My Cell

Welcome to the cell of prisoner 160183. Please do not feed, intimidate or provoke the prisoner. You have 20 minutes. GO!

My desk. Kinda messy. Did all my gundams here.

Upper portion of my desk. Shelves are packed with manga and figures boxes above.

The gothloli Asuka figure on the right is one of my earliest figures and also one of my favourites.

My bed.

On the wall are posters of all the MG gundams released till Dec 07 on the left and Spiderman 2 on the right. Doctor Octopus is my favourite Spidey villain.

Gundams. Majority of my collection are Master Grades (MG).

Next to the door is this triple shelves with figures, mangas and empty boxes on the top. Got the Lego Star Wars AT-ST at a bargain last year.

Dircetly under the figures shelves is where I keep my storm trooper helmet. Still lack armour though. Beside the helmet are boring clothes I wore to boring work.

And finally the place I spent most of my time at, the computer. Its not located inside my room as I share my room with my brother. There’s no more space for it. The computer desk and detolf glass cabinet on the right is where majority of my figures are.

Inside the detolf.

Love the bunnies.


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37 Responses to My Cell

  1. rokku says:

    Well, that`s the freedom of having a room all by your self.
    not like me, sharing it with my big bro.
    Maybe i should do something about my room too

  2. Divine Fang says:

    I thought I saw a booby mouse pad there. Who is she? Where did you get it from? I have always wanted to get one, any ideas?

  3. puppy52doll says:

    like the picture of the helmet with miss Haruhi next to it ^^
    and thanks for sharing your Cell I mean room with us lol. reminds me of the time when I have to share computer with my sisters it drives me (and them) nuts tho lol

  4. Evaritus Lau says:

    Nicely done for gunpla’s “pile of boxes” solutions, cut the boxart. Think wanna do that after do some renovation in my room..XD

  5. ed says:

    hahaha, i cant stand mess n dust, so i dun leave my boxes out (yet). the amt of my gunpla is still managable. wahahhaha.

  6. gordon says:

    nope. i share my room with my brother.

    yes post pics of your room. i’ll love to see it. ^^;

    divine fang,
    she is Tamaki from To Heart2.
    u may click here for more info.

    i used to share computer with my brother too. but it ends up he use it most of the time and i don’t get to use it. now each of us have our own PC.

    Evaritus Lau,
    actually i kinda regretted cutting out the boxes. i like it in box form. ^^;

  7. Lsio says:

    I like your cell or room… a lot figures and gundams;

    a bit tight in that glass cabinet; thinking to get one more those cabinet? I think you should since you have more figures coming.

  8. Panther says:

    When I first saw “My Cell” the thing that came to mind was “new phone?”

    Then I saw “my room”. And I was like, damn.

    Your DETOLF is completely filled unlike mine, which you saw. I am planning to move the stuff out from the bottom shelf and rearrange to leave only figures when all of my preorders this year arrive…and 3 are coming in this week.

  9. fatb says:

    Well… thanks for the recon photos gordon. It’ll make the figure extraction much easier. If you hear noise, just keep sleeping. Hmm… what’s in this brown cardboard box?

  10. Hynavian says:

    It’s a neat room; real tidy too. For the figures that are not kept in the glass cupboards, do you need to frequently clean them? I’m facing some dust crisis and I have to constantly wipe my manga to keep them free from dust. I’m wondering whether it’s a world wide phenomenal or it just happens to a problem of mine only.

  11. dannychoo says:

    Have you posted this in member news yet?

  12. sk-殿 says:

    lol at tamaki oppai mousepad. nice cozy room you have there. love that poster behind your comp rig as well. where’s that from?

  13. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow, I like how your Detolf cabinet is filled with figurines and mechas.. Though for now I will just stick to keeping my figurines in their respective boxes till I get my own Detolf Cabinet..

    Nice post Gordon.. ^^

  14. gordon says:

    i will love to but there’s no more space to put it. orz. Am thinking of doing some spring cleaning toclear away some old figures to make room for new old ones.

    lol. we seldom use the phrase cell phone to describe mobile phone here.

    stay away from the brown box! there’s absolutely no body in there. no body at all.

    yes dust is a common problem. i always wonder how come they get dusty so fast. >.< danny,
    yup going to. ^^;

    the poster is from the army.

