Childhood Relic

Inidiana Jones (and his lovely assistant) unearthed an ancient artifact from the Temple of Doom, my bedroom.

The ancient artifact is my first generation Game Boy, Surprisingly the aging device still works but breaks down easily if not handled with care. There’s no sound as well.

The year of manufacture is 1989 but I think my parents bought this for me in the mid 90s.

This beast of a machine needs 4 AA batteries to run. Good thing today’s handhelds uses rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Save us the trouble of buying batteries.

This is the magnifying glass cum external lights attachment. Ideal for playing in dark environment since Game Boy uses dot matrix display (no backlight). The magnifying glass gives one headaches if used for a prolonged period.

I only have one 120 games in 1 cartridge back then and my favourite game was Wario Land. For the uninitiated, Wario is an antagonist to Mario, an anti hero.

I bought this second hand Game Boy Advance SP a few years ago. Used to love playing with it but soon got tired of it.

Btw does anyone still remember how with old cartridge games, if the cartridge fails to work, most of us will probably give it a good blow between the pins and it will work afterwards. Amazing isn’t it? ^^;

Lastly what ancient gaming relic do you have?


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41 Responses to Childhood Relic

  1. k says:

    oh my, that is a relic! i don’t suppose you have a game gear buried somewhere in your room too? ^^

  2. Persocom says:

    I got an old non-colored gameboy stored away at my mom’s house.

  3. double says:

    Time to get a DS.

  4. I remember blowing in to the cartridges! Sometimes I wonder if I accidentally got spit in there.
    The oldest gaming object I have is a Mario Game & Watch that crashes at level 7. I think that thing is 20+ years old now.

  5. Raven says:

    They are still the most reliable hand held consoles out on the market as compared to the PSP or NDS. Cheap, plus a wide range or popular classical games to choose from.

    Seriously they are the only ones that you can bring into the most secured military camp and no one with the right sense of mind will stop you for any security reasons.

    Mine served me through my time in BMTC and AFS before passing away. After suffering about 5 years of abuse its a GBC. Bought it around the initial Pokemon era.

  6. brings back memories! LOL

  7. pyoro says:

    yup i still own one of these babies.
    betcha they will sell a lot on ebay in future
    i will also throw in my lvl 100 pokemon team for good measure hurhur

  8. Justin says:

    OMG! I used to have them both ^^! Too bad that I lost one (the GB) and my GBA SP got dusty! Yep, giving them a good blow (no pun intended!) will make them work again. Hmm, wonder how does that work?

    What other relics I have, huh? Well, can my old 450MHz P3 computer of 8.5 years be considered one?! It’s still running as my torrent rig, though… @_@ The last game I run on that rig was Black & White, and I used to go up to Lvl 80 on my Barbarian in Diablo 2 world…

    Ah, those were the days…

  9. Q says:

    Nostalgic stuff indeed. Both me and my sister have the original grey ones in the good ol’ days. Pretty sure that I still have them somewhere but just can’t remember where. Still have the cartridges around (haha I too remember blowing the really defective ones when they don’t work), though a lot of them have been stolen back in primary school days.

    As long as I remember, my Gameboys are still in good conidition, and man they really can produce loud volumes compared to the Gamboy Colour!

  10. FatB says:

    I have this thing I use to kick around. I think it still works, but not sure. I believe they called it “a ball”.

  11. 6pack says:

    very old stuff you got there. One of the ancient gaming relics i have is a Nitendo Snoopy Tennis hand held video game console. Unfortunately its lcd had gone bad – its become black due to large number of dead pixels. but the game still works i think. got it in the eighties from my uncle.
    this is the link on youtube for the game that i found

  12. リョ Ryo says:

    Man you remind me Gameboy A-SP that I’ve already giveaway. (T∇T)

  13. otaku dan says:

    that looks like a wore out gameboy but i bet it is still fun to play with

  14. sbhboi says:

    Oh my ! Use to own this & GameBoy Pocket, but both got broke down after a series of damage & repair services. =.=||| Mostly b’coz the joypad is worn out.haha…oh nvm, it’s my bad not taking extra care.

  15. Wow, that really brings back the memories of me playing my cousin’s GameBoy and GameBoy Light(at least I think it was called that). I remember playing Wario as well. Unfortunately with those pirated cartridges one can never save one’s progress…

  16. Edwin says:

    old school!
    now where did i leave mine? mines the oriignal grey body and maroon buttons. Lol.
    then came gameboy pocket, game advance and advance sp. XD
    i miss them!

  17. Blowfish says:

    I have my old grey Gameboy on Display in my livingroom.Its in good company since my NES,SuperNES,Dreamcast and Re4 GC are hanging out with it.

    It was a sacred Ritual to blow the cartridges before playing^^

    While i still have plenty of my NES Games ive lost most of my original gamesboygames.The only remaining ones are Tetris,SuperMarioland,PaperBoy and a Spiderman Game.

    My Gameboy works nearly perfectly.Only one line of the Matrix is defect.

