Haruhi Star OP Full Version

Check out the awesome video below. Kudos to the animator who made this. Cookies for him. ^^


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17 Responses to Haruhi Star OP Full Version

  1. rokku says:

    lol, Nice!

  2. lsio says:

    wow, awesome

  3. Random Misconception says:

    Ah, I remember watching this when it was only shamelessly half-done, yet still awesome.

    Seen the Haruhi + Motteke! Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star Style) one yet Gordon?

  4. Deranged says:

    More awesome than I can handle. My word, I love the dramatic zooms! A lot of work went into this and it made it great XD

  5. Fariz Asuka says:

    Well, at least this is finally complete.. I was thinking when are the animators gonna finish with this video..

    Well, the wait is finally over and I got to see a very awesome video.. ^^

  6. gordon says:

    for a higher resolution, put “&fmt=18” at the back of the video URL. ^^;

    Random Misconception,
    is it the one i posted?

  7. AK says:

    You have instantly become my most favourite and admired person now.

  8. allentyb says:

    For a while, i was too damn bored, and i recall yesterday, someone mention to me in irc that veoh blocked a lot of countries from using their services, i really wonder why, and as i think about why isn’t singapore not be blocked, the simplest reason is, we are a small country, we don’t really leech too much bandwidth. The low concentration of users was deem as the reason for blocking, and then one moron has to post a thread, asking why singapore isn’t blocked, lame, i saw the list, most of the country that has been blocked are mainly latino and muslim speaking country.

  9. allentyb says:

    I actually loled at the list at http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/veoh.com

    omg our country rank out malaysia, a much more bigger country than us, in terms of internet traffic and users!

  10. gordon says:

    why? i didn’t created the video. u should admire the person who animated this. he’s awesome! ^^

    u use veoh a lot? i used to watch animes there. their quality and sound is definitely much much better than crunchyroll.

  11. k says:

    i wonder what software he used to make it

  12. infestor51 says:

    The 3D models were rendered in Lightwave, using the unReal Xtreme 2 system, a cell-shading plugin of sorts, and the final video composited in After Effects.

    If you have a NicoNicoDouga account, you can see it here, or alternatively, you can download the video (9.12MB)

  13. infestor51 says:

    Whoopsie, Blogger stuck a “&lt br/&gt” in the download link.
    Corrected link

  14. Akiraman says:

    Quite an accurate observation, you an animator as well? Lightwave is quite a capable package not to mention cost much less than the alternatives

    This video made my day!

  15. Akiraman says:

    Link does not Work for the download

  16. infestor51 says:

    It was mentioned in the description of one of his prototype videos. No, I’m no animator.

    And check the comment below my first comment for the link. That link works for me.

  17. D_Blade says:

    (I hope for a genderbender version of it one day, but this one is fabulous already)

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