Gundam Exia

Finally completed. This 1/100 Gundam Exia kit is amazing. I almost felt like I was building an MG. It has its own little internal frame and flexible joints like a MG. Definitely one of the best 1/100 non-MG kit I have done so far.

Applied some spare decal from other MG kits

Front. I also given him a pair of MG hands as I will posing it with lots of sword later. MG hands are easier to grip.

Sexy Back

I am Gundam

Eat lead! GN Sword coated with silver

GN Long and Short Blade


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23 Responses to Gundam Exia

  1. Ed says:

    as expected from u. nice n clean kit. =D
    must go down naka there see if got sale for this or dynames not. XD

  2. k says:

    nice work! me have a few mg kits lying around… no time to make lately sigh. so envious of you ^^

  3. Deranged says:

    That looks pretty good for a non MG kit… I couldn’t go back after my first but this looks pretty cool. XD

  4. danielmer says:

    very nice, do you use top coat on it?

    and if you do use it, what type and brand do you use?

  5. Random Misconception says:

    Wow, that’s nice, I personally can’t build models to save my life.

  6. puppy52doll says:

    nice work! think my hubby want to get this heh
    more pix please ^^

  7. Lsio says:

    looking good.

    I have built a MG before and it happened to be my first and only gundam kit I’ve ever built…I didn’t sand or paint it; I don’t even want to mention how I got the parts off the runners lol; it will scare you.

    I’m building a HG 1/144 graham’s custom flag for practicing on paint, so far about 1% completion ^^;

  8. Fariz Asuka says:

    Exia looks awesome.. I should get a MG gundam too.. Usually such model kit will take weeks to complete.. Congrats!! ^^

  9. gordon says:

    exia is no more at nakamoto’s place. u may try your luck for dynames.

    time is always a problem. i’m no exception. orz

    why can’t u go back?

    i use mr.hobby’s mr.super clear flat for white parts to achieve the clean white look and semi-gloss for all other colours.

    random misconception,
    it’s not that tough really. just needs lots of love and time.

    does your hubby has any gundam 00 kits? if no, exia is a good kit to start with.

    let me guess, you torn off the parts with your bare hands?

    Fariz Asuka,
    for the best deal, i recommend Hobby Arts Gallery at Sunshine Plaza (next to KKnM) for the widest selection and best price.

  10. puppy52doll says:

    can’t remember if he has gotten it yet LOL! but yeah I remember him showing me pix of exia on magazine and telling me he wants it 😛

  11. Reeve says:

    That is one nice Exia you have there buddy 🙂 Do keep your passion high bro 🙂 As I have read on what happened from that forum. Don’t take it too hard 🙂

  12. ed says:

    btw gord, how come u got so much spare MG hands? haha.
    sell some to me. XD

  13. Mizunaga says:


    It looks a thousand times better than mine. orz

    And to think it’s the same kit.. Fantastic job Gordon.

  14. gordon says:

    surprise your hubby by buying one for him. he’ll love u deep deep.

    it’s my fault actually. i shouldn’t have posted my noobish work in front of all those experts.

    actually it’s one spare MG hands. i just rotate them around different kits.

    i’m still learning the ropes.

  15. sk-殿 says:

    Can’t see the pictures… it says “Photobucket bandwidth exceeded”. ;(

  16. gordon says:

    ya all old posts are unable to see until the 9th of this month when photobucket reset my bandwidth. so sorry. 😦

  17. puppy52doll says:

    gordon I also don want to buy a box where he will keep and no time to make lor LOL may think about something else — gundam related of course

  18. marvin says:

    nice work Gordon, those decals seem to fit in nicely

  19. Reeve says:

    Hi bro 🙂 Keep your chin up 🙂 It not noobish work you are doing 🙂 come to think about it. You enjoy modeling as you can see fit to do whatever you like :). it your cash and you bought it and enjoy the process it what it worth. Money well spent 🙂 It just the smaller group is more towards themself and are not able to accept others’s enjoyment :)Just don’t post there or reply the thread will do. In time it will be forgotten 🙂 To update you bro My club is setting up in the mid of june and i will let you know when it start so we can catch up and have a cup of coffee together 🙂

  20. gordon says:

    how about a tieria pictorial, he will love it. ^^;

    how are u able to see the pics when my photobucket bandwidth is exceeded. O_O

    i’m not going back there anymore. thanks for your advice. i feel better already. ^^;

  21. puppy52doll says:

    gordon don make me puke LOL HAHAHAHA

  22. marvin says:

    must have been in my cache. although strange enough I never saw the bandwidth exceeded error. ^^

  23. dice says:

    Cool! Are you going to weather it?
    I ought to get back to my Gundam modelling. . . my Zeta ver 2.0 is still not 100% after erm 2 years :S

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