The Dark Knight Next Week

The highly anticipated new Batman installment opens next Thursday. This is also Heath Ledger’s final completed work. Watch I will. Will you?

In memory of Heath Ledger
1979 – 2008

In related news, Batman fans who haven’t check out Batman: Gotham Knight, a collection of 6 anime styles short films may do so here.


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14 Responses to The Dark Knight Next Week

  1. k says:

    hmmm… again, slow in japan… sigh.

  2. James says:

    I so want to see it too , loved the first one !

  3. Reeve says:

    I will watch it movie man 🙂 I have been a Batman fans since young 🙂

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    im so gonna watch it……

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha

    “why soooooo serious!”

  5. Stifler says:

    Its Batman. Need I say more? Of course I’ll watch it.

  6. Raven says:

    The batman anime made Bruce looks more like a Bishounen than a manly character. Serious!!! Saw the preview at STCC.

  7. fatb says:

    Would you like me to summarize the storyline and spoil the ending after I watch?

    *manical laugh. Leaves FatB playing card*

  8. ed says:

    will watch it for sure.
    as for the anime, i happen to chance upon it last week. that batman pic you featured in this post is the best outta all i suppose.
    the others looks ok only.
    kinda like that shadowy thing batman in the 1st story thou. =D

  9. blissmo says:


  10. gordon says:

    the one u mentioned, bruce looks most like an anime chacter. lol. the bat suit also looks more like a bird than a bat.

  11. ed says:

    ya. the suit looks cook imo, with the “claws” n stuff.
    and yea, its also the most anime-ish.

  12. Kozta-Boom says:


  13. Pyoro says:

    oh yea a suit that can deflect bullets! who cares about ricochets?

  14. Mizunaga says:

    Me no fan of Batman, but might give this a go.

    Have heard of that anime version of Batman, but this is my first time seeing a screenshot from it. Doesn’t look too bad..

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