    Fariz Asuka,
    thank you. ^^;

  15. marvin says:

    hey godon is that a girl on lower left part of the first picture? ^^ anyway nice room. love the fact that you can look at your gundams just above your feet while you doze off to sleep.

  16. danielmer says:

    you have a lot of nice figures

  17. Random Misconception says:

    If there were a prison that had cells like that, I need to start committing crimes, FAST.

    And at any rate, nice room, it looks a tad small, but cosy. I can tell if you ever move, however, it’s going to be a HUGE pain.

  18. k says:

    oh! i see lots of dinobots!

  19. optic says:

    ZOMG, is that the original Megatron transformer?
    I like the variety of posters u have.

  20. NomadicWriter says:

    I love your room, especially the haruhi figures you have! and nendroid miku! but you’ve set your room out great!

  21. andra says:

    Nice room ^^ I like to place my figures everywhere

    Cyndi’s poster is still alive, I’m so touched!

  22. James says:

    Nice room ^^

    I love all the figures box , kinda hidden :p

    You’re missing space now to put figures , it’s always a problem 😦

    But what i love the most is all the gundams , just awesome !

  23. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    Whatt!? Gordon, with the computer not in your room, how do you do your health care?
    J/k. I think you have hard copies of health care material. ^^

  24. double says:

    You use the base level of your detolf? I just it as a dumping spot for all the chirashii I collected from my trips to the Holy Land. A waste of space,I know, but mine has portions that are cracked quite badly. After all, my detolf’s more than 5 years old.

  25. Anonymous Coward says:

    so many posters! meh. i wonder if my mum will kill me if i do that…

    and.. whoa pretty huge amount of toys. cleaning is tough huh!

  26. AK says:

    Heheh, I see you’ve still preserved the Singaporean spirit in the room. It just oozes ‘typical Singaporean’.
    Hope I can get that poster too when I go into NS. Really cool stuff.

  27. The Sojourner says:

    What really caught my interest was the SAF poster.

    You ought to get your hands on the recent L.I.V.E ones. They are ‘awesome’.

  28. gordon says:

    yup. that’s my sister. ^^;

    thank you.

    Random Misconception,
    yup, especially so since i’m sharing my room.

    sharp eyes. they are G1 dinobots. very rare.

    actually no. that’s the masterpiece megatron.

    bunny haruhi is one of my favouties.

    i use to like cyndi but seems like nowadays she only sings bubblegum pop and cutesy songs. i stopped after her 2nd album. 😦

    don’t worry, i’ll make space.

    Benjamin Takeyo,
    health care is usually preformed during the wee hours of the night when everyone is asleep. ^^;

    the last layer is where i dump my least favourite figures or those that are too big in size.

    Anonymous Coward,
    what’s wrong with putting up posters?

    i believe the poster is not in circulation anymore.

    The Sojourner,
    the only thing i like about the L.I.V.E poster is the female officer. ^^;

  29. Anonymous Coward says:

    my mum will say i am damaging the wall paint!

  30. Hangmen says:

    You must be quite a political prisoner to have that lavish cell. Say, on which place do you tend to unleash millions of your soldiers? Chair, bed, or on PVC figures?

  31. marvinryan says:

    oopsie! ^^; orz

  32. gordon says:

    Anonymous Coward,
    hey it’s your room after all. u can do whatever u want. ^^;

    lol, my bedsheet is funky?


    i told her to get out for a while i’m taking a pic but she refused.

  33. ron~ says:

    nice room, so tidy 😀

    more figurines will be good tho hehe

  34. D_Blade says:

    You must be happy to serve jail time with a cell like this…
    Very tidy with lots of cool stuff around. Maybe not envious or jealous of what you got, but I must say I find that cool.

  35. gordon says:

    don’t i have lots of figure already. hah. ^^;

    find anything u fancy? c’mon take it. ^^;

  36. phossil says:

    Wowwww!!! What an awesome bedroom!!
    You have a lot of anime stuff!! Its good to know you support the industry… LOL!!!

    Its incredible the way we are, I mean, Im becoming in an anime fan too. I still dont have soooo many figures but Im starting now… LOL

    You have a lovely collection. Amazing.

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