Mikuru’s New Ride

Haruhi got bored of her ride and decided to give it to Mikuru-chan instead.

Go Speed GO!

For the uninitiated, Mikuru is riding on Reijin, one of the four sonic divers from the anime Sky Girls. Reijin is manufactured by Freeing, the same company that bought us the gorgeous Haruhi Bunnies. If anyone is expecting Reijin to be of the same excellent quality as the bunnies is going to get very disappointed. Reijin is a total piece of crap. Will get to that later.

I simply love Mikuru's crying face. ^^;

Yuki is not amused. Interesting book she is reading.

Awful stub mark

As I was saying, Reijin is a sloppy piece of substandard work. The paint job is terrible, parts fall apart easily and there are stub marks all over!

I have to draw lots of panel lines myself as well, like above.

Reijin comes with Otoha, its original pilot who is another piece of abominable crap as well. It’s so bad my camera broke when taking pics of her.

More stub marks.

And to think I spent 7500Yen on this piece of crap. The only consolation is that I didn’t order Fujin and Raijin. The other two sonic divers in the series.

Even more stubs marks.

I tried donating this piece of junk to charity but I was turned down. 😦


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36 Responses to Mikuru’s New Ride

  1. Panther says:

    I knew from the first Zero and Otoha were going to be crap. FREEing FTL.

  2. TinyRedMan says:

    is it safe for reijin to carry more than 3 passengers?

  3. although the pa**su shots where discreet…

    I totally got the idea! hidden message in the photos!!!

  4. meimi132 says:

    Donate it to me!!! I’ll take it!!! I love Sky Girls and really-really want Reijin!! I dont care about the crappy paintwork and stubmarks! I’m not that bothered!! I just want a Reijin!

    Very cool photos btw! And lol at your camera breaking when taking pics of Otoha.

  5. I like Mikuru’s facial expression.
    Then again she looked super terrified =(

  6. Stifler says:

    Yuki looks bored. She probably sees such things all the time where she came from.

  7. Justin says:

    oh my ^^ Mikuru, you have my pity…

    There you go again, Haruhi. Making poor Mikuru cry again. I wonder what is Yuki staring at all these time? =?=

  8. gordon says:

    @ Panther,
    i trusted Freeing that’s why i pre-ordered it despite negative feedbacks last year. 😦

    @ TinyRedMan,
    more than 3? who’s going to be the 4th passenger?

    @ Anonymous Coward?
    what hidden message? btw your comments got flagged as spam. i rescued it from the dark pit of internet hell.

    @ meimi132,
    i’ll gladly give it to u if u can teleport here right now.

    @ Noisy Little Girl,
    mikuru look most moe when she is terrified.

    @ Stifler,
    u mean yuki came from cybertron?

    @ Justin,
    probably the airline recipe cookhouse she has in her hands.

  9. Squee says:

    Gordon, you can donate it to me ^^
    I’ll sand down the stub marks and do some touchups on the paintjob

  10. blueplains says:

    I always thought it looked cool and well not crap:/ guess not haha XD
    I think Mikuru is upset with the new ride as well,she wanted the pink barbie doll mobile XD

    Good shots Gordon,made it look even crappier^^

  11. chun says:

    Gordon like to make girls cry (LOL)
    Yuki should read Airline menu — Mikuru will serve it 😉

  12. phossil says:

    How’s Asahina-san driving after the directions Haruhi gave to her???
    No wonder why Asahina-san looks so terrified… LOL..

  13. Danny Choo says:

    I hope you didnt order after looking at my pics ^^;

  14. Saku says:

    That’s some bad stub marks all over Reijin and it’s 7500 yen ($75). I can see why you are really disappointed cuz I would be.

    LOL at your camera broke when taking a picture of Otoha

  15. Personally, I would go sand and repaint Reijin if I ever got one. As for Otoha, I’ll probably never take her out of the box. But from Danny’s review of it, I doubt I’ll actually buy it, but I wouldn’t mind you donating your Reijin to me, how about tomorrow at Liang Court’s Kinokuniya sometime between 4 to 5?

  16. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow.. those stub marks are almost everywhere.. I am really disappointed with FREEing for making such work.. But I would not mind if you donate it to me.. XD

    I wonder what will happen if its Yuki’s turn to ride Reijin.. ^^

  17. what spam! LOL

    the hell…

  18. Persocom says:

    The more I see pictures of figmas with mechas the more I want to get one solely for that purpose. Sucks that it was a bad quality one though.

