Mr Cosplay Otaku House and Rin Cosplayer

Located on the third floor of Suntec City Mall, Mr. Cosplay’s Otaku House is a shop that specialises in cosplay outfits and accessories. When I visited the shop not too long ago, what caught my attention was the membership card pasted at the counter. On the card is this beautiful Rin cosplayer. She looks absolutely gorgeous. ^^;

One can get the card either by completing the loyalty card or by purchasing it at $15. I was rather tempted to buy the card that day. ^^;

So if anyone is around the area, do give the shop a visit. Btw what do you folks think of the Rin cosplayer?


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24 Responses to Mr Cosplay Otaku House and Rin Cosplayer

  1. yumeno says:

    New shop?
    The cosplayer’s nice but I prefer Kipi-san :3

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    yummmmmmmmmmie! but yea like kaori said i also cant say the same for the staff i’ve seen working there too :X

  3. Fariz Asuka says:

    Hmm, I can pay a visit to the shop when Im at Suntec City for dunno what reasons.. 😛

    Well, I might agree with Kaori once I get a chance to see the shop.. Will be very bz for the whole 2 weeks due to exam..

  4. gordon says:

    kipi is <3

    kaori & Anonymous Coward,
    i can’t comment about the staffs since i didn’t interact with them. but our main focus here is the Rin cosplayer. ^^;

    Fariz Asuka,
    u will get a chance next week if u are going to the toy con.

  5. Random Misconception says:

    I have been by Otaku House, it looks pretty decent in terms of decor, but the staff are….yeah, what Kaori said.

    And the Rin Cosplayer is hawt. DO WANT!

  6. puppy52doll says:

    tsktsk gordon you need to go undercover find out and review about the service at this shoppu lol

    @ Kaori oh boy that really sux that they actually got suntec to chase Black alice out o_o;;;;;

  7. ed says:

    i think the rin cosplayer is so-so.
    cant get over that Nel cosplayer u posted in hwz. =D
    maybe u wanna share with the blog readers here.
    btw i received the dvd, will be re-posting soon.

  8. danielmer says:

    that cosplayer looks great

  9. Hynavian says:

    I have visited that shop before but it’s small and so-so; I didn’t even spend a penny after walking around for some time. Most of the stuff are naruto or death notes and claymore goods are scare or ugly.

    Cosplayer Rin looks cool, lol. (:

  10. gordon says:

    Random Misconception,
    do want? lol.

    maybe i’ll go ask the store clerk who is that girl on the card. ^^;

    the Nel cosplayer is not posted bt me. ^^;

    she sure does.

    they sell figures too but they are ya u know…

  11. Stifler says:

    I dropped by that same sop just today. Frankly, I was just about to walk right pass it without paying it any mind till I noticed that Saber costume on display. Then I went “wow”.

    As for the shop itself – its like what Hyn said: Pretty average, mostly filled with stuff from the Big Three. But they do have some costumes from other series. I think that they have Zero from Code Geass there.

  12. yumeno says:

    Is it the season 2 version? And does it have the cape?

  13. Garion says:

    Sometimes I wonder nowadays if the emphasis is just on a cosplayer’s looks rather than the costume/portrayal itself. Sure looks do count, but whats more important is whether the costume details is accurate or not, and also if the cosplayer is able to understand and pull off the essence of the character.

    “Cosplay” = Two words – “Cos” (costume) and “play”

    BTW its kind of true that otaku house does not have a stellar reputation amongst local cosplayers…partly due to what happened at Streetfest…then again majority of experienced cosplayers tend to prefer to sew or tailor-make their own outfits anyway.

  14. Mizunaga says:

    Sometimes I wonder nowadays if the emphasis is just on a cosplayer’s looks rather than the costume/portrayal itself.

    I’ve been wondering about that myself. Kipi is a perfect example of this.

