I feel like I am neglecting my loves ones. Take for example this white PSP Slim I bought last October. She has not been receiving much of my attention lately. In fact I don’t remember when the last time I held her.

I bought her out of peers’ influence since majority of people around me are getting one. The price is reasonable and the design is very appealing with its lean design and light weight. After acquiring her, I imagined myself playing with her during long journeys on the bus or the train. But I found that I will rather use the time to catch some shut-eye after a tiring day at work.

Anyway I don’t see myself picking her up and playing it anytime soon, the Internet is so much more fun. Is there anything/one you neglected lately?

Btw back then when the PSP Fat (I like to call it that) was released in 2005, owning one makes you the coolest kid in town. But nowadays it seems like everyone owns a PSP. I often see many indulging in their own world with their handhelds on public transports.


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34 Responses to Neglect

  1. Raven says:

    I scrapped the idea of getting the PSP the moment Sony left hints of a mobile phone + PSP coming out.

    I don’t know whether that will eventually materialize. However, its definitely going to be more economical than getting a PSP today due to mobile plans in sg.

  2. wongtcsg says:

    I have 1 psp, enjoying the RPG and gundam game. Love it.

  3. Panther says:

    Upcoming PSP releases are going to make the PSP the best portable when it comes to games. Seriously. You should have seen Sony’s announcements at E3 for the PSP.

  4. k says:

    my ds is experiencing some neglect from me… but she’s being used by a friend at the moment. not too bad ^^

  5. Otaku Dan says:

    I know how you feel, i have been neglecting my DS lite for some time as well. i think she hates me

  6. Mizunaga says:

    I have *no* handheld consoles. ^^; Unless you count a broke console for classic games (such as tetris, etc).
    Would love a PSP though. Send it over, Gordon! XD

  7. puppy52doll says:

    hmmm my dolls are my neglected loved ones ^^; I been trying to play with them/take pix of them more before summer is gone 😦
    I guess the problem is I have err quite a few of them so it’d take a while to go thru all of em 😛

  8. Kozta-Boom says:

    I think I do a bit neglect to my fat black PSP. I love it as much as my iTouch but there’s nothing fun to play on it now. ^^”

  9. FatB says:

    Who you calling Fat?

  10. Fariz Asuka says:

    Speaking of which, I should go and dust away my gundams.. I’veneglected them for quite some time .. Maybe I wil ldo so for the arrival of figma Fate next week..

  11. pp says:

    I’ve always have those urge to get a psp or DS but always after thinking about it for a few days, my interest dies off. Luckily i didn’t buy, if not i will neglect them too ^^;.

  12. Stifler says:

    I have my PSP, and I shower it with tender loving care. I visit it almost every night. Not that I have much to do while I’m in camp anyway.

  13. Abao says:

    PSP = Video = Mizuki Nana Live Formula + Anime

  14. Hynavian says:

    I have neglected my plasma TV. I should switch it on more often to support media corp. -_-“

  15. フェイダムさん says:

    I own a PSP, unfortunately I have no new games at the moment (Stuck playing Tales of the World (original Asia version, not the English one) and SRT MX Portable and Star Ocean 1… All of which require a hell lot of grinding… So I fall asleep on the bus more often than actually play her…

  16. Jong Hui says:

    i own da fat 1, i bought it at da time knowing da slim wil be launched. n i am da same, neglecting it.. bt i guess m better, i stil use it when m doing big in da toilet.

  17. alafista says:

    I nearly bought one as well. But then I’m using my time on the bus to watch anime/dorama on my ipod touch.

  18. Kippei says:

    I ditch my PSP and went for a NDS

  19. Saku says:

    I was thinking of getting one when it’s just released but after some thoughts, I probably would get bored of it really quick and I prefer to watch anime on my ipod.

    My ps3 has been neglected for quite some time and it’s dusty ^^;;

  20. Garrett Ling says:


    Neglected to say this, but I caution against having too much optimism at this year’s E3. Until I’ve seen concrete proof that there are clear demonstration of actual gameplay from the PSP console, I doubt about the console’s ultimate commercial viability. (Which only meant that homebrew fans can rejoice.)

    I’m seriously considering ditching my PSP for the Nintendo DS. This might be late, but “The World Ends With You” is something I’m dying to look forward to.

  21. Optic says:

    My DS lite is being neglected. Same idea as well where I used to play it on trips and work and back but I had been so tired I find it’s convenient to tap a nap to make up the sleep I lost during anime and blogging etc.

  22. Deranged says:

    Haven’t touched my PSP for ages.. got it as soon as it came out as well T_T

  23. Pyoro says:

    the psp has tonnes of features, which are added upon during firmware updates. you shouldn’t chide yourself for buying one just because it has become a ubiquitous device.

  24. Pyoro says:

    woah just read this

    with awesome games like that, you should be kissing that psp of yours hurhur

  25. secretzone says:

    I used to use it mainly for watching anime during bus ride to work and home when i was in SG.
    didnt use much since i came to japan. But recently completed FFVII crisis core 😀

    In Japan, really tons of people using ds and psp ^^;

  26. Panther says:

    Garrett, I do not own a PSP. And I do not intend on getting one. PS3 is also failing in the games area for me, seriously I see no reason to get one except for the fighting game SC4 which I am supposedly competitive in.

    As for actual gameplay, lol. I am not sure if you noticed, but in recent years, have casual gamers ever cared about good games? The makers are making things that sell based on fanboys, hence my comment. Good games? Wazzat?

  27. Blowfish says:

    Hmmm…Ive neglected my DS Lite for quite some time.The same goes for my TV.I can watch everything years earlier when i watch it on my Laptopso theres no need to turn it on

  28. gordon says:

    thanks all for your comments and a warm welcome to the new visitors.

    @ k,
    nice indeed. she’s the only reason i switch on the PSP from times to times just to look at her.

    @ Mizunaga,
    lol. no can do sorry. precious she is.

    @ fatb,
    PSP Big Boned then.

    @ Hynavian
    lol @ support mediacock.

  29. kairu90 says:

    I have been neglecting my Wii a lot lately. I barely even play it cept for Super Smash Bros…and that is on a rare occasion.

  30. D_Blade says:

    Sup Gordon!

    I’ve been away for some time, so neglect has been much characterizing me. My PSP, my Gamecube, they have been left for the MMORPG I’m playing right now (Fiesta)…

    But I should return to them one day. FFT War of the Lions and Burnout Dominator = Good times ^^

  31. samejima says:

    I’ve neglected my Final Fantasy Tactics A2 DS game lately… and have
    neglected my PSP long time ago… Thanks to the interwebs… orz

  32. Tirana says:

    yeah i want to buy PSP slim one. i just dont have enough money huhuh..

  33. Sandykun says:

    I’ve neglect my study coz of the fun impact of internet, tough.. XD

    And i have no handled game console… T.T.. Have no money and maybe have no time to play it.

  34. melissahounsell says:

    I’ve been neglecting my animal crossing as of late. I know my flowers are all probably dead, weeds have grown about everywhere and all my friends have left town! How sad to think about! ;__;

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