Local babe Elynn Koh

I will like to dedicate this post to my good pal Panther who have fallen in love (well sort of) with a cute babe at last Saturday Streetfest event. The next series of pictures are for you buddy. Enjoy.

A short introduction, Elynn is an angel, 22 years old, freelance model and showgirl. She was a briefcase girl in Deal or No Deal, appeared on FHM and can be found in various IT roadshows.

As briefcase no.26 in Deal or No Deal. Click to enlarge.

Panther was actually in the above picture but I decided to chop him off to avoid scaring other people (sorry pal couldn’t help it. lol) protect his identity. Special thanks to wcloudxkumo who took this picture.

More of this series here

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18 Responses to Local babe Elynn Koh

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow Gordon, you are one lucky guy to have so many of her pics.. ^^ I envy you.. Jii~~~~

    Ouch, very sad to leave Panther out of the picture.. I hope he won’t chop you too Gordon, at best just knee-strike you.. -_-“

  2. k says:

    wow. you do have many pics. didn’t notice that you chopped someone off till you mentioned it ^^. any other leng lui in singapore? i lost touch. my last crush was evelyn tan… that was like 10 odd years ago ^^

  3. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    she’s my kind of babe as well. ^^;

    anyway i hope panther doesn’t mind. i won’t post his face without his permission. putting a laughing man on his face doesn’t look good as well since we know eachother.

    evelyn tan is no longer in the entertainment circle, she’s a full time mother now. ^^;

    btw k, u are a singaporean studying or working in Japan?

  4. Panther says:

    No I do not mind, it was my original intention to be left out anyway lol. I would be destroying her radiance in that picture. Seems like within our group I was the only one who took a lone shot of her though.

    Also through sources, I learnt she is attached. She was also given my vote (not officially) in the Gamer Girl for PlayWorks’ contest last year. Not sure if she did win though.

    As for her looks, she is very sweet, was all I could think of at the event. At least, not as fake as other models and stuff, though yea, heavy makeup could not be helped. Her makeup at least seemed fine to me.

  5. puppy52doll says:

    she seems to look quite different in some pix, but nevertheless very girlie sweet chick LOL

    she definitely knows how to work her long beautiful hair!

  6. Random Misconception says:

    Yeah Gordon, you sure scored big with that many of her pics..I’m envious. T_T

    And knowing Panther, he’ll knee-strike you anyways. XD

    And she was amongst Playworks’s gamer girl nominees last year? Don’t recall, don’t even read Playworks much, all I know is that their gamer girl column is deproving…

  7. sk-殿 says:

    any more pics of her? damn she’s hot.

  8. gordon says:

    i like girle girl next door girl. (wow it rhymes). not not too childish. ^^;

    Random Misconception,
    i don’t read Playworks as well. but i do know that FHM also used to have a gamer girl column. she is not bad too.

    no problems. i’ll call her up for a private bikini photo shoot this weekend. ^^;

  9. Lsio says:

    She is hot no doubt. I envy panther got a lone shot with her.

    and where did you find that many pictures?

  10. puppy52doll says:

    well too childish feels jailbaity no? LOL ^^; and too “act cute” is kinda errrr *goosebumps* LOL

  11. wcloudxkumo says:

    To think that she’s only 22~XD I thought she was 25 or something ^^;

    To be honest, her current look during StreetFest 2008 is the best out of the rest of her photos. Meeting her in flesh was a blessing!! :p

  12. k says:

    not singaporean. just a little further north ^^. from malaysia. used to live in singapore during my primary and secondary school days ^^. she’s a full time mother now?!? oh well, i guess the times have changed hehe.

  13. Panther says:

    Chun: She fulfilled two aspects for me – great looks and beautiful long hair (zomg).

    CI: WTF?

    Lsio: I could easily find those too lol. The net is a dark place.

    Have to agree with Jon about her best look being at Streetfest out of all the photos.

  14. gordon says:

    google is my best friend.


    i agree. i’ll buy whatever she’s is selling. ^^;

    nice getting to know u better. ^^;

  15. Random Misconception says:

    LOL, Gordon, we could make this knee-strike thing a Animeblogger meme!

    Oh, and my NGE 1.01 has no APPARENT bugs, so far.

  16. gordon says:

    Random Misconception,
    so i’m the lucky one to get the faulty DVD. truly a “collector’s edition”

    when are u gonna introduce us some malaysian babes? ^^

  17. Anonymous says:

    pretty face no doubt. Looks can be so deceiving. Too bad she is a heavy smoker, she drinks, she clubs. Nothing new for models I guess but sneaking a puff during the pc show is an ugly sight.

  18. Nic says:

    Wah..she looks pretty, with make-up. I saw many models in events face plastered thick, like cement. I saw elynn in flesh before, the face very white, neck and face different tone. I found a pic of her without makeup online. I think I prefer her with makeup. Very chio.

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