National Day Parade Preview 2008

My n00b attempt at taking fireworks pictures at the National Day Parade Preview 2008.

Pardon me for the bad quality. It’s my virgin shot of fireworks taken with my digital camera and without a tripod. Image turned out noisy due to high ISO used. There’s lots of smoke in the air as well.

I was lucky to has won 2 tickets for this year’s National Day Parade. This one I went to was only a preview. The actual show will be next Saturday. The construction in the background is a Integrated Resort (IR), an euphemism the government gave for Casino.

Smoke in the sky in a form of a heart by F16 fighter jets.

End of the parade. All the performers gathered on the stage while the audiences make a mad rush for the exit.

Took a picture of the Central Business District on my right before leaving.


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10 Responses to National Day Parade Preview 2008

  1. Hynavian says:

    Welcome to wordpress Gordon! Link updated, picture link also updated. I’ll update the descriptions some time later. (:

    Great photographs you have there! I didn’t get the tickets and will be watching the National Day Parade on my plasma TV on the day itself. I’ve shifted gear and go into National Day mood nowadays, enjoying myself totally. ^___^

  2. Pyoro says:

    i am gonna preempt your eventual obligatory wordpress post and congrat ya on the wordpress shift!

    national day has become some rather routine in my opinion. will be spending the day watching some american tv instead 🙂

  3. k says:

    oh my! is everyone moving to wordpress now? ><

  4. Wow.. I didnt expect you to move this early.. Well, since you did it already, I might as well rescheduled mine.. I still have so many bugs to fix..

  5. Panther says:

    WORDPRESS. You should move too, K. You got your own host right?

    Also, you need a tripod. I could not begin to count the number of dSLRs that night when I went for some preview nearby on my mom’s birthday and we happened to want to see some fireworks. Think we were on the bridge, wonderful view there. Wonderful numbers of tripods with dSLRs too. Night shots. Argh.

  6. xephfyre says:

    HAPPY BLOGWARMING PARTY? If you have any questions feel free to ask yeh? Congrats on your move!

  7. so lucky!!!!

    I can NEVER win any tix. damn. oh well.. dont know to consider myself lucky or unlucky.

    lucky? get to watch live

    unlucky? squeeze with lots of peeps 😦

  8. gordon says:

    @ Hynavian
    giggles at the description of me. 不敢当, 不敢当. ^^;

    this year the National Day mood is at an all time low. i don’t see them playing national day songs on the TV or radio. and i afraid we are going to see reruns of old movies like previous years.

    @ Pyoro,
    american TV? cable?

    @ k,
    ya it’s strange. it’s like most started out at blogger then eventually move to wordpress.

    @ universalstrikers,
    i look forward to your blog warming party soon. ^^

    @ Panther,
    i didn’t bring a tripod as i never expected them to have fireworks. surprisingly i didn’t see much DSLR on that day. most are using digital cameras and even handphones. lol.

    @ xephfyre,
    u can start by teaching me how to hack wordpress into giving me the ability to insert flash and adsense.

    @ Anonymous Coward,
    watch at home better i guess. the weather is so hot and the goodie bag is so ugly.

  9. Raven says:

    Done the URL updates. Going to kill you for that.

    The aerial performance is done by the local Black Knights. Their display is similar to those on the Singapore Air Show earlier this year.

    You’re actually fortunate its cloudless on Sat. Its hard to view the aerial displays when its cloudy.

  10. puppy52doll says:

    ^^ it’s funny, my husband has same birthday as Singapore LOL so quite easy to remember 😛

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