Evangelion 1.01 DVD

Shown above is the local version of the new Evangelion movie DVD. It comes in one disc and is available at all major video stores at the price of S$22.90.

Don’t be fooled by the cover. The cover reads Evangelion 1.0 but it’s actually the 1.01 edition with several minor fine tunings in picture, editing, and sound quality. Screenshot as proof above.

Boring DVD menu. There’s a bug in the DVD. Whenever scene 6 finishes and is about to move on to scene 7, the movie will stop and return to the main menu. doh! >.<

There’s close to zero extras other than some trailers and a few pictures in the photo gallery. Crap.

The one scene that justified everything. Yes everything.

The “introductory booklet included” as seen on the DVD cover is a lie! Instead an entry form is inside. One need to fill up one’s particulars and send it back to the DVD distributor to get the booklet mailed to you. This kinda makes me wonder why can’t they just include the booklet together with the DVD? Is it because the booklets haven’t arrived yet? Or actually they are going to keep your particulars for marketing uses or worst sell it away? It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

Btw there’s no trailer for Evangelion 2.0 after the credits as well. I felt cheated again. >.<


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22 Responses to Evangelion 1.01 DVD

  1. Fariz Asuka says:

    What!! Thats a rip-off.. I’m pretty disappointed in Singapore companies distributing such videos here..

    That is a failed attempt at making a dvd menu.. Even an amateur can make a decent one..

    But hey, “at least that special scene justify everything”.. ^^

  2. Random Misconception says:

    Holy Christ, I just bought this today.

    Argh, I wonder if overseas stores still stock the Japanese limited edition, that came with a FRICKIN’ FILMSTRIP AT THE VERY LEAST.

    And I know, the bloody Booklet is a rip-off, I thought the package felt surprisingly light if it was going to contain a booklet, but then, they gave me this, now I have to MAIL that back to the distributor, ah well, anything for Rei T_T

    At least now I have something to look forward to, at least. Thanks Gordon.

  3. Lsio says:

    not sure if it is available in US yet. And it is stupid that they don’t include the booklet. very poor marketing; won’t it cost more and time consuming for the distributor?

    By the way, is it a remake of the original story?

  4. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka,
    actually for $22.90, it’s a reasonable price despite the lack of extras and bugs. and yes the one scene is well worth everything.

    Random Misconception,
    i believe the limited editions are already all snatched up.

    yes evangelion 1.0 to 3.0 is remake/re-imagine/retelling of the original anime series. 4.0 will be a totally new ending.

  5. puppy52doll says:

    woah so you get to see rei’s “pupils” LOL

  6. danielmer says:

    pretty much that DVD is a giant f**k you if you did not get the more expensive limited edition

  7. Neutrinos says:

    Hmmm do write a post when you got the booklet ‘kay, I might just get this ^^

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  9. ron~ says:

    I hope they will release blu-ray version of this evangelion 😀

    waiting for Australia release..

  10. gordon says:

    yes. my AT field went up 100% everytime that scene is played. ^^;

    sure of course. assuming that the booklet don’t take months to reach me.

    sure why not? already added you. do drop by often.

    no news of a blu-ray version yet sadly. keep your fingers crossed.

  11. Evaritus Lau says:

    Just watched it few weeks back, nice though..esp the scene whre 01 goes berserk one.
    (sori me hvnt reli watch the series this one came out)

  12. gordon says:

    Evaritus Lau,
    u mean u never watch the anime before? the berserk scene at the beginning is nothing compare to another berserk fight scene in the later episodes. ^^

  13. k says:

    nice screen shot ^^. i haven’t watched it. is it as complicated as the anime?

  14. Tiny Red Man says:

    looks cheapo but will consider a buy..

  15. gordon says:

    easier to understand and better than the anime in many ways. better quality, lesser shinji emo-ing, new scenes, new redesigned angels and weapons.

    Tiny Red Man,
    don’t consider. do it!

  16. Mizunaga says:

    Yipe. I wonder what the Malaysian DVDs will be like.. LOL

    Anyway, am definitely going to watch this movie. Me wants to watch the series too ><

  17. gordon says:

    i heard from setsuna-san it’s showing in malaysia soon right?

  18. blauereiter says:

    Wow…we have a local release already ? Speedy !

  19. gordon says:

    welcome. did u managed to get yours in tokyo? heard the limited editions went off the shelves like hot cakes.

  20. xicx says:

    hi, where did you get your dvd? i tried looking for it in some dvd shops, all that came to me were blank stares -.-

  21. Stifler says:

    I believe that due to its Dual Disk nature, the thing jumps after the 6th scene. I was quite surprised when that happened to.

    I want my trailer for Eva 2.0!

    @xicx: Well, I got mine from Laserfair (or something like that.) Or give TS Videos a try.

  22. gordon says:

    i bought it at the cathy. hmm… could it be they recalled back all the faulty DVDs that’s why u can’t find it at stores?

    why not call them up for a exchange?

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