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Some months back I enlisted this humble blog for the Singapore Blogs Awards out of fun. I was shocked when I received an e-mail today notifying me that this blog is one of ten nominated for the Most Entertaining Blog category.

Well I can’t say my blog is really that entertaining as compared to other more established local anime blogs. If they were to take part, this little blog of mine wouldn’t even stand a chance at all. ^^;

Anyway public voting is now open till end of July and will account to 30% of the votes. The other 70% will be decided by the judges. One needs to register their e-mail and create a password to vote. The one thing I find strange is that any person, once his/her email is registered, can cast one vote for the same blog everyday. Wouldn’t this account to spamming of votes? Well I guess this is another popularity game whereby the one with the most fans willing to vote every day will win.

Btw voters stands a chance to win travel packages to Bangkok, Vietnam and a luxurious resort accommodation package in Phuket. I doubt anyone here will be interested in this right? Haha.

Ok to round things up, since I’m already in, might as well do some promotion for myself right? ^^; If anyone here finds that hey Gordon’s blog is alright it doesn’t sux, please click the link above, look for my mecha girl mascot icon and vote for me. Just one vote will do. Cookies are on me. I promise. ^^;


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24 Responses to Singapore Blogs Awards

  1. itsumorei says:

    Just voted for you! I always wait until midnight so i can view your latest post. So hope you win man! And all the BEST

  2. gordon says:

    u really wait past midnight everyday for my posts? i’m so touched. ^^; i apologise as sometimes it takes longer for me to get a post up. hope it doesn’t keep u up too late.

    come u deserve a cookie and a glass of milk. ^^;

  3. Panther says:

    Lol Itsumorei is not the only one. Largely thanks to you and Artefact I stay up till past 1 AM just in case new posts come out. Usually. I only start reading my masses of blog links around 12-12:30 AM.

    Not voting in a popularity contest, sorry. I have strict reservations against those. Hope you win something though. Phuket!

  4. yumeno says:

    Lol your blog looks so “out of place” in the top 10. Voted for you anyway, mine still has a long way to go. >.<

  5. allentyb says:

    Usually i don’t visit blog to read stuff at all, i only visit blog for megaupload link or mediafire or rapidshare link, but i known you as a forumer, i voted for you. You could blog more about manga or anime, instead of just photographing, etc……

  6. allentyb says:

    And between your blog doesn’t suck, but you need to QC on the cosplay of Hatsune Miku, i almost wanted to puke.

  7. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    Gave you a vote too!! ^^ Cheers for Gordon!

  8. k says:

    congratulations dude! alright, i’ve voted. now where’s my cookie? can i have milk with it too ^^?

  9. Random Misconception says:

    You have my vote Gordon!

    +1 for epic effort ^^;

  10. nanu says:


    You should remove that ‘boring blog about boring life’ bit from your header sometime 😛

    The strength your blog has is in its update frequency and consistency of content.

  11. puppy52doll says:

    good luck gordonator!
    and by the way checku e-mail pls lol

  12. Neutrinos says:

    Rummaging through my firefox cookie folder but I didn’t see any cookie from gordon even after I voted! ‘Tis a scam!!

    LOL J/k

  13. gordon says:

    lol u stayed up too? thanks for your support boss!

    lol ya. guess i’m one of the few anime/otaku blogs that took part. i’m afraid the judges might not be into otaku stuffs and will go for those traditional lifestyle blogs.

    regarding bloging about manga and animes. well the only manga i’m following now are claymore, gunslinger girl, air gear and the usual suspect, bleach, naruto and one piece. i doubt anyone will be interest in bleach, naruto and one piece right? lol.

    as for animes, it’s hard work to write a good weekly episodic reviews. i don’t think i’m up to that standard yet. nor do i have the time either. i stll have lots of backlog animes to catch up. >.< as for miku cosplayer, c’mon cut the lass some slack ya? she made a very good effort to perform. ^^; hirito,
    thanks. ^^

    sure, milk is good. ^^

    Random Misconception,
    thank you. ^^

    lol ya. maybe until i think of a better tagline. ^^;

    noted and replied.

    really? i already told my team of monkey interns to mail out the cookies. damn, must have eaten it themselves.

  14. puppy52doll says:

    replied again lol

  15. puppy52doll says:

    gordon U sure have a lot of monkeys, did U forget to feed em? lol!

  16. Hynavian says:

    My vote goes to you, wish you all the best. (:

  17. Stifler says:

    Voting mode, ON. All Systems Go. ZGMF_x25A SpamBot, launch!

  18. gordon says:

    those monkeys are the only cheap labour i can afford. they are highly trained (by me). ^^;

    thanks. come here for a hug. ^^;

    thanks. the money have already been credited to your account for your help.

  19. Mizunaga says:

    Great job making it so far Gordon! I kinda agree with Yumeno.. your blog looks a little out of place xD But you really do deserve it as the “Most Entertaining Blog”

  20. Panther says:

    New tagline: Gordon & His Crowbar.

  21. fatb says:

    Gordon, there is only one way you will get a vote from me. You must stand in front of your open window and shout “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” as loud as you can in your best Maximus impression from the movie Gladiator. I will hear you; I hear everything.

    LOL! trained monkeys… I bet u train your monkey alot. j/k

  22. marvin says:

    are votes from another country ok? in any case I hope my vote won’t get you banned or anything.

  23. gordon says:

    不敢当。 ^^;

    crowbar? lol.

    good idea. i’ll do it. will upload it to youtube soon. btw i love that movie.

    worry not. there’s no rules against it. ^^;

  24. Evaritus Lau says:

    Voted bro’s blog in “most entertaining blog”

    Good luck bro !


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