Yuki’s New Ride

After seeing Haruhi’s cool ride, Yuki decided to get a new ride of her own as well.

For the uninitiated, Yuki is riding on the GN Arms Type E from Gundam 00. It comes with a 1/144 Gundam Exia but I haven’t build it yet.

I didn’t take a lot of pics since there aren’t much poses I could do. Most of the pics didn’t turn out well to my liking. I wanted a totally blurred background so I zoomed out all the way using my digital camera. This affected the clarity and quality of the shots as one needs very steady hands to get a good shot. It’s so hard to get a decent blurred background with a digital camera. 😦


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TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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30 Responses to Yuki’s New Ride

  1. Panther says:

    You can photoshop out the stand. Also, awesome new ride. They need more of these in the military. Human-sized mecha suits like these will pwn.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    hmm I found this out by accident(from taking all those big head doll pix), it MAY or may not work with every digital camera tho, you probably got a macro feature (the little flower icon) on your camera? Have that on, zoom in a tiny bit to your subject (not fully zoom in), if it works the background will be a lot blurrer, you may also have to move back from your subject a bit to make sure your subject is sharp.

  3. dannychoo says:


  4. Adun says:

    A complete blurred background is quite difficult with a digital camera, unless your digital camera allows you to change the aperture settings, but I highly doubt that.

    For a second there I thought that was the equipment that came with Exelica, lol.

  5. phossil says:

    Now Yuki and Haruhi can be with the Sonic Divers!!

  6. Fariz Asuka says:

    Those are very good picture.. Yuki FTW!!

    Bad Witch Yuki will look even better on GN Arms.. ^^

  7. marvin says:

    love the GN arms Yuki. ^^ btw you can achieve Bokeh (background blur) using photoshop. Check out the last tutorial on this page:

    @Adun I heard Panasonic Lumix compact cameras has aperture priority mode.

  8. C.I says:

    I swear, gordon, if they ever make a Yuuki Nagato figurine, do this again and it will be the 2nd most GAR thing ever.

  9. Stifler says:

    Yuki seriously doesn’t like losing, does she? Having that X frame from Gundam X isn’t enough – she has to use her data manipulation to bring in the GN Arms Type E. lol

  10. FatB says:

    Hmmm… what’s that knobby thing in front of Yuki’s skirt used for? Very unusual…

  11. Ed says:

    try using a tripod? =D
    or just get an slr. LOL

  12. Pyoro says:

    it looks kinda purpleish

  13. yumeno says:

    I want moar!

  14. Optic says:

    Where’s Yuki gun? I want to see her in “wrath” form. ^^

  15. Raven says:

    Use a tripod next time.

    Small amp large shutter speed.

  16. puppy52doll says:

    FatB it’s a trap!

  17. Persocom-san says:

    that’s really cool, I need to find some mechs that figma fit in for myself

  18. jusuchin85 says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Justin here. Just to drop by to tell you that I’ve updated my blog site already. It’s not the old one anymore, now I’ve got a new domain at: http://www.jusuchin85.com

    I won’t be updating the old ones now, so just to tell you that! see ya around man!

    *still love your blog!*

  19. meronpan says:

    excellent, i love figure mash-ups ^_^

  20. super rats says:

    Go Yuki! Yeah, but what is that knobby thing? Maybe she should grip it.

  21. Otaku Dan says:

    for some reason, her riding the GN Arms Type E kind of suits her

  22. Mizunaga says:

    The GN Arms look awesome! And of course, Yuki too. ^^


  23. Belela-san says:

    Hehehe very funny the only thing missing is Yuki blasting her way through

  24. Divine Fang says:

    UUUWWWOOOO!!! I have to agree with Otaku Dan, you nailed it Gordon.

  25. フェイダムさん says:

    Nice usage of the GN Arms… Maybe I ought to get two for my Nanoha-san and arriving-hopefully-soon Fate-san… You be getting the new Yuki with the witch hat?

  26. gordon says:

    @ Panther,
    me not good with photoshop.

    @ chun,
    ya i use the macro mode all the time. it works well if i’m taking extremely close up shots like the 1st pic. but when i take full body shot, like the 2nd pic, i can’t get a totally blurred background.

    @ danny,
    yuki yuke?

    @ Adun,
    mine have an aperture mode. f2.7 is the biggest i can go.

    @ phossil,
    lol. let me think of something for mikuru.

    @ Fariz Asuka
    yup. i already ordered witch yuki.

    @ marvin,
    thanks, will take a look.

    @ C.I,
    there are already lots of yuki figures out there. figma is easier to pose on it.

    @ Stifler,
    yup. even exia is no match for her.

    @ fatb,
    oh behave!

    @ ed,
    i prefer the 2nd option.

    @ Pyoro,
    it is purple.

    @ yumeno,
    moar next week.

    @ Optic,
    wrath form?

    @ Raven,
    what’s an amp?

    @ Persocom-san,
    how about MG kits? the armours can be taken apart.

    @ jusuchin85,
    noted. i’ll drop by.

    @ meronpan,
    me too.

    @ super rats,
    that’s the emergency brake. ^^

    @ Otaku Dan,
    i thought so too. must the colour of her hair.

    @ Mizunaga,
    are u planning to get yuki as well. as company to your haruhi?

    @ Belela-san,
    hmm, that’s a good idea.

    @ Divine Fang,
    thanks. may i borrow your DSLR?

    @ フェイダムさん,
    already ordered it.

  27. Mizunaga says:

    I’m debating with myself whether to try and get a normal Yuki or Bad Witch ver. I actually intended to get normal Yuki, but there weren’t any in stock over here, so I got Haruhi instead. ^^;

  28. Divine Fang says:

    If you are coming to KL anytime drop me a message, no kidding 🙂

  29. Q says:

    Only just realised that Figmas do stand approx the same height as a 1/144 gunpla model! Interesting crossover there. Would be interesting to see her in GN Arms Type D too when it’s out (Dynames one)~

  30. gordon says:

    @ Mizunaga
    get the witch version. it’s rare to get a yuki figure in her uniform without the jacket.

    @ Divine Fang,
    sure thing. i will love to visit KL again. missed the petronas tower and KL tower. ^^;

    @ Q,
    won’t be getting GN Arms Type D. one GN Arms is enough for me. ^^

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