What’s in the Box?

Come back tomorrow to find out what it is. Click here for a clue. Happy Friday the 13th everyone. ^^;

Hmm… wait, that sounds wrong.


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21 Responses to What’s in the Box?

  1. CK says:

    Lol, if it was another box inside that box… urgh…

  2. Random Misconception says:

    I swear it has to be a Jason mask.

  3. k says:

    i really hope it’s not justin timberlake’s dick. hehe… what new figure did you get?!?!

  4. Lsio says:

    A paper inside says your items have been STOLEN by me wahhahahahaa!! :p

    base on the side of box, it is not another dead body (http://gordonator.blogspot.com/2008/04/my-new-figure-has-finally-arrived.html), right?

  5. puppy52doll says:

    lol at lsio’s comment XD

  6. luvluvluv says:

    Some ero figure? haha. hmmm come to think of it, my HLJ order dint arrive after 11days wif SAL shipping. wonder if it’s lost. I usually got my order in 7-8days

  7. Neutrinos says:

    A note from the Singapore Customs saying “The contents have been confiscated, please appeal in writing within 7 days or contents will be destroyed”

    j/k =P

  8. gordon says:

    visit neutrinos’s blog for another clue. it’s above this post.

    the previous one isn’t dead. just need to turn on the “ON” button. lots of fun. ^^;

  9. Fariz Asuka says:

    Congrats on getting figma Saber.. I was like the most poorest boy when she was announced for pre-order..

    Well, have fun chopping up gundams using her sword.. orz..

  10. rokku says:


  11. Hynavian says:

    I think it’s filled with stacks of magazine and one special figure. XD

  12. Panther says:


  13. D_Blade says:

    Snake, Snaaaaaaaake~!!

    Sorry for being absent all that time.
    However I’m back, I guess.
    *Ad click to celebrate it btw* 😉

  14. Evaritus Lau says:

    Chainsaw that Jason used in Friday 13th movie…? ^^”

  15. fatb says:


  16. andra says:

    ehh… must be full of styrofoam

  17. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    nope. i want one but she is discontinued at many sites. orz


    LOL. who buy porn anyway when u can get it free?

    welcome back! dannychoo.com seems so quiet without u around. ^^

  18. Anonymous Coward says:

    anymore give aways for the right number?

    incase there is.. 13


  19. shiro says:

    I am intrigued…

  20. k says:

    i want that figure where saber’s dressed up as a maid… it’s darn expensive..

  21. D_Blade says:

    Sorry for that, Gordon… Though I’m doing very fine. Say, you could contact me via mail (and vice-versa) if you wish. ^^;

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