Reservist Unit and Figma Mikuru

This is my reservist unit’s formation badge. My first ever ICT is coming up soon. I attended the briefing two days ago and will be going back for more action in two more months’ time.

Anyway, the main point is figma Mikuru arrived! Now Haruhi has someone to bully play with. Interestingly, danny mentioned here that figma Mikuru will go sale today in Japan but I got mine three days ago. ^^ Anyone gotten yours already?


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25 Responses to Reservist Unit and Figma Mikuru

  1. Squee says:

    I just got my ICT notice today… I’ll be in 2PDF too.
    Goodbye to my hair T_T

  2. Divine Fang says:

    Mikuru’s boob should have been bigger! (I haven’t got mine though)

  3. Panther says:

    Lmao I got mine too today, but my reservist is next year March WTF early notice.

  4. Kippei says:

    Yoz same unit just that I know nuts on what my unit is doing. No briefing for me and i digging in 2 weeks later. Gods know what i be doing next in 2 weeks time

  5. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    ICT sucks. Hopefully I don’t get a single recall when I’m studying @ NTU (I was told I wouldn’t), and once I’m done with that, I’m running overseas!!

  6. Anonymous Coward says:

    man.. mine is sept 2 fking weeks.


  7. gordon says:

    really? me is 822SIR. is this your first ICT as well?

    Divine Fang,
    yes it’s bigger. ^^;

    early go in, early go out. which unit?

    2PDF most likely rifleman.

    most of the time one get called up after 2 years from their ORD. for RSAF i’ll not sure what is their system like.

    Anonymous Coward,
    mine is also 2 weeks in sep. i’m actually lookign forward to going back. away from work. ^^

  8. puppy52doll says:

    Ha… Haruhi is so ecchi
    LOL and you know what I feel about NS 😛

  9. Squee says:

    I’m in 810SIR, the ICT will be in Feb…. High key… 3 weeks T_T
    Yes it’s my 1st ICT

  10. fatb says:

    Wish you well my friend…
    What? Waiting for a joke? Get back to work.

  11. phossil says:

    Poor Asahina-san… She has just arrived and she is already screaming to Haruhi to stop. lol Good luck in the ICT. ^_^

    BTW Im getting figma Haruhi in 2 weeks.

  12. opticzone says:

    haha. Love it.
    Lucky you. Mine one reserved at HLJ.

  13. Noisy Little Girl says:


    im so glad i dont have to go through such thing.. 😉

  14. andra says:

    my mikuru will be coming soon, shes the last member of the sos dan ^^

    sometimes I thought that NS looks fun, maybe because my dad told me about his old NS days =X

  15. gordon says:

    yes i do but NS really changed a lot nowadays. more welfare, more allowance.

    810 i see. should be an active reservist unit. 3 weeks!? man i thought 2 weeks was long already. O_O

    thanks for the well wishes.

    haruhi is just happy to see her.

    so when is it coming?

    Noisy Little Girl,
    u live in jurong?

    NS “looks” fun from the outside with the nice posters and advertisements but inside is different story. lol.

  16. secretzone says:

    No ICT at least for the next 2-3 years, depend how long i intend to “hide” away from SG 😛

    OT work today… no time to go pick up mikuru ^^;

    seem like other country is able to recieve revoltech and figma earlier now

  17. blauereiter says:

    2 PDF huh…I think that’s where I’ll be if I’m in Singapore alright. :]

  18. James says:

    poor Mikuru 😥

  19. Mizunaga says:

    Me want Bad Witch Yuki!

  20. The Sojourner says:

    I got posted to some brigade as a signals dude in HQ. Feeling ronery because I knew no one during the Ops Manning briefing.

  21. gordon says:

    the boss of the shop i got mikuru from must have good connections with the distributor from japan. ^^

    who is brave enough to go save her!? amyone?

    bad witch? O_O
    does your local shop take pre-order?

    The Sojourner,
    ah that’s sad. i’m glad most of my NS buddies are back with me in 2PDF.

  22. Panther says:

    Early go in early go out is hardly applicable, this is my 4th ICT already, and all high-key. 3 weeks, but on/off shift duty so yeah.

    Changi Air Base, RP. Wee. Guard duty all the way.

  23. gordon says:

    4th ICT already! that’s fast! one ICT each year after ORD is it?

  24. opticzone says:

    It takes about 2 weeks to get here in Aus, since I choose SAL. 1 week if I’m lucky.

  25. Pyoro says:

    mikuru over reservice anytime!

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