MG Sword and Launcher Strike Gundam

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

One will never get tired of Strike Gundam isn’t it? It’s popular since there are four MGs based on it. I myself owned three of them (used to be all four but I sold one away). The latest addition to my collection is Sword and Launcher Strike Gundam.

The whole internal frame was sprayed with metallic steel paint.

I love gundams with big swords

The launcher is kinda hard to move around and pose with the hands holding it

MG Sword and Launcher Strike Gundam is pretty decent. When it was first announced I thought to myself, “Not another variation of existing MGs!” But since I’m a sucker for gundams with big swords, I bought it anyway. Good thing it comes with a small simple stand instead of that bulky one from previous MG Strike. It’s an easy kit to assemble with not much panel line drawing needed.

Lastly a word to Bandai. Four MG Strike and all those variations of MG Zaku II ver 2.0 are enough. It’s time to give us new MG gundams.


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24 Responses to MG Sword and Launcher Strike Gundam

  1. Belela-san says:

    A kit to suck money out of fans XD, why didn’t they make this when they launched the first MG Strike? Or simply sell the weapons to who already had the MG Aile Strike

  2. Fariz Asuka says:

    Those are just some excellent shots of Aile Strike Gordon..

    May I ask where do you take the pictures?? I don’t have any good spots in my area (Bukit Batok) to take picture of Saika S Farnese.. -_-“

  3. k says:

    did you paint?

  4. d-tecnolife says:

    did you order MG Force Impulse too? Since it comes with a big sword too 😀

  5. gordon says:

    bandai will never sell the pack/weapons alone. they will just repackage it as another kit.

    Fariz Asuka,
    these shots are taken near my house. there are always shooting locations, u just need to know where to find. ^^;

    only for the internal frame. metallic steel.

    no i didn’t. not really a fan of force impulse. it looks too much like aile strike.

  6. danielmer says:

    good job on that model kit, gordon. the paint looks very nice for the internal frame and awesome pics.

    P.S. what program do you use to add the watermark on your pics?

  7. deranged says:

    ah god, I still haven’t got a strike kit… by the time I do it would probably be a perfect grade kit… orz

  8. lanie-emon says:

    Very nice pics there Gordon. Really love the Launcher Strike version. Big guns equal win for me ^^.

  9. dannychoo says:

    Looking cool.
    BTW, Am I the only one who thinks bloggers captcha input is annoying?

  10. gordon says:

    thanks. i use photoshop to add the watermark.

    a PG strike is awesome too but it will take more time to complete.

    big guns are cool but i find that one is able to do more poses with a sword. ^^;

    thanks. and yes blogger’s captcha is super annoying. sometimes the characters are so hard to differentiate. why can’t they have adding up of 2 numbers like wordpress? >.<

  11. marvin says:

    Hey Gordon, nice work on the strike, looks like you finished yours faster than I did on the Strike-E. anyway about your image watermark, you might want to use a batch watermaker for that.

  12. misakichii says:

    Nice pictures Gordon! I’m a sucker for Gundams with big swords too~

    The shield(not the big one) looks kinda different from the anime/game.

  13. Mizunaga says:

    Good job on the MG Strike! Looking great, as usual ^^

  14. Random Misconception says:

    Great pics as always, what camera do you use Gordon, if ya don’t mind me asking?

    Oh, and my friend helped me pick up Revoltech’s Gurren Lagann, I cried manly hot blood tears for that. XD

  15. gordon says:

    what’s a batch watermark? me is n00b. orz

    u mean the small blue shield on the left arm? i believe it’s the same. let me go check.

    thanks. tempted to go do modeling as well? ^^;

    Random Misconception,
    it’s written under the first picture. Nikon COOLPIX P5100.

    so are u gonna pay your friend for the Revoltech’s Gurren Lagann or is it a gift?

  16. wcloudxkumo says:

    The only MG Strike I have is IWSP ( > _ < ), and yeah, Bandai needs to get other series the MG treatments. Gundam Wing might be a nice one to start. I want MG Heavy Arms!!! Anyway, nice photos there ^^ I should get myself some spray paint ( > _ < )

  17. Random Misconception says:

    He was in Chinatown so I asked him to help me pick it up, it’s a partial gift in a way, no costs for his trouble ^^;

    And thanks, I kinda didn’t notice tha camera model *facepalm*

    And a link to stickying posts in Blogger beta: LINK

  18. gordon says:

    yes u should try spray cans and topcoats. it makes your gundams look better.

    try metallic steel for internal frame cos even if u screwed it up, it won’t be noticeable since it’s covered up by the armour.

    Random Misconception,
    actually that’s not exactly sticky post. it’s just adding a page element using html which is what i’m doing now. guess there’s no way to stick a full post up on top.

  19. Reeve says:

    Sugoi desu 🙂 Nice built you have there bro 🙂 Hope to see more pose of this wonderful kit 🙂

  20. gordon says:

    i’m sorry but i won’t be doing any more poses of strike gundam. schedule is too tight.

  21. marvin says:

    It’s a nifty program that resizes and adds your watermark on several images with one button. I’ll see if I can send you the program tomorrow.

  22. gordon says:

    thanks marvin! ^^;

  23. Anonymous says:

    What about the seam lines? Did you cover it? I’ve never covered seamlines before so I wonder if you can just sand them off after putting them together and make them unseen

  24. gordon says:

    no i don’t cover steam lines. steam lines aren’t that visible for MG kits anyway.

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