    But still, I must say- I’d get the membership card just for that Rin cosplayer ><

  15. gordon says:

    i think both looks and costumes are important. as u mentioned, costumes can always be tailor-made but it hard to find people who resembles the character they are cosplaying at.

    i agree. kipi looks good in whoever she cosplay doesn’t she? i like her haruhi. ^^;

  16. Raven says:

    I walked pass their shop before heading off the PC Show the other week. Rather quiet. Heads off to Caesar’s instead.

    Well according to some information I got from those who are in the cosplaying scene, looks matters. Sad but true.

  17. garion says:

    @mizunaga: Besides Kipi, there’s also Arisa. Both are really exceptionally good looking gals, but thats about it really. Their pictures has a lot of photoshop touch ups to ‘enhance’ their overall looks.

    @gordon: Its near impossible for most ordinary folk to look exactly like anime characters….most of them have narrow faces, sharp features, huge eyes…that is why roleplay and costume accuracy is also important as well. As for physical attributes, yes definitely you should choose a character which has some similarity to your physical build. But I firmly believe that ordinary looking folk should not be denied the chance to cosplay just because they do not have the looks. Cosplay is a hobby to have fun and indulge in, just like collecting anime figurines and such.

    @raven: Bingo…really its sad but true that nowadays most people judge how successful a cosplay is purely by looks alone.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yah, this Rin looks great, one of the best I have seen so far. Is she even local???

    I am sorry to say this but the problem with most local cosplayers is that they focus too much about the details of the costume. This is probably because they are ugly and they have no choice but to work hard else where. However, no matter how hard they try, they will never look good. (I have been to Japanese cosplay events and it seems that their focus isn’t on the minute details of the costume but the models are ALWAYS pretty.)

    I have seen so many local cosplay wannabes, all with great costumes but without the face to match. Frankly, they look like they are cosfucking the character all because of their ugly face. (or disproportionate body.) I think they should go back home and stop ruining the dreams of neutral anime fans.

  19. garion says:

    Hi Mr. Anonymous,

    It seems you have a bone to pick with regarding local cosplayers. I won’t say cosplay is not about looks also, but cut them some slack will ya? Not everyone was born to have a face like Kipi or Arisa. How can you compare to Japan where their population is so much bigger than Singapore’s? Sorry to burst your bubble but there are fugly girls in Japan too as well as pretty ones. Just like in Sg. Most of the pics posted on the net are those of the better looking ones, thats why you usually don’t see the less than average lookers.

    If everyone shared your kind of mindset, cosplay in Sg would forever remain inferior to the ones in other countries like Japan. I can safely say that the local standards have improved and definitely better than some countries including the US. But we are still lagging behind Japan, definitely. I wouldn’t say looks is solely the main factor, but its the overall package (costume accuracy, how the cosplayer presents the character persona, etc.)

    Well if you think costumes are so easy to make, and to wear, why don’t you try cosplaying yourself? Its so easy to hide behind a computer screen and anonymous nick and start flaming people as cosfucks. Anyone and his grandmother can do that.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dear Garion,

    Ok, maybe I’m too straight forward in my critiques. I have no doubt that costumes are hard to make but my point is that the overall looks of the cosplayer is FAR more important than anything else in portraiting the character. (including the minute costume details.)

    Have you seen how different the japanese characters look in their life action movies from the anime? (hell girl, prince of tennis etc…)

    My point is that when you are ugly, there’s not much you can do about the details of the costume to improve your act. – Unless you are cosplaying ‘Despair’.

  21. gordon says:

    ok guys chill down. no more arguing please.

  22. garion says:

    @anonymous: ok, point taken. I won’t waste my breath arguing with you any more.

    @Gordon: I’m sorry this happened in your blog, and this shall be my last post regarding this matter. Lets just move on.


  23. Fira says:

    i’m pretty new to cosplay and these stuff,but i just came from Suntec and happen to see the Mr. Cosplay’s Otaku House for the first time.

    I think its pretty cool with a huge variety of items on sale and the staff was nice ^^
    The variety of cosplay outfits really caught my eye

    i shall visit there more often haha 😀

  24. model says:

    The cosplayer Rin’s real name is Camy and she is a local freelance model. Just to let people who are wondering, know. And yup she’s really pretty. N a very nice girl.

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