getting the hang of your DSLR. imaages looks incredible!

  6. zenical says:

    lol at least you have a so-called “good” camera. Mine is a typical digital cam!! =O

  7. Divine Fang says:

    I could tell that you were well prepared for this event and… wow, the last photo is really impressive!

  8. phossil says:

    I like this fireworks photos. (really cool and awesome)!
    I like the way the water seems a little blurry..

    I think you are learning a lot (too bad for you tripode, but thats the way to get started..)

  9. oooh! i was there too.. but i was at esplanade rooftop. And guess what. i forgot to bring my camera T_T

  10. meronpan says:

    knowing nothing of photography, all I can say is those shots are spectacular!

  11. Orange says:

    Photoshopped… just kidding. 😀

    Those are some very nice pictures. I don’t think they’re noob at all. Give me a camera and I’ll show you noob. I’ll blow your mind away! And not in a good way.

  12. k says:

    nice photos ^^

  13. リョ Ryo says:

    those fireworks are awesome!! but your shots aren’t. Just kidding lol! ^^”

    don’t think your shots are noob, try think they are the best you can do at that time.

  14. chun says:

    Great job gordon ^^ haven’t seen fire works for so long lol!

  15. Blowfish says:

    You did a great job fot now really knwing anything about firework photography.

    How long was the Firework? 20 Minutes?

  16. Saku says:

    Awesome photos you got there and I don’t think you’re a n00b at all ^^

  17. Dancing Queen says:

    the photos looks amazing! not noobish at all! i should know i’m a noob too and if i tried that it would come out terrible ^_^

  18. Z says:

    Those are no noob attempts, Gordon. Those are some DAZZLING photos! 😀

  19. Pyoro says:

    those are pretty decent shots, if yours were noob, then i shudder to think of mine…

  20. they look great!

    i’m no pro in this but I was thinking maybe if you tweaked the ‘black’ a little, it might turn out different? i mean the skies… then the fireworks will be more outstanding? i remembered seeing this ‘black’ option when i post process my photos from raw to jpg

    maybe some tweaks, timing to get the smoke out of the pictures? the smoke is a little distracting.. maybe its just me, haha


  22. Edwin says:

    nice! *envy*

  23. Justin says:

    beautiful pics on the fireworks, Gordon. I hope to be taking pictures of the fireworks display on 31st August over here…hopefully with a new cam as well! ^^

    will try out your settings and see! thanks for the advise!

  24. andra says:

    these are good shots! ^^ I think I wont be able to take those clear night shots >.<

  25. gordon says:

    @ nanu,
    thanks for the link, i’ll take a look. ^^;

    @ Tirana, otaku dan and shiro

    @ marvin,
    lol still need more work. but too bad it’s not like everyday there’s fireworks to practise on.

    @ zenical,
    nay, mine’s just a cheap DSLR. digital cams can also take good fireworks pics. ^^;

    @ Divine Fang,
    lol, not that well prepared actually. good thing i have friends to guide me along.

    @ phossil,
    that’s ok, it’s a cheap tripod anyway.

    @ NoisyLittleGirl,
    that’s fine, at least u get to fully enjoy the fireworks.

    @ meronpan,
    haha thanks. will work on improvements.

    @ Orange,
    yes i used photoshop. for resizing only. ^^;

    @ k,
    not giving me some tips bro? ^^;

    @ リョ Ryo,
    lol thanks.

    @ chun,
    really? then u must really come back home for next year’s fireworks.

    @ Blowfish,
    around 15 to 20 mins. :-/

    @ Saku,
    thanks. ^^;

    @ Dancing Queen,
    you’re no n00b, your figure shots looks great. 🙂

    @ Z,
    thanks for the encouragements.

    @ Pyoro,
    hey buddy, next year we go together OK?

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    ASKIMET LOVE U YA!? lol ok seriously, i’m thinking must be the e-mail address u put or something? :-/ anyway the smoke can’t be helped, no winds that night. :-/

    @ Edwin,
    the P5100 can take good shots as well. just need a tripod. next year we can go together. ^^

    @ Justin,
    ah yes, malaysia’s national day is end of the month. i look forward to seeing your shots.

    @ andra,
    of course u can, just change to a longer shutter speed, or use night/fireworks mode. ^^;

  26. Q says:

    Nice photos for self-claiming to be a noob : P. I barely know what marcro photography is about recently. Hope you had a nice time during the celebrations.

    I’m literally no different to a casual user/outsider in terms of photography, but for some funny reasons I personally take a deep breath before taking shots to reduce movement, especially for those macro shots. A very random idea inspired from how people are trained to snipe actually ^^;; .

  27. sammyb says:

    Pretty pictures 🙂 The last picture is epic.

  28. Akiraman says:

    Nice Pics GOrdon what camera did you use?

  29. Garion says:

    Hey Gordon, not bad attempts leh! You shot from the NTUC open patch of land rite? I was there too on both nites. BTW what’s your setup like? (i.e camera / lens)

    Your settings are correct…but you could try dialing in a higher f-number (smaller aperture) so that the fireworks trails are thinner and you can expose a little longer to capture the trails too. Can try f11 to f16.

    Black card does help…but its not a must. I shot w/o a black card too.

    Also, watch your horizon level, it appears to be slightly tilted to the right.

    Keep shooting and practising!

  30. Pyoro says:

    @gordon provided it doesn’t clash with natsu matsuri again!

  31. Hynavian says:

    Its no n00b attempt Gordon! You should see my attempts in taking far away objects instead. I didn’t get any clear shot and I have to delete some pictures because they’re too blur (my camera moved too much while I was happily snapping away).

    PS: I didn’t know that there’s that many variety of fireworks on display. Thanks for sharing. (:

  32. gordon says:

    @ Q,
    lol. i hold my breath with taking shots too. ^^;

    @ sammyb,
    lol, surely not to the extend of epic right? ^^;

    @ Akiraman,
    the Canon EOS 1000D.

    @ Garion,
    yup i was at the construction area beside the NTUC building. at the far end. my kit lens frosted up due to me coming out from a air con room so my friend lend me a 15 to 55mm f2.8 lens i think. not really sure. thanks for the tips. appreciated it! 😀

    @ Pyoro,
    send your clones then.

    @ Hynavian,
    there’s more variety but because of my lack of skills, i didn’t manage to capture all of them. ^^;

  33. Raven says:

    The last one, third from last and forth from last are pretty good. Don’t be discouraged. One tip when going for events, always set your camera settings before the event starts.

    Once the show is on, there is little to no time to do major adjustments on the camera.

  34. gordon says:

    @ Raven,
    lol, i always set the setting before the shoot. the fireworks started late. was supposed to start at 9pm but started at 9.30pm 😦

    @ tflops,
    thanks buddy.

  35. mizunaga says:

    Nice shots Gordon. Looks like a pretty grand event~

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