The Not So Secret Origin of the Nameless Mascot

The creation of the mecha girl in my banner was accidental in nature. It came from this post at about a bust of an anime girl. A bust is a sculpture of a person’s head, shoulder and chest. So FatB, a fellow member suggested why not give her Fauna ‘s lower half and a pair of Gundam arms.

Inspired by FatB’s comment, I did some cut and paste in Paint (didn’t have Photoshop at that time) and came out with this.

kintaro, another fellow member saw it and did a sketch. Danny suggested I use it as my mascot for my site but back then I didn’t have a blog so didn’t put it to use. Kintaro has also agreed to let me keep her.

The mascot was part of the reason I started a blog since I did not want the picture to be wasted. ^^;

New improved face lifted version of the mascot and finally a name for her!!


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22 Responses to The Not So Secret Origin of the Nameless Mascot

  1. ed says:

    well since u have photoshop n all now, try drawing a more streamlined ver. of ur mascot? give it a name too! =D

  2. Random Misconception says:

    Yes, Give her a name!

    And I actually prefer her the way she is now.

  3. Stifler says:

    A name, a name!

    Or have a competition to see who can come up with the best name for your mascot. 😛

  4. puppy52doll says:

    awwww how funny that I saw your post only after I wrote U an e-mail, lol maybe I should write again 😛

  5. fatb says:

    Wow! I am thrilled to have honorable mention on your blog Mr. Gordon. It’s been awhile since that day, and I’m glad to see you’re goin strong. Put it there buddy *gives handshake, and secretly swipes figma haruhi*. I’ll see you around *cues hulk ending theme music* ( )

  6. gordon says:

    hmm, great idea.

    Random Misconception,
    i’m no good in giving girls’ names. >.< stifler,
    competition? lol. no ned to be so grand right? ^^

    is it? must be a coincidence. let me go read my mails now.

    hey give that that! she’s my precioussss~ see u around on ^^;

  7. elezend says:

    wow, the colouring is good. I love soft colours ^______^

  8. ed says:

    lets all come up with names! me 1st~
    how abt yuko? yuko-san~ =D

  9. mRcHoY says:

    erm can teach me how u install the miku clock?

  10. gordon says:

    i like soft colours as well. ^^;

    yuko? how do u know my favourite idol is yuko ogura?

    u can simply copy and paste the codes in the page source.

  11. Mizunaga says:

    When I first started visiting your blog, I didn’t catch the joke behind your header. ^^;

    Only after a few days did I realize and go, “OH HEY! ISN’T THIS-” XD

    I’m slow. orz

  12. ed says:

    i don’t.
    my fav actress is Yuko Takeuchi.

  13. Lsio says:

    so that is how you come up your mascot, interesting.

    agree with others, you should give her a name.

  14. gordon says:

    what’s the joke? ^^;

    i like the name yuko too.

    maybe i’ll name her after my girlfriend. wait, i don’t have one. orz

  15. Mizunaga says:

    Ah.. Maybe joke was the wrong word to use ^^;

    Symbolism is more like it. Yeah.

  16. D_Blade says:

    Eh, what about your candygirl, she hasn’t a name either? Shame on you!
    *Runs away*
    Just kidding.
    Oh and about your nameless mascot, I guess I never noticed her Gundam-style “elbow pads”. I just found strange she was roaming around without any skirt or pants. ^^;
    *Runs away again*

  17. gordon says:

    lol. i have another surprise (no not candygirl related) but not ready to reveal yet. ^^;

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  19. meimi132 says:

    Wow… I did not know…. now I do…. lol

  20. Agito says:


    just realized your mascot is most randomness ever i have seen LOL

  21. gordon says:

    @ Agito,
    lovely art. thanks! will put the drawing in my “about” page. ^^

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