Otaku Friends in the News

Featured in this week’s Friday Weekly, a student newspaper, are 3 well known local anime bloggers double, soshi and windbell.

Those who wish to find out more may buy a copy of this week’s issue. When finished, laminate it and keep it for your personal collection. Alternately you may just click on the pics to get a higher resolution.

Surprisingly, our beloved banchou is also sort of indirectly and briefly mentioned in the article as well.

Even bangin is inside the article. He’s the one holding the SOS-dan signboard on the left. For the uninitiated, bangin is a Japanese anime blogger who blogs in English. Do check out his blog by clicking on his name.


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17 Responses to Otaku Friends in the News

  1. dKiWi says:

    Increased awareness of Otakus is always a good thing.

  2. k says:

    oh! i was forced to read that paper when i was in sec. school! for improving my chinese. sure brings back memories… haha ^^. did you find your way into the article too?

  3. Panther says:

    Yes Gordon, I was there before they interviewed the three. I and CI helped give the reporter some background on what otaku culture was, since the cameraman recognized me from the previous interview.

    Surprised it took them this long to get the article out though, been a few weeks?

  4. C.I says:

    Congrats to double, Windbell and Soshi for helping promote Otaku Awareness in Singapore.

    Also, no mention of me in the article. T_T

  5. Fariz Asuka says:

    It is good that I was there to catch the interview of Windbell, Double and Soshi.. Well, too bad I FAIL in Chinese translation..

    @ CI: Don’t worry, you will get FAMOUS soon.. Plenty of time.. ^^

  6. Kozta-Boom says:

    Congrats to double, windbell, and Soshi. ^^”’

  7. gordon says:

    yes indeed. otakus are human too.

    u mean was i interviewed as well? nope. too old to be featured in a student newspaper. lol.

    3 weeks in fact. it’s a weekly paper so they have to get whatever stored up in advance published first i guess.

    u will get your chance one day. the road is still long my young apprentice.

    fariz asuka,
    sorry i couldn’t translate the whole thing for u. basically the article is about focusing about the positive aspect of local otaku culture and the report quote the 3 as good example.

    cookies are on them. please collect it on your way out.

  8. dKiWi says:

    Actually when you think about it, this might be a deliberate attempt by the government to promote Otaku culture since its in a student newsletter and not a mainstream one where the conservative older generation and my peers (20-ish years of age) may be irked by. Proves that the Singapore government doesn’t mind throwing old values to the wind as long as there is some economic treasure to be gained.

  9. Kozta-Boom says:

    I’ll try ^^”

  10. puppy52doll says:

    haha ^^; nostalgic dechu o_o;

  11. yumeno says:

    Sometime’s the press will always give some “wrong” info about otakus. There was once an article about the Akihabara stabbings in LianHe Zaobao’s POPcorn paper for schools. The reporter deemed that otakus are a “bunch of loners”.

    Hope one of us can get into the media someday. XD Maybe we should prepare a list of the bloggers to broadcast it next time some else gets interviewed lol.

  12. pp says:

    I just bought 4 copies of this paper =x

  13. gordon says:

    u used to draw for the papers i still remember. that’s is where i found out about your work. ^^

    otakus are often misunderstood.

    yes laminate it and frame it up. it’s a collector item.

  14. andra says:

    should be getting it later at school, need to see how they define otaku =3

  15. C.I says:

    @dKiWi: Somehow when you say that it makes me think of the Singaporean Government as OVERLY pragmatic. XD

    @Gordon: Yes Master, I shall meditate on this.

  16. Mizunaga says:

    I wonder what it feels like to be on the papers.. :3

  17. gordon says:

    depends. if one is on the papers for the wrong reason then one will definitely feel bad. lol. ^^

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