KKnM Chocolate Coronet Vs Melon Pan Campaign

I must be the last anime blogger in Sinagpore to post this but anyway better late than never. Click the picture above for more info.

*Update* The campaign website has been updated with the people selected for the mini event on Saturday 24/5 at 10am.

Collateral Damage Studio
TedFox in Singapore
THAT AnimeBlog
Furu Anime Panikku
Anime Banzai!
The Blue Fox Alley
Fun Anime Stuff
Certifiably Insane
Tachikomatic Days: In your basement
望み – What is that you desire?
Squee’s Junkyard


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19 Responses to KKnM Chocolate Coronet Vs Melon Pan Campaign

  1. Random Misconception says:

    You’re not the last one Gordon, I am. =x

  2. lanie-emon says:

    I’ll stick with the choco coronet, thank you very much

  3. gordon says:

    Random Misconception,
    for once being last is good in this case. check your comment at your blog. ^^;

    i heard from reliable source Chocolate Coronet is leading.

  4. Random Misconception says:

    NOOOOOOOOO, How can chocolate coronet be leading. Where are the Shana fans, WHERE?

    Or has KyoAni’s influence spread too far already….

    And thanks for the info Gordon.

  5. Abao says:

    Abao voted Melonpan. Melonpan forever ^_^

    I predict a choco coronet win though =_=

  6. gordon says:

    ah yes i already expected u to vote for melonpan since u are a fan of shanna. what did u bought at KKnM. I haven’t bought anything yet. nothing to buy actually.

  7. The Sojourner says:

    Keith and Sharon if u are reading this i have the banner at my site as well. ^^;


  8. Abao says:

    @gordon: I’ll post an update on wednesday night ba. Need to sleep soon liao ^_^

  9. gordon says:

    The Sojourner,
    u didn’t post your link.

    good night. maybe we will get to meet this saturday or sunday. ^^;

  10. The Sojourner says:

    Oops. Thanks for the notice.

    Anyway I think the KKnM website should not post the number of votes on each side because that might encourage people to vote for the winning side rather than the food that they like.

    *Runs away*

  11. gordon says:

    The Sojourner,
    yes i agree with u. KknM should keep the result secret until the day of the event.

  12. puppy52doll says:

    woohoo good luck