I will say I’m a loyal person. If I’m happy with a brand, I’ll keep using it. Take for example my mobile phone. I have been using Nokia for 7 years now. My current phone is the Xpressmusic 5310, it’s not the best compared to the other brands. Its camera quality sucks, mp3 playback is alright but it hangs occasionally and arranging all the songs into categories is a pain in the neck. Only thing I like about it is its slimness and big resolution. Despite the flaws, I’ll continue using Nokia. Stubborn or loyal I don’t know?

Speaking of Nokia, I remember 8 years ago when mobile phone was getting widespread. Everyone seems to own a Nokia. Thanks to its successful marketing and design, Nokia was so cool back then. It doesn’t have an ugly antenna like most phones do. The casing can be changed and customized. And not forgetting the Snake game that everyone is so addicted to. I don’t know about the rest of you but that seems to be the case with the people around me during that time.

Oh btw, my phone wallpaper is my persocom Chii whom I photographed sitting by the window this afternoon. Isn’t she adorable? ^^;


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  1. Panther says:

    Same as you man, but I prefer user-friendly products maybe. Still, recently Nokia does not seem to be doing as well compared to the other companies who are innovating and all.

    I mean, yeah, I hardly use my phone for much stuff – music, calls, SMS, end of story. I will keep using Nokia for that simply to avoid hassle though.

  2. Divine Fang says:

    I’d appreciate if there’s a hi-res Chii attached, or email it to me 🙂 ありがとう!

  3. hynavian says:

    I’ve been switching between Nokia and Sony Ericsson for the past few years. I feel that Sony Ericsson is more user friendly though it’s not as “shock proof” as Nokia. My Nokia phone is still looking so “ROAR” despite hitting the ground countless number of times. As for Sony Eriscsson, it just looked worse with each drop.

  4. Hinano says:

    I like my N95 🙂

  5. bj0rN says:

    Using Music Express 5610 here. xD

  6. danielmer says:

    im very loyal to nokia as well. i have been using nokia phones for 6 years. i love my nokia phone

  7. IcyStorm says:

    I’m only on my second cell phone, a Nokia 6215i. It’s a cheap cameraphone from Verizon that gets the job done. I do want a Nokia phone that works with Qik though… but I’d still rather have a 3G iPhone.

  8. Fariz Asuka says:

    I’m disappointed in myself for changing to Sony Erricsson since I find most Nokia phones die out on me during meetings due to anything other than adead battery..

    But hey I’m gonna use a Nokia phone when National Service comes.. ^^

  9. lanie-emon says:

    Using a Sony Eriscsson as I like the walkman feature on the phone. And wouldn’t mind a high res pic of Chi either ^^.

  10. double says:

    I gave up on Nokia. They just aren’t trying hard enough.

    Now, it’s either import phones or decent design Sony Ericsson flip phones for me.

  11. gordon says:

    seems like most of u are either using Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

    Sony Ericsson makes good high res camera phones and good walkman phones. Will be even better if they can mix the two together, a walkman camera phone. ^^;

    as for high res version of chii, i have already asked chii for a photoshoot. she has agreed and i will be posting them up soon.

  12. puppy52doll says:

    I currently have a nokia phone but the battery life sux! otherwise I like how it’s quite easy to use compare to others I had tried ^^; Hardly use the phone anyways 😛

  13. Random Misconception says:

    I personally use a Sony Ericsson W580i with MicroSD 2GB.

    I gave up on Nokia just like double, had bad experience with their older models, and after seeing my friends go to the service center at wheelock time and again, I was sold on Sony Ericsson.

    And I use a YukiXKyon pic for my wall. XD.

  14. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    I had been using Nokia since 2001 when I had my first handphone, the 3310, and then a 7270 back in 2005. I changed to a Motorola V300 for use during NS in 2006, but didn’t really like it, especially the messaging since I was already used to Nokia interface.

    Right now, since I’m about to ORD, I’ve bought a new phone, and yep I’m back to Nokia ^^. A proud owner of a Nokia 6500 Classic. I too love those thin slick phones (9.5mm thickness only!).

    I did consider the Xpressmusic 5310, but the lack of 3G support made me change my mind. You do need a 3G phone for usage in Japan ^^.

  15. Belela-san says:

    I only use Nokia, no other trademark. I’ve been using the Nokia 6600 for almost 4 years and haven’t had a single problem so far

  16. Mizunaga says:

    Ehhh?! Does that mean I’m the minority with motorola?! Σ(°Д°;;)

  17. gordon says:

    that’s ok. that makes u special. ^^;

  18. k says:

    nokia 8250… those were the days ^^. i’m still waiting for the iphone to come to japan!

  19. Squee says:

    I’m currently a Sony Ericsson user with a P1i. Been using Ericsson since the era of chunky phones with antennas….
    The only non Ericsson phone I had was a Motorola Startac… damm old..

  20. ron~ says:

    I used to use nokia as well, till it crapped on my 2 times in a row.. seems like Nokia quality isn’t as good as the old days..

  21. Panther says:

    K: Are you also waiting for the iRack?

    Jeez looks like I better start taking a good look at other brands soon if I want to change phones lol, from the comments in this thread.

  22. rawrsa says:

    I had been using Nokia since 2003 when I had my first handphone, the 3230, and then now I currently use Nokia 5310 XpressMusic <3
    Even it’s had medicore camera, I don’t mind as long as I can use. My Nokia 3230 have problem because it’s great sucker batteries in one day. Nokia XpressMusic can last 2 day 🙂 without using too much application.

    I did consider the Xpressmusic 5310, but because other XpressMusic kinda expensive, so I decide to buy them. Guess they sold around RM 2000 in Malaysia. I don’t have lot money to buy them -_-

    btw you can upgrade 5310’s firmware because after you upgrade, the sound quality became better. unfortunely, camera can’t upgrade -_-

    Many people claim that, Nokia has loud sound and it’s versertile. My Nokia 3230 drop many time and surprisingly, it’s can be used many time.

    I did ask my father to buy SE but he told me that SE might have good design, but lack of sound quality even camera’s quality is better. I tried my brother’s cellphone, SE S700i and what I found is, ringtone is loud, but when you making call, it’s hardly to hear people talking to you.

    My wallpaper is Gackt 🙂

  23. gordon says:

    hi rawrsa, thanks for coming. ^^

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