Haruhi and Neko

Haruhi continues her SOS-dan recruiting efforts and found her next potential target. This is my neighbourhood neko taking an afternoon nap. Neko is very cool and isn’t afraid of humans so I love to fondle it whenever I see it. Are there any cats lover here? ^^;


About sergeant gordon

TD8316, proud member of the 501st Legion 銀河帝国五〇一軍团。 Loves anime, Sasara, photography and looking for droids, pretty ones.
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27 Responses to Haruhi and Neko

  1. Hinano says:


  2. shiro says:


  3. Lsio says:

    did it wake up and bite on Haruhi for interrupting its sweet nap? :p

  4. k says:

    cute sleeping pose ^^ i hope neko didn’t claw at haruhi when he/she got up

  5. Shin says:

    There’s only enough room for one cat in the SOS Dan, and that one talks.

  6. Panther says:

    I love cats, so cute!

    Also, “fondle her” sounds so hentai.

  7. Mizunaga says:

    Neko lover, reporting in!

  8. Kozta-Boom says:

    I like that cat >,<" it's kinda cute!!

  9. puppy52doll says:

    haaahahaha my cat would try to smell and then either bite or attack my toys/dolls so I better not even think about it… or…. should I? (he’s sleeping now)

  10. C.I says:

    But I’m pretty sure Mikuru has an ARMY of them already…

  11. Fariz Asuka says:

    That is indeed very cute.. ^^

    All Hail to Haruhi, New Ruler of the Neko World!! XD

  12. Anonymous Coward says:

    lololololol! what cute photo…!

    my house void deck got a bunch of cats. the auntie who feeds them calls them by their names!

    the cats will go running to her!

    btw! your konata shirt is just ready! er… how do i post it to you?

  13. Z says:

    haha I always love cats and it’s just so funny watching them do their things xD

  14. Divine Fang says:

    Kawaii neko!!! I hope it won’t bite Haruhi and make her mad otherwise we shall see the end of the world. I hope Yuki is around with her AT-field ready before that happens…

  15. Noisy Little Girl says:

    gordon lives in the west right.. j. west eh? ^^

  16. fatb says:

    You like to fondle your neighbour’s pussy? I am so not surprised.

  17. Anonymous Coward says:



    i had to scroll up and down to re read the post. INDEED! LMAO!

  18. andra says:

    cats are really cute~ ^^

    I remembered playing with a cat of an old uncle when I was young, will always bring him food and hes so grateful that he left a scar on my hand T^T

  19. gordon says:

    @lsio & k,
    neko did wake up when I was talking the pic, but it just look at haruhi and went back to sleep. aren't it cool? ^^;

    this neko talks too.

    lol, it's all in your mind.


    i agree.

    think twice. do it at your own risk. or use the doll u don't want/like.

    Mikuru has an army of cats? explain?

    @Fariz Asuka,
    New Ruler? then who is the previous ruler? ^^

    @Anonymous Coward,
    konata shirt!? what u drawn one for me!? man i'm so touched! ^^

    we could meet up. drop em an e-mail with your handphone, we will arrange through sms. ^^

    indeed. cats are so cool. they don't pay attention to u nor do they want attention from u either. they just do their own thing.

    @Divine Fang,
    neko is well behaved. it won't bite. ^^

    @Noisy Little Girl,
    u recognise neko as well?


    a scar? oh my. O_O

  20. Evaritus Lau says:

    Nice chubby cat indeed. Lucky it didn’t attack Haruhi wor. ^^”

  21. Kippei says:

    hahaa Kitty went “Baka ja-ne no!”

  22. phossil says:

    WOW!! Haruhi is soo brave recruiting neko for SOS dan!!
    She will do anything for the greatness of the SOS dan!!

  23. yumeno says:

    Ok, Haruhi is crazy.

  24. Raven says:

    isn’t the cat a little too huge for Haruhi?

    Panther you’re so ecchi, you deserve a Tenga V

  25. gordon says:

    Evaritus Lau,
    neko is more interested in its nap. ^^


    no worries, neko is pretty harmless.


    nothing is too large for haruhi.

  26. 6pack says:

    lol at fatb’s remark. so did the cat join the sos brigade?

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