Singapore Toy & Comic Con Day 2 and Air Gear

Photo taken by Squee

The highlight of Day 2 of the Singapore Toy & Comic Con is without a doubt the anime cosplay competition. The stage area was packed with people with DSLRs of all shape and sizes. The Miku cosplayer on the right won 1st place. Her Ievan Polkka and Caramelldansen performance was very cute. Maybe one area of improvement I can suggest is to get a real leek instead of the artificial one she was carrying.

Oh btw, no point for me to post photos of the different cosplayers here since many other bloggers has already done it so I will just point you to click here for their coverage should you be interested to see more pics. Thanks to Panther linking all the coverage from the gang and others up.

Spotted this sexy back when I arrived at the hall. For the uninitiated, The lass was cosplaying as Soi Fong from Bleach. Used to be a Bleach fanboy and Soi Fong was my favourite taichou. Good thing I took this shot fast enough as shortly after this shot was taken, she put on her taichou robe and her sexy back was covered up.

The lovely lass with pink hair on the left is one of the judges for the cosplay competition. Have no ideas who she was cosplaying as initially so after doing some research, I found out that her character is Simca from Air Gear, an anime/manga about levitational Inline skater with moderate amount of fan service.

Had no ideas who the other judge on the right was cosplaying as. At first I thought he was Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man but after seeing a tail behind his back, I realised he was in actual fact Hellboy.

Pardon for the poor quality shot on this one as I was standing pretty far away from stage and had to zoom all the way in to take a shot. The poor lightning doesn’t help either.

Simca from the anime. Watched one episode of the anime and two chapters of the manga last night. Was this on your watch list? Recommendable?


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18 Responses to Singapore Toy & Comic Con Day 2 and Air Gear

  1. double says:

    I heard the manga’s awesome, but I’ve yet to read it.

  2. Fariz Asuka says:

    Yeah, I was thinking for so long what was the male judge casplaying as.. I saw the small tail and I was like lolwut??

    Air Gear anime series is nice though I havent even touched on the manga yet..

  3. Tempest says:

    Drop the Anime, read the Manga 😀
    It’s superior, as the quality of the Anime is crap and they changed a lot ^^

  4. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    To me, the anime was kinda fail, but I’m totally into the manga, it’s fantastic!! Storm King of the Hurricane Road!!

  5. Panther says:

    Hellboy? Lol failage. I thought he was Yamazaki from KOF until I saw the tail.

    Also, you and that Simca judge have no fate.

  6. Deranged says:

    if you want to watch the anime watch it first before the manga or you will be dissapointed.

    The manga beats out the anime most of the time with the anime become an abridged, dumbed down version of the manga… The manga is so much better than the anime

  7. Evaritus Lau says:

    Be prepare to disappointed deeply if watched anime ver. Yea manga ver got more humor/ecchi/stunts/etc.


  8. andra says:

    me read the manga but kind of dropped it ^^;

  9. gordon says:

    thanks all for the feedback, i shall read the manga then. ^^;

    yup, simca and I have no fate to meet. orz

    but good thing u guys managed to take some pics of her. that’s my consolation. ^^;

  10. Hynavian says:

    I read Air Gear but I dropped it at chapter 100. At first the idea is good; roller bladers competing each other to get badges and them trying to ace their skills. However, it becomes draggy and more violent later. I just feel that there’s too much redundant killings over a status – to be the “king of roller blading”.

    As for the anime, there’s an overdose of fan service, many pantsu shots that did not impress me. There’s a crow in the anime and I hate it more than the pantsu shots, what’s up with that crow!!! @#$#$%%$#

    *goes into berserk mode*

  11. allentyb says:

    I dropped the series after one ep, and one friend of mine has been bugging me, whether is there season 2 for this show =/

    Lately, i have been reading quite a lot of manga, and YEY KISSXSIS will have anime series, and i stop watching bleach filler as well =/ so many spring anime series has ended last week, and summer series line up isn’t up to my expectation, Telepathy Shoujo Ran looks interesting enough, Sekirei is just another series full of fan services. The show worthwhile for me to watch is, World Destruction~Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin and blade of immortal. AND Zero no Tsukaima is coming back YEY for lolicon, between it is consider as season 2, not season 3.

  12. k says:

    haven’t watched the anime, but i’ve been following the manga. recommended read!

  13. gordon says:

    i find that the voice acting in the anime kidna funny. maybe it’s just me. :-/

  14. Panther says:

    Gordon, “took pics” was understatement. I actually up-front asked her the moment she was alone, for pics, near the stage. Lol. Knew you would want those.

  15. Garion says:

    Wow so much stir over the female judge, lol. 😀

    A bit more background info on her: She is one of the regular members of the Moviemania cosplay team, and does appear at events from time to time, but mostly cosplaying as the female heroine from American comic books. I’m not too sure but I’m guessing she might make an appearance at the Cosfest event this weekend, prolly with the rest of the Moviemania cast.

    I’m not that familiar with Air Gear as well, but I kinda like the chara design of Simca. ^^

  16. gordon says:

    really? u did it for me? so touched. come let me give u a hug. ^^;

    thanks for the info. do u by any chance know where i can see more pic of her other cosplay or does she have a blog/website?

    i heard from the host the other judge (hellboy) is also from Moviemania.

  17. Mizunaga says:

    Soifong cosplay is good! (From what I can see here) I like her zanpakutou!

  18. Garion says:

    @Gordon: AFAIK she do not have her own webpage…none that I know of ^^;; I don’t know her well but I’ve seen her before at various cosplay events before.

    There might be pics of her previous cosplays scattered around local anime forums and blogs…you can try places such as sgcafe but it may be quite hard to locate her pics from the search.

    Will try to search around the archives if I have the time.

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