Chua Churam The Idol is Vampire!?

Beautiful and bewitching. Possibly the cutest vampire ever. She can have all my blood.

This lovely non scale figure of Chua Churam by Alter is from the eroge Chu Chu Idol.

I have nothing but compliments for this figure. Great sculpt, fine paint work, lovely dress, gorgeous hair and big eyes.

This photo shoot marks my virgin attempt at shooting with a DSLR, the Canon EOS 1000D. Sad to say the shots didn’t come out as well as I wanted them to. I bought along my Nikon COOLPIX P5100 digital camera as a precaution in case I screwed up all the shots. So this post consists of shots from both my DSLR and digital camera. vertical shots are by digital camera while horizontal shots are by DSLR.

Unfortunately as I am not familiar with DSLR shooting, a lot of the shots came out blur or the focus was targeted at the wrong place. Still much to learn I have.

Nice guitar design. Too bad no strings attached.

I slipped and accidentally took this shot.

To compare the different between a DSLR and a digital camera, I took the below 2 shots under the same lightning condition and angle. The first shot was taken with the Nikon digital camera while the second shot is taken with a DSLR. As you can see the colours of the second shot taken with the DSLR looks more bright and vibrant.

It’s certainly not easy mastering the DSLR since there’s so much to learn. So on with more practices for me. ^^;


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47 Responses to Chua Churam The Idol is Vampire!?

  1. Blowfish says:

    Awesome!She looks way better than the figure with the bat touching her crotch.I recently discovered the beauty of frills and a girl with a guitar is always a win.

    I think its taking alot of time to get used to a DSLR.You have so many Options that its totally normal to “screw” up your first pictures

    Too bad that your hand slipped on that one shot.We dont wanna see such stuff! Actually my eyes slipped and i had to take a look at it

  2. misakichii says:

    I screwed up my first try at DSLR too… and till now I still cant get that perfect shot yet. XD

  3. FatB says:

    So if she wants your blood, but doesn’t want to bite your neck… are you still willing? That part will shrivel up, and fall off. @.@

    Chua is nicely detailed and posed, but I doubt I will get her.

  4. nanu says:

    Well this is certainly a more “work safe” figure compared to GSC’s 😛

    buddied you on flickr. I’m new to photography as well and have tried most of the custom modes on my cam, settling on Aperture Priority as a favorite somehow; you asked a photography question on before and the answers are there.

    How do you go about resizing images? Whatever you use should have an option to retain EXIF info… that way you can (more easily) keep track of what settings you used on each shot, and also share that with us (flickr can display EXIF info, as well as other softwares).

  5. sammyb says:

    o.O pretty. Maybe I’ll get this…
    After seeing two Chu Chu figures, both superbly beautiful, I’m wanting to play the eroge(though my Japanese skills aren’t good enough yet to handle an untranslated eroge >_<).

  6. super rats says:

    Those are some very good shots of Chua.

  7. James says:

    I’m sooo jealous , mine still didn’t ship (Hobby Search was kinda on vacation) 😥

    She’s so beautifull and you took great pics 🙂

  8. lu-k says:

    I wish you had more accidental slides ^^;
    Lovely shots!

  9. chun says:

    she looks fantastic! ^O^

  10. otaku dan says:

    she looks lovely and her fangs are hot. with time you will learn how to use your DSLR and you will master it!

  11. Dancing Queen says:

    she looks awesome but i’m really curious as to how big she is since she’s non scale… is she more of a 1/7ish or figma sized?

  12. Danny Choo says:

    Lovely pics.
    When you push the rod down the strings appear.

  13. Justin says:

    Cool new figure, I see. I first saw this on Danny’s, and thought it was beautiful. Nice purchase!

    Hmm, I’ve read in some magazines on some tips on DSLRs. I’ve noticed that it’s not that difficult to use, but just difficult to master. Maybe you can play around like how you did with your P5100? I think it could be the same, just that the EOS1000 has the manual settings for you to play with. Maybe you can take your EOS out to play on your free time; taking some shots and seeing which may help ya.

