I am Gundam

“I am Gundam.” No of course not! Setsuna is Gundam, I’m Saber! ^o^

Master is currently building this 1/100 Exia in my hands. Master didn’t want to buy it initially as he is sure Bandai will release a MG version of it. But recently there was this shop with this crazy sale, everything were 50% off! Master simply couldn’t resist the temptation.


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14 Responses to I am Gundam

  1. k says:

    that is a great picture! love that shot! too bad she can’t put it on ^^

  2. Deranged says:

    I saw them recently but couldn’t bring myself to go back to anything less than MG… Ill be waiting on those…

    looks good though

  3. Setsuna-san says:

    50%????? *faints*

    and uh for the record i have not achieved gundam status yet.

  4. gordon says:

    put on what? O_O

    i myself also do mostly MG kits as well but 1/100 Exia is very good, it almost is like a MG kit with it’s own internal frame and good legs flexibility.

    if you are not gundam then what are u? are you macross? ^^;

  5. The P-Meister says:

    I am GUNDAM! There’s meister in my nick! WAHAHAH. lol.

    Thats a beautiful saber. I wish i was Exia. *cuddle*
    hg isn’t too bad. its better than 1/144 LG.

  6. Lsio says:

    looking good. seems like you almost have it done.

  7. puppy52doll says:

    haha! my husband probably won’t be able to resist the temptation wow 50% off!

  8. Belela-san says:

    nice panel lines, for me it’s one of the key elements to make a gundam kit look good. Next project of mine is the PG Strike

  9. gordon says:

    The P-Meister,
    welcome! ^^; what does the “p” in your nick stands for?

    yup. i hope to complete it by this weekend. then we will go for a photoshoot. ^^

    indeed. it’s crzay to reject a 50% discount. ^^;

    PG Strike. wow. how much did it cost u?

  10. Mizunaga says:

    lol.. The 1/100 Exia. Was *supposed* to do a review of that, but never quite got around to it. I guess I’ll leave it to you, since I’m sure you’ll do a better job ^^; Me has no passion for gunpla anyway

  11. k says:

    put on the armor? hehe

  12. gordon says:

    u have 1/100 exia? somone give it to you built or u do it yourelf?

    and become Mecha Musume? ^^;

  13. Chiobeebee says:

    Not too shabby for a top coated kit. But overall still looks too plastic should have given it more coats of flat paint.

    Try and cover those seamlines on most of your models too.

    Cause they stand out in your photos. Can ‘photoshop’ them off if you are in a rush

  14. gordon says:

    i believe u came from PLAMO right? thanks for the suggestion but i really don’t have the time to do all that u mentioned due to work and personal commitments and other stuffs. currently i only have a few hours during the weekends to build, drawing panel lines and do some spraying. i enjoy it and i hope u respect that as well. cheers.

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