New Star Wars Sequel Announced

In a shock revelation today, Lucasfilm announced a new Star Wars trilogy to be in the works.

In the worldwide press conference held today at Lucasfilm’s HQ in San Francisco, California, Lucasfilm revealed that characters from the original trilogy like Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader will return for the new sequels.

Journalists present at the conference were shocked when Darth Vader’s name was mentioned. One member of the press was quick to remind wasn’t Darth Vader dead in Return of the Jedi? Lucasfilm’s spokesperson smiled and replied apparently everything is not what it seems to be but refuses to elaborate more.

When asked about the storyline of the new trilogy, Lucasfilm remained tight lipped but said that due to the popularity of stormtroopers around the world, George will be writing a subplot which tells the story of a lone stormtrooper who escaped from The Rebel after the battle on Endor and his adventures looking for droids on far away lands.

A short teaser trailer was screened and a leaked version can be found here.


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46 Responses to New Star Wars Sequel Announced

  1. k says:

    yeah… nice one ^^

  2. Wow, I guess the waiting has paid off. I’ve forgotten all the classic lines for Star Wars(shame on me…), but what I can say is “The Force is strong with this one…”.

  3. FatB says:

    Whatever! har har

    *kicks gordon in the lightsabre*

  4. optic says:

    I knew it was too good to be true. >_<

  5. Katie says:

    I fell for it too lol

  6. リョ Ryo says:

    I love the trailer, but where’s Jedi?

  7. Raven says:

    I believe that this story is about a lone clone trooper. But from the looks of the movie poster, it looks like a 501st clone trooper. The Stormtroopers’ armor is also similar to the one used during the Clone Wars. Not the fight against the rebellion.

    Darth Vader is not dead? How can that be?

  8. Persocom says:

    It’s not April 1st. You bastard! I got rick rolled on my birthday!! XD ARG!

  9. Dancing Queen says:

    that was good, i was waiting for someone to use danny’s rickroll in an awesome way. i think you win first prize in that!

  10. Saku says:

    LMAO nice one, Gordon. I think you got everyone ^^

  11. marvin says:

    oh wow great new indeed! *checks calendar* good thing it’s not April 1. ^^

  12. marvin says:

    darn it! fooled and rick rolled!

  13. Blowfish says:

    I didnt fall for it because i read the comments before checking the link.

  14. otaku dan says:

    DAMN IT, i just got rick rolled

  15. deftoned says:


  16. sbhboi says:

    OK so many ppl got tricked on teaser which is rick roll..? 😀

  17. Hexlord says:


    OT -> Hi dude, finally saw your comment on my blog (I rarely update that page anymore but that may change soon)… thanks for liking the shots 🙂

  18.…did you just…? D:
    Congrats, this the first time I’ve been rickrolled in months.

  19. xephfyre says:

    Nice Try, even in the EU, Vader’s a dead man.

  20. thesixteenthzephyr says:

    Yay for reading the comments first…. But you had me going before that. Haha…. Star Wars is a wonderful but tired series, can’t say I’m disappointed….

  21. andra says:

    really? woohooo~ me only interested to watch stormtroopers in action ^^;

  22. Setsuna-san says:


  23. Setsuna-san says:


  24. Q says:

    It’s always better to check the public reaction before proceeding, just like when like one goes buying figures and gunplas via online shops (which reminds me of your reijin).

    Nevertheless it does sound feasible to me for Lucas to remake the original Star Wars. Nice one on getting so many people there Gordon.

  25. gordon says:

    @ all,
    thanks for the comments and enjoy the video! *laughs*

    @ FatB,
    lol. gotcha!

    @ Raven,
    good observation. i can’t find a nice stromtrooper pic so decided to use this blue clone trooper instead. beside i like the action pose of this 501st trooper. 🙂

    @ Persocom
    Happy Birthday! ^^

    @ Dancing Queen,
    thank you. went through lots of brainstorming to come up with this.

    @ marvin,
    hehehe… ^^;

    @ deftoned,
    LOL! i love that lockon’s reference.

    @ Hexlord,
    you’re welcomed. thanks for coming.

    @ Coco the Bean,
    the pleasure is all mine.

    @ xephfyre,
    doesn’t matter. just click the darn limk and watch the video!

    @ andra,
    lots of dancing action if that’s what u are looking for.

    @ Setsuna-san,

  26. PP says:

    hey no fair, you trick us =x

  27. pyoro says:

    DARN i felt for it and went around telling my friends before clicking on that link. i am THAT gullible lol
    ya gotta admit, nice poster up there

  28. yumeno says:

    NO! I got tricked again, damnit. =/

  29. roast-beefy-weefs says:

    The poster gave it away immediately 😛

    The only believable bit was the part about Darth Vader being alive because Lucas is enough of an asshole to do it.

  30. Lsio says:

    very excited about this new star war movie… wait…rickroll…

    I completely fell for it. nice one ^^

    by the way, a bit late to say this, but congratulation on your new site.

  31. phossil says:

    A new trilogy?? Awesome!!

    Whhaaaa!!! Vader is alive!! How is that possible??

  32. James says:

    You got me too ^^

    You’re so mean !

  33. tflops says:

    I thought that was the Clone Wars sequel! Just Danny Rolled!

  34. Danny Choo says:

    You got me all excited for a moment ^^;

  35. George says:

    will you Gordon n Danny playing roles in that movie? ^^

  36. Orange says:

    Never gonna give you up… never gonna let you down…

    Next up, Obamarolling!!!

  37. blauereiter says:

    Nice try, Padawan.

  38. TinyRedMan says:

    I got rick rolled!!

    but u know, u could have fake up a trilogy for clone wars.

  39. gordon says:

    @ pp, pyoro, yumeno, James, tflops,
    c’mon admit it, u all enjoyed the song and video. ^^

    @ roast-beefy-weefs,
    LOL. reminds me of jar jar binks. what the hell was george thinking!?

    @ Lsio,
    thanks for coming. i tried visiting your blog few weeks back but i wasn’t able to access it. seems ok now.

    @ phossil,
    everything is possible with george.

    @ danny,
    did u click on the link? ^^;

    @ George,
    i’ll love to. do give me a part in your script geroge. thanks george.

    @ Orange,
    LOL! the obama roll was pretty good!

    @ blauereiter,
    thank you master.

    @ TinyRedMan,
    there is an upcoming movie on the clone wars so won’t be as believable.

  40. Stifler says:

    What the – This is going to mess up the space/time continuum of the Star Wars universe!

  41. bzou says:

    DUDE!!!! BEST RICK ROLL EVER!! Ha I thought this was for real too omfg…..Good one!

  42. gordon says:

    @ Stifler,
    lol of course not. george can change anything because he has the power to.

    @ bzou
    thank you and enjoy the video. ^^

  43. iron2000 says:

    Almost got rick-rolled.
    Nice one.

    A new trilogy?
    7, 8, 9?

    Are the actors for the original characters old already?
    Will they return in as lead roles?

    Stormtrooper subplot.

    3 for the past, 3 for the present?, 3 for the future??
    Or will it continue right after 6?

  44. gordon says:

    @ iron2000,
    not to worry about the actors getting too old for their part. all the original characters will be enhanced with CGI effect since george is so good at doing it.

  45. Mizunaga says:

    If only it were true. orz

  46. MarcSy says:

    Looks authentic to me… X_x Definitely Orz

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