  19. gordon says:

    @ Squee,
    thanks for the help buddy, how about your gundams?

    @ blueplains,
    pink barbie doll mobile? sure, i’ll get yuki to paint it with her magic wand.

    @ chun,
    lol i make girls cry? no no no. ^^;
    airline food? yum yum.

    @ phossil,
    haruhi kept saying, “faster! faster! Go Speed Go!”

    @ danny,
    nope. pre-ordered it last Dec when it was announced. never knew it will be this bad. 😦

    @ Saku,
    yup even the camera can’t stand the abomination that is this figure. but also an opportunity to get a new camera *hint* hint*.

    @ フェイダムさん,
    lol, now everybody wants it. ^^;

    @ Fariz Asuka,
    yuki already have GN Arms. ^^

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    your comment is marked as spam again. but not to worry, i have already dispatch my team of highly trained technical monkeys to look into it. do leave comments as per normal. ^^

    @ Persocom,
    get them u should. figmas are fun. 😀

  20. optic says:

    Was tempted to get Reijin from play-asia 25% off summer sale. Thank god, I trusted my instincts.
    The idea of figmas with mechas is getting very amusing. ^^

  21. Your pictures were successful in capturing the feel and spunk of the Haruhi show. Nicely done.

  22. otaku dan says:

    wait so you bought that with stubs marks?

    I would not pay money for something that has so many factory errors

  23. Marvin says:

    they all look so cute on it. looks like Yuki still doesn’t care. btw thanks for the review, was thinking of getting one but after reading this I think I’d just better save my money for more gundams. ^^ btw2 where are the guys? ^^

  24. D’aww, poor Mikuru.

  25. pyoro says:

    hmm how did ya get the text to appear under the pictures? is there anyway to set that attribute under the .img class?

    lol reijin looks even worse than those toys they give out in happy meals. stub marks are a no no for any self-professed figurine collector.

  26. andra says:

    LOL why is Mikuru always the one being bullied everywhere ^^;

    maybe theres hope they will come out like gunpla..

  27. gordon says:

    @ optic,
    it’s not worth it even with a 25% discount.

    @ The Sojourner,

    @ otaku dan,
    i believe all of them have stub marks. not just mine.

    @ Marvin,
    i never bought the guys. ^^

    @ Coco the Bean,
    welcome to my new blog. 😀

    @ pyoro,
    if u are using wordpress, u can add in the caption using the edit image function.

    @ andra,
    cos being vulnerable makes her so cute? ^^

  28. Q says:

    That thing costs you 7500 Yen (including shipping)? What a rip off indeed. They’re like the work of a hastily made 1/100 gunpla but at least twice expensive. No wonder Mikuru’s worrying like hell that this thing may blow up at anytime.

  29. D_Blade says:

    Oh don’t worry, it’s just that Reijin came back from some great battle and the mechanic is gone for some quest for truth in the meantime (sad excuse, eh? Never watched Sky Girls by the way).

    Oh and I would love to see Mikuru as a flight attendant… but it’s nice to see her as a pilot (insert alternative joke to “launch the GUN***!” quote from Day of the Sagittarius episode)

  30. リョ Ryo says:

    How could Haruhi doing such a cruel to my Mikuru? lol! > ω<“

  31. Orange says:

    From the picture, I’d say that Mikuru has no idea how to pilot it despite Haruhi’s… um… helpful guidance…

  32. C.I. says:


  33. Setsuna-san says:

    Goodness me that is one horrendous piece of work.

  34. gordon says:

    @ Q,
    exactly, with that kind of price i expect quality stuff but sadly this is not the case.

    @ D_Blade,
    flight attendant is a good idea!

    @ リョ Ryo,
    whatever haruhi says haruhi gets!

    @ Orange,
    u say it.

    @ C.I.
    ah yes. mikuru’s other deadly weapon of mass destruction. the first being her moeness.

    @ Setsuna-san,
    it’s so bad, the garbage collector refuses to collect it. 😦

  35. dice says:

    LOL!! Maybe the salvation army would want that!

  36. Mizunaga says:

    WOW. I was actually considering looking for a Reijin for my Haruhi. Your photos saved me ^^;

    Those stub marks really look horrible.

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