  18. Saku says:

    I used to blow the pins on my NES/SNES cartridges all the time back when I was a kid XD and it worked most of the time ^^

  19. George says:

    some oldie stuff…i think i had one when i was 13 or something…

  20. optic says:

    Gameboy Colour. It still works and I used to really get into the first Super Mario from the 128 in 1 cartridge. I used to brag with my bro and sis. to see what takes it for a week. We tried to share but that fails. lol

  21. Stifler says:

    The good old brick. That Gameboy followed me all the way from childhood up to the day the screen broke.

  22. xephfyre says:

    I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy from the Gameboy Colour to the N64, time to get a DS!

  23. Marvin says:

    I had a sega gamegear a while back, unfortunately I don’t know where it is at anymore. ^^;

  24. Z says:

    Wow. THE Game Boy. I completely forgot that thing ever existed xD. I remember playing one of my friend’s and I couldn’t tell what I was doing because the screen has no backlight and when you move, everything blurs >_<.

    Sadly, I don’t have any relics of my own…

  25. blissmo says:

    I’ve always wanted one of those, but then the DS Lite came out …

  26. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thanks for the comments. looks like the blowing into the cartridge is a common practice everywhere. ^^

    @ k,
    nope, Indy found no game gear in my room. ^^

    @ double & xephfyre,
    i’m already neglecting my PSP, don’t wanna neglect another handheld.

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    i saw your post at your blog as well.

    @ Q,
    the original grey game boy, wow that’s even older than mine. ^^

    @ FatB,

    @ リョ Ryo,
    give away?

    @ otaku dan,
    sure is. if that gameboy is alive, it would be a teenager now.

    @ フェイダムさん,
    cna’t save? means u have to finish the game in one siting? that’s impossible. wario is a long game.

    @ Edwin,
    wow u have 4 generation of gameboy? u are short of gameboy micro to complete the collection.

    @ Blowfish,
    u have the dreamcast? too bad the console never took off and sega have to cancel production on it.

    @ optic,
    it’s hard to share with siblings since some of those old games only allow one save. the current save will override the last save.

  27. phossil says:

    Amazingly you have a *still barely working* first generation game boy. I like your GBA. I thought you would have the charizard version.. lol

  28. Squee says:

    in addition to the blow into cartridges you could always use WD40 ^^

    I’ve always been a big nintendo fanboy and I have all the handhelds other than the GB Micro
    My collection includes: GB,GBP,GBP-L,GBC,GBA,GBA-SP,DS,DS lite

  29. Katie says:

    I have a Game Boy Color and a Nintendo 64. They work wonderfully and every once and a while I will play them. Yes, I remember blowing into the cartridges when they didn’t work (even though on the back of the N64 cartridges it says not to).

  30. yumeno says:

    Hmm, I have a Sega Saturn buried somewhere in my storeroom…

  31. Divine Fang says:

    That’s really a treasure. Warioland was addictive, the dashing sound effect was awesome back then, I played it all day long!

  32. nanu says:

    120 games in 1 D: one of the benefits of being in the east lol

    I have an NES that no longer works. Also, never owned more than 3 games for it.

  33. gordon says:

    @ phossil,
    charizard version? meaning red colour version? i have the charizard pokemon card. it was worth lots of monet back then. lol.

    @ Squee,

    @ Katie,
    blowing into them blows of the dust i guess.

    @ yumeno,
    go find it and show us. 🙂

    @ Divine Fang,
    i also love the ending of the game whereby wario will get a house (right?) depending on how much gold he gets. the gambling games at teh end of each stage was fun too. ^^

    @ nanu,
    although it says 120 in 1, the truth is there’s only about 10 games, the rest of the hundred games are different stages of the same games.

  34. tflops says:

    LOL, my first-gen console was my white gameboy, man, how’d you kept that clean?
    I dropped my gameboy on a dirty mud while playing my console along with the rain, and yeah it’s still up and running. The problem is that my artifact is very dirty and whenever I clean it, it’s just toooo dirty!!! 😦

  35. TinyRedMan says:

    Lol at blowing at the cartridge. I was told that we were not suppose to do so incase our saliva gets in. But who cares. =D

  36. TinyRedMan says:

    BTW: does anyone still remember Game Gear? It was the GB killer at that time. with colours and etc.. Possible first gen PSP.

  37. FatB says:

    Perhaps we’re goin at it the wrong way. Maybe all the spit we blow into the cartridge is what makes it work. Nintendo’s best kept secret

  38. nanu says:

    @FatB if by “making it work,” you mean, it corrodes the contacts and we end up having to buy another copy (LOL$$$)…

  39. shiro says:

    Wow, that’s pretty old. I think there is a grey version.

  40. gordon says:

    @ tflops,
    mine is dirty as well. full of scratches.

    @ TinyRedMan,
    Game Gear never really rank up in terms of popularity to the game boy through the years.

    @ FatB & nanu,
    lol. that’s explains everything.

    @ shiro,
    yup, the grey one is the grandfather of all game boys.

  41. Mizunaga says:

    I have had *no* handheld game consoles ^^; Even now.

    Unless you count an old, “JoyStation” – a China product.

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