More Rear Pics

Health Advisory:  (Very) dangerous curves ahead.

This is a continuation of the previous series which you may check it out here. Stay in good health lads.


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50 Responses to More Rear Pics

  1. Do you have anything for the girls?

  2. Raven says:

    *Nose bleeds*starts scolding Gordon for the blood loss*takes out whip*

    Need the fan service anyways. Got some shot of some pretty models at WCG earlier today.

  3. Blowfish says:

    I liked the first the most.
    Thanks for helping maintaining our health care^^

  4. Kippei says:

    Very dangerous curve indeed….

  5. marvin says:

    oh my Ecchi! ^^;

  6. Fariz Asuka says:

    Damn, I nosebleed too much that I almost died.. ^^

    What Kippei said, Dangerous indeed.. XD

  7. リョ Ryo says:

    Agghhhh!! *nose bleed* the great erotic king BANZAI!!!

  8. Tirana says:

    arghhh…erect! nose bleed! nice pictures! post more please hehe..

  9. otaku dan says:

    beautiful round bottoms!!!!!!!!!!

  10. louki says:

    Jesus christ…

    I need to go in the bathroom

  11. wickedclown says:

    Mmm, damn yummy. I like the third the best. :p

  12. TinyRedMan says:

    wooo.. lovely aya kiguchi.. mizuki horii and her big ones.. X3~~

  13. sbhboi says:

    Fwah ~~~~

    A sharp curves indeed =D

    Got fur one some more ~~ ^.^|||

  14. xJAYMANx says:

    LOL, Gordon, I think we know where your fetish lies (or sits). ^_^;

    P.S. Cheers to your continued courage! If my (non-otaku) female friends caught me making a post like this, they’d probably never speak to me again, lol.

  15. gordon says:

    to all,
    thanks for your comments. I have updated this post with 4 additional pics. 😀

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    hey your comment doesn’t get flagged as spam anymore. ^^

    @ The Sojourner,
    yup. praises.

    @ Raven,
    oh good. post them on your blog. me wanna see.

    @ TinyRedMan,
    aya kiguchi is <3. she has a nice rear. 6 of the pics here are of her. 😀

    @ xJAYMANx,
    don’t get caught then. ^^

  16. Hynavian says:

    That cartoon character found on the panties in the first picture looks cute.

    But…Gordon. -_-“

  17. PP says:

    when is gordon ever gonna start posting yaoi pictures? ahhaha

  18. shiro says:

    Onii-chan no ecchi!…

  19. pyoro says:

    i only go for 2D gals

    hey gordon be honest how many porn sites did ya encounter whilst searching for all these pics 🙂

  20. TinyRedMan says:

    woot!! thx for adding her pics.. now, i need to be alone… ^_^;;

  21. Z says:

    Very awesome. Love the very first two pictures. My fave. You need to make these post a little more often xD.

    by the way, wanna trade blogroll links? ^^

  22. hmmmmmmmmmmmm yes no more spam. lololololol

    nose bleeds again*

  23. samejima says:

    I’m drooling blood right now… I lurve the 3rd & the 8th photo… *drools blood*

  24. Justin says:

    WOW Gordon! What a way to wake me up in the morning! >.<
    *nosebleeds a bucket of blood!*
    Just woke up to read your new post, and this is what I got! And I thought “rear pics” refer to a back house or something! Nice set-up, man!

    *thinks is a back house because read title from RSS Feed without having looked at post images! ^^*
    *if you think this is Justin, it’s not! He’s already fainting after reading your post. This is a pre-assigned comment that is supposed to be sent after reading your post. blames you for magnificent post images! ^^ nice rears!*

  25. 6pack says:

    Gordon is the reason many otaku got nose bleed today.
    Thankyou for the nice rear pics. Who are the lovely ladies in pic 5, pic 6 and pic 12?

  26. Justin says:

    @ Gordon: Well, I just woke up from my fainting session! Yeah, the time is the same over here, and been darn tired these days. Possibly the weather? Maybe one of these “rear-ends” can sharpen me up! ^^

  27. gordon says:

    @ Hynavian,
    but what darling?

    @ PP,
    lol. i’m not into that.

    @ pyoro,
    these pics are all from safe healthy sites. honest. ^^

    @ TinyRedMan,
    don’t forget to lock the door please.

    @ Z,
    already done. do drop by often. 🙂

    @ Justin,
    u just woke up? what time is it over there? should be the same as here no? btw i just deleted my previous comment so this might look a little weird. lol.

    @ 6pack,
    6 = Rika Satoh
    5 and 12 = aya kiguchi

  28. Justin says:

    @ Gordon. It’s okay, man. That’s what I noticed as well! 10.30pm here, and I’m gonna sleep again… ToT

  29. Saku says:

    What a great way to enjoy my morning here. Eating breakfast and looking at these rear pics at the same time……It’s just perfect ^^;;. I put tissue in my nose to stop the bleeding for now btw ^^;;

    I like the one in the laundry room (the 10th picture if I counted correctly). Who is she ?

  30. Persocom says:

    Nice rear view. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear XD

  31. k says:

    how come everyone’s wearing like… normal pantsu ^^

  32. xephfyre says:


  33. Reeve says:

    Nice site and man the 1st post I see is so nose bleeding man 🙂 Good job and Nice site Bro 🙂

  34. yumeno says:

    Where are the yuri.

  35. Raven says:

    Gordon, I cannot post till I get the other photo from another Cosplayer >.<

    I reckon I send you the better pictures first.

  36. phossil says:

    Thanks Gordon for posting rear pics… (*nose bleeding starting*

    pantsu, pantsu!!

  37. gordon says:

    @ Saku,
    her name is Rika Satoh. the last 5 pics are of her as well. lovely babe. 🙂

    @ k,
    what’s wrong with normal pantsu? what special pantsu are u expecting? ^^

    @ xephfyre,
    indeed. but i’m more of a bottom’s man.

    @ Reeve,
    u are finally here. thanks for coming.

    @ yumeno,
    another day perhaps.

    @ Raven,
    that’ll be great. thanks so much.

    @ Stifler, Shin, Persocom & phossil
    thanks for commenting. ^^

  38. George says:

    after seeing these beautiful round bottoms photos, i start to think to pursue a career in photographer shooting picture of model like the ones above.

  39. sammyb says:

    I salute you.

  40. Mizunaga says:

    Those are really nice.. cat ears.

  41. VIVA says:

    IT’S Very nIce Butt. . . i want making love with her. . .

  42. notananimefgt says:

    i love all these anime faggots that say “nosebleed” stfu we dont give a shit and enjoy the pics

  43. Adiel says:


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