Claymore 81: Raki is GAR! Kamina Eat Your Heart Out!

Pricilla agrees with me that Raki is GAR

Finally we see a GAR character in Claymore among all the masculine female warriors. I’m taking about Raki of course. Lots of Raki screen time in this new chapter which you may read here. Well Isley in my opinion just doesn’t make the cut for GARness.

Anyway looking forward, it’s interesting to speculate how the story will unfold. Pricilla is obviously fond of Raki. Clare and Raki certainly has feelings for each other (Images of the kiss pops once again to mind). Clare vows to take revenge on Pricilla. What will Clare do when she finds out that Raki was with Pricilla for the past 7 years?

Clare is actually a closet pedophile.

All these matters of the heart almost made me forgot that Riful is up to no good again on the last page.

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10 Responses to Claymore 81: Raki is GAR! Kamina Eat Your Heart Out!

  1. k says:

    eh…. sorry ar, but what is GAR?

  2. Random Misconception says:



  3. Stifler says:

    NNOOO! Raki is still a whining noob! Do not be tricked. Do not be tricked!!

    Alright, I give in. Raki owns now. *sob*

  4. gordon says:

    GAR cannot be explained. it is an attitude.

    over 9000 GAR!

    Random Misconception,
    too bad he’s dead. oh kinina-sama~!

    2 of the strongest girls in claymore fighting for his affection. how lucky can a guy be?

  5. allentyb says:

    I am going like wtf, when i saw the latest chapter….

  6. The Sojourner says:

    Haha. Would it not be awesome if Raki starts crying again when he finds Clare?

  7. tedfox says:

    RYN: you’ve got photos of mikan? hoho

  8. gordon says:

    yes we know. we are all GAR over Raki.

    The Sojourner,
    maybe this time clare will cry.

    what’s a RYN? O_O

  9. puppy52doll says:

    oops my mistake lol! brain got hardware failure =_=

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