    Hold on. *rumudges through bookmarks*

    Here you go:

    Hope this helps ya! ^^

  14. Great shots. I prefer Astram though, for personal reasons. As far as vampires go, my favorite is still Pachira.

  15. k says:

    nice pics. you gonna add some strings of your own? ^^

  16. Saku says:

    It takes time to get used to a DSLR camera but you took great pictures on this figure ^^

  17. Persocom says:

    Nice pix, don’t look bad at all. I wish they’d make an anime out of the eroge already. Maybe some day..

  18. The Geek says:

    Nice pics, I am currently impatiently waiting for mine to arrive from HLJ.

  19. tflops says:

    What a great pantsu shot with the DSLR.

  20. Justin says:

    Sorry, double post! Did my earlier comment get marked as spam??? T_T

  21. ed says:

    no shit! you got an slr alrdy!!!
    fastttt T_T
    cute fig btw=D~

  22. andra says:

    Great shots! ^^ really good for your.. first try?

    Im still trying to save a few coins here and there from my tree barks and grass eating days for a DSLR! ;_;

  23. yumeno says:

    One of the best figures I must say, very detailed work. Is this fig still available at local stores?

  24. Raven says:

    You finally have a DSLR. Try playing with Depth of Field (DOF). Its one function digital cameras can never create accurately. You will need a tripod for the best effects.

    If you’re into image editing, try taking the photos in RAW format. You can edit the lightnings, contrast, saturation blah blah blah…
    To a great extent as compared to JPEG.

    Some minor tips, the higher your ISO goes, the more sensitive the sensor is to light. The down side is, the picture gets more grainy. They are actually noise grains.

    Shutter speed/aperture size depends on what you are taking.

    For example, its best to take sports using fast shutter speed as compared to slow. However, using slow shutter speed would create “motion” for the picture while the fast shutter speed option would simply freeze the picture dead.

    Aperture is linked to DOF which can create rather useful pictures by blurring out the background. It can be both a friend and pest if you cannot find a balance for it. The best method to get the aperture size right is to relate to your own eye. It works (roughly) the same way.

    The in built camera flash sucks. Direct flash is not as good as reflected ones. Too strong and definitely makes your target looks cold and white. Not to mention, it drains your battery reserves real fast. Get a flash gun.

    I need to start digging for my notes on photography >.<

  25. phossil says:

    I really like the shots you take. You say vertical shots are with digital camera??

    Well I think its a great job you did with your DSLR camera. I imagine it happens to all. Im still learning to get the best of my digital camera, now imagine to get the most of a DSLR…

    cool pictures. ^_^

  26. gordon says:

    @ Blowfish,
    lol u don’t like pantsu shots? ^^;

    @ misakichii,
    we need a mentor. lets go kidnap windbell.

    @ FatB,
    well, i can always deliver the blood in a cup and serve them with ice if that’s what she prefer.

    @ nanu,
    EXIF u say. noted i’ll go read that up.

    @ sammyb,
    guess this is where a english-japanese dictionary comes in handy.

    @ super rats,
    hope to see your shots soon. ^^

    @ James,
    don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait.

    @ lu-k,
    the floor was slippery i swear. ^6

    @ chun,
    the dress looks awesome doesn’t it?

    @ otaku dan,
    i hope so too.

    @ Dancing Queen,
    slightly smaller than 1/8.

    @ Danny,
    i can’t seems to find the rod. (‘~’)

    @ justin,
    thanks for the link, i will be sure to read it up. as your your comments not appearing earlier, the spam filter will hold back comments with 2 or more links. no biggie, just need my approval that’s all. ^^

    @ フェイダムさん,
    u like Astram more because of the cute bat right? oh i love the bat as well.

    @ k,
    probably not. ^^

    @ Saku,
    thanks, will improve myself.

    @ Persocom,
    keep your fingers crossed.

    @ The Geek,
    that’s reminds me, i have a pending figure from HLJ as well. been a week already. :-/

    @ tflops,
    glad u like it.

    @ ed,
    the irresistible price was too hard to resist.

    @ andra,
    eat tree barks and grass? poor girl. here’s a dollar for your buy a DSLR fund. 😀

    @ yumeno,
    doubt so. must be all sold out by now. u can try your luck at china square.

    @ Raven,
    thanks, was thinking of getting a external flash as well.

    @ phossil,
    yup the 3 vertical are shot with digital camera. much easier to handle. ^^;

  27. Kippei says:

    rekindled my passion to get this PVC 😀

  28. Z says:

    Wow… That’s a gorgeous figure! Very dynamic. She wouldn’t even be able to suck my blood even if I let her… I’ll lose all of it from nosebleeds by the time that happens!

  29. リョ Ryo says:

    Nice shots man! She is a vampire, right? If so I would be her slave and let her bite me. ^^”

  30. meronpan says:

    yum, so very nice! i’m worried i’ll go on a buying spree after playing the game ^^;;

  31. Stifler says:

    She looks great, man. Don’t worry – you still take better pictures than me. 😛

    Still, I worry that she will start to lean after a while. Doesn’t look like the figure has a good base from the pictures.

  32. Rin says:

    Nice job!!!!!!!
    I WANT THIS FIGURE but I kept forgeting to buy here when in Akihabara…
    I’ll get here through ordering now!!!!!!
    So nice!!!!!! I want it!!!!!!

  33. sbhboi says:

    Huhu nice bro !

    Hmm bro make gian for this camera eh… ^^;

    Oh my the more I *nosebleed* stare at this figurines I *nosebleed & faint*………


  34. gordon says:

    @ Kippei,
    YES GET!

    @ Z,
    she is more than willing to suck more than just blood. (‘~’)

    @ リョ Ryo,
    bite? oh my this could become a new fetish.

    @ meronpan,
    resistance is futile.

    @ Stifler,
    not to worry, there’s a metal rod supporting her so she won’t lean.

    @ Rin,
    ya i saw your comiket coverage. time to show us your loot.

    @ sbhboi,
    come, here’s some tissue for u.

  35. optic says:

    A really nice figure u have there. The guitar is so well detailed. Would have been close to realistic if they have the strings attached. A lot of ppl questioned her about the size. Does she really look like a 1/8 scale in ur eyes?

  36. Divine Fang says:

    @ Gordon,
    Great photoshoot! I shall be expecting your very hi-res figure photos soon…

    @ optic,
    I have to say that this figure is too small that you could tell that she is not 1/8 with naked eyes instantly. Her head is smaller than Figma Haruhi.

  37. Mizunaga says:

    The more I see her, the more I want to get her. ^^;

    @Divine Fang,
    She’s that small? O.o

  38. gordon says:

    @ optic.
    more like maybe 1/9?

    @ Divine Fang,
    can give me your msn? i got of photography questions to ask u. ^_^

    @ Mizunaga,
    yes get her u must. she’s fully clothed so no worries with conservative parents and nosy tabloids.

  39. Divine Fang says:

    @ Mizunaga,
    Like Gordon said, yeah, she’s about 1/9.

    @ Gordon,
    I don’t do MSN for some reasons but I could be easily contacted via e-mail 🙂

  40. Divine Fang says:

    Btw, I have a light-weight freeware to recommend regarding displaying EXIF, use FastStone Image Viewer
    (open an image in full screen and mouse over to the right pane.)

  41. gordon says:

    @ Divine Fang,
    that’s ok, photoshop can save EXIF. i’m using that.

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  43. Kippei says:

    Get some reflector, it will prove useful when multiple light source is not possible. The minimal I used in a studio photo for figu is 3 light source.

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  45. Justin says:

    hey gordon, sorry to burst your bubble but some of your images are gone. Photobucket bandwidth reached? ~_~

  46. Lsio says:

    lol the bandwidth exceeded. I can not see most of the photos. Anyway, I know this is a very nice figure.. and I missed to pre-order it, damn…

  47. gordon says:

    @ Justin & Lsio,
    sorry about that. thanks to last month insanely popular “more rear pcis” post, my photobuket’s bandwidth was used up faster than I expected. it will be reset on the 9th of this month.

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