Confession of a Small Star Wars Fanboy

A humble collection of my Star Wars collection.

I was born in the year Return of the Jedi was released. My earliest memories of Stars Wars was watching 1977’s A New Hope on the television when I was a little boy. I can still remember the scene, Luke driving his landspeeder. ^^;

Above is my DVD collection considering of the original Star Wars trilogy boxset and Prequel Episode 2 and 3. I don’t have Episode 1: The Phantom Menace as I don’t kinda like the movie. Maybe it’s because of Jar Jar Binks. I’ll get it one day to complete the collection.

Btw, do you kow that Luke Skywalker’s name was originally Luke Starkiller?

My miniature replica of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber bought few years ago. Was planning to buy the 1:1 scale Force FX Lightsaber as well but it felt too much like a toy and the colour of the beam isn’t bright at all.

I’m a huge Lego fan as well and this Lego Ultimate Collector’s AT-ST was bought at a bargain of only half the price. Was planning to get the AT-AT as well but dropped it as I do not have the space to display it. Furthermore price of Lego here is a killer.

Danny? What are you doing here?

Han Solo shoots first. Poor Greedo.

Poor Jabba

Luke: “I’ll not leave you here I’ve got to save you.”
Vader: “You already have, Luke.”

And lastly, the future.


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11 Responses to Confession of a Small Star Wars Fanboy

  1. itsumorei says:

    Hey I like the chicken walker (can’t remember the real name…) Maybe I should go get one myself.

  2. Mizunaga says:

    Lego! ^^; Used to be a lego fan myself, but never quite caught up to the Star Wars craze. I do like the Clone troopers, but that was because of the game Star Wars Battlefront II ^^;

    BTW- you serious about Luke Starkiller?

  3. puppy52doll says:

    Natalie portman is so hot in episode one tho lol

  4. Random Misconception says:

    Thinking of joining, Gordon?

  5. Squee says:

    Now we all know how old you are kekeke

  6. dannychoo says:

    I probably should post my SW collection too ^^;

  7. Stifler says:

    How much does a stormtrooper suit cost anyway?

    About Han Solo…I can’t really remember it, but I think there was a scene in which Greedo shot first, missed, and got blasted by Han. Then they changed it to Han shooting first. Or was it the other way round?

    @mizunaga: Yup, he’s right. That was Luke’s first name, but then they changed it.

  8. fatb says:

    Nice collection. Look over there, jawas! *pockets Darth potato head*

    “What? This? That’s just my enlarged prostate” *waves hand* “I’m not the bastard you’re looking for”

  9. opticzone says:

    My brothers work place is having a huge toy sale next week. I have already asked him for any special lego star wars. xD
    Thinking about it, I have touched lego in years. ^^

  10. andra says:

    only watched a movie or two of star wars so didnt know much ^^;

    the little lego stormtrooper is cute!

  11. gordon says:

    it’s call a AT-ST.

    yup i’m seriousa about Luke Starkiller. ^^

    i don’t know. don’t kinda like her queen outfit. the red one with funny hair and maekup.

    Random Misconception,
    not thinking. determined! ^^;

    that’s ok. nothing to hide. i’m 17. ^^;

    yes u should! ^^;

    the boss of 501st said armour will cost about US$400 and that’s not including the boots and body glove.

    are u interested in joining? the boss invited me to try out his armour. u are more than welcomed to join me. ^^;

    lastly, in the original 1977’s A new Hope, han solo shoots first. later in the 1997’s special edition, George Lucas re-edited it to greedo shoot first. reason being he felt han solo is a heroic person, he will never shoot someone in cold blood. thus he made it like he shoot back in self defense. i prefer han solo shoots first.


    really? where’s the place? may i know? ^^

    u should watch it. especially te original trilogy. ^^;

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