KKnM Mini Event

Ryoko, is that a knife in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

As one of the lucky bloggers selected, I was at KKnM this morning for a mini event. They are having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion whereby members and selected bloggers get to attend this preview session before the rest.

The promotion is attractive but sadly I didn’t find anything I wanted so my wallet is thankful for that. Btw, invited bloggers get a free gift in the form of a SOS dan nendroid petit. Lady Luck wasn’t by my side today as I got Ryoko. I would have preferred Mikuru (in maid or frog costume) or Yuki. But hey it’s free so no complains.

Lastly I also chatted heartily with fellow comrades Sabar, Hirito, Random Misconception, Squee, misakichii and The Sojourner. It was fun getting to know you all better. All the best to you guys for the lucky draw this afternoon.

ps: Random Misconception, I forgot to get your friend’s name today at the event. Do let me know if you are reading this. Thanks.


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23 Responses to KKnM Mini Event

  1. Panther says:


    Because I was not at KKnM. Slept until noon lol. I need to sleep until noon again…or rather, I wish I could.

  2. Soshi says:

    lulz. too bad i couldn’t show up! free haruhi petit nendoroids~~

  3. Random Misconception says:

    Yeah, Nice meeting you too Gordon ^^;

    And as to my friend’s name, well, Kenneth, lol.

    By the way, I is get Haruhi, the god-empress ^^;

  4. hynavian says:

    Ah! I should have posted the banner on my blog too as the nendoroid looks cute. A cute looking reward. (:

  5. bj0rN says:

    I’m quite interested in your Ryoko. Think u can sell it to me or trade off of a Haruhi?

  6. gordon says:

    sleep till noon!? O_O i can never sleep till noon even if i sleep late at night. like last night i slept at 2am, today i woke up at 7am. >.< soshi,
    a pity. why couldn’t u show up? maybe u can check with sharon whether u still can collect the nendroid.

    random misconception,
    your haruhi is definitely better. i remember someone getting the rare mikuru frog but forgotten who. i must be getting me. orz

    btw both of you are great company. ^^; does your friend has a blog?

    u mean tjhan didn’t bring u along? one blog can admit 2 person. who else did he brought along?

    sure i’ll love to exchange with u. which haruhi do u have? drop me an e-mail so we can arrange a place and time for meetup. ^^;

  7. bj0rN says:

    Got the Haruhi with the drink can. I’ll be heading to KKnM once again later today actualy, so perhaps you might wanna email me since I don’t have yours. Or, you can always find me by chance in the evening there since I’ll be helping out and I presume you already know who I am.

  8. The Sojourner says:

    Actually I did not really had a proper conversation with you guys, it was more of a ‘Hi, nice to meet you in person’ kind of thing.

    Wished I had spent more time to know you guys, especially with those I did not speak to. 😦

  9. Abao says:

    I thought the lucky draw is Sunday?

  10. danielmer says:

    ryoko looks sooooo cute

  11. Setsuna-san says:

    lucky sod. *goes into bitter mode*

    i wish the Malaysian shops are as active as yours. Then again there are plenty of moralfags prowling the streets here so i guess i cant complain anyways.

  12. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    Ryoko…I got what you want! Mikuru in frog costume!! I heard you’re not going for Streeftfest? Too bad wouldn’t be seeing you there, but well there’ll always be more meetings/outings in time to come! (And I heard next month’s outing is going to be an outdoor figure photoshoot, so you better come!)

  13. wcloudxkumo says:

    Too bad that I wasn’t able to attend because of class >_< I even had to rush back home 1st then straight to the outing after >_< Looks like a fun event though ^^ See you at Streetfest if you’re coming later ^^

  14. sk-殿 says:

    if only things are this good across the straits… or in my case across the South China Sea… >.<

  15. gordon says:

    i don’t know u look like. O_O i won’t be coming down today either. my e-mail can be found in the “About” tab or at the right panel.

    The Sojourner,
    that’s ok. you will get a chance next time if there’s any more such outing.

    yes it’s this sunday at 5pm. when i posted this post, it was already already sunday so i said this afternoon.

    mikuru frog is even cuter.

    don’t wait for the shops. organise one yourself.

    so u are the one who got the mikuru frog. treasure it buddy, it’s rare.

    i have things to attend to today so won’t be coming. do enjoy yourselves.

    fear not, i’ll suggest to the boss and lady boss of KKnM to open a branch in malaysia. ^^;

  16. Soshi says:

    I had a meeting in school – which ended late so I couldn’t make it. Sigh. I’ll probably ask when I head down to collect my Konata and Kagami. X3

  17. Mizunaga says:

    Wahh!!! Free Nendoroid! T_T *Wish I was there* Maybe I should’ve put up the banner and smuggled myself over there.. *mumble mumble*

  18. Divine Fang says:

    Whao! I was kinda shocked, I thought it’s a Nendoroid, but it’s actually not, it a Nendoroid PETIT! Whatever, dang you lucky bastards!

  19. gordon says:

    i see. u should have informed me to collect the gift on your behalf. *note to self, i’ll take the better one and give the lousier one Muhahaha* damn i must remember to stop talking to myself. >.< Mizunaga,
    and if u are selected and unable to come, i can always take on your behalf. *wink*

    Divine Fang,
    my bad. couldn’t different between a normal nendroid and nendrid petit before. now i know. ^^;

  20. Panther says:

    I slept like 4 AM thanks to some crazy folks who insisted on playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 over Hamachi till late.

    Anyway all those posting here in SG should come for next month’s outing or Gordon’s new toy will own you. Lol.

  21. Random Misconception says:

    Er, no, my friend don’t have a blog, Gordon, if he sets up one i’ll tell you though.

    And you should have been at streetfest, oh well, there’s always the next outing ^^;

  22. Akiraman says:

    Nice figure, nendoroids are cute.

  23. gordon says:

    lol. i’ll try my best to make it for the next outing. go scout for a good location first buddy.

    random Misconception,
    don’t worry we will meet again. singapore is small. ^^;

    yes indeed they are.

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