My heartfelt sympathy to the friends and families of those killed in the Akihabara massacre.

Photo: AFP

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Katsumi Kasahara/Associated Press

Photo: Katsumi Kasahara/Associated Press


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9 Responses to Condolences

  1. Kaori says:


    what’s happening all over the world now… is depressing to know

  2. Panther says:

    Damn sad incident. My condolences to the families, and I hope that guy gets punished very badly without affecting too much of others. Though, with the way Japan is going, I doubt it.

  3. allentyb says:

    That guy is going to get death sentence, and the best part of japan death row inmate is, they don’t know when they are going to get hang

  4. Random Misconception says:

    Apparently, after 2 or more intentional killings, the death penalty is a GIVEN, with or without trial, but, he may try to plead on the basis of mental illness.

    I sure as hell hope to god his plea gets ignored.

  5. gordon says:

    i have updated the post with some additional pictures. sad day for akiba. 😦

  6. Hangmen says:

    I felt some chills down my spine when I saw pictures of the streets of Akihabara that I have passed through nearly four months ago being barricaded with police lines and guarded by armed policemen.

    Shame on Japan’s mass media for going into a blame game witch hunt!

  7. k says:

    😦 i still get chills from listening to the news reports

  8. rokku says:

    This is a sick, sick world.

  9. andra says:

    now otaku have to risk their lives for the sake of the 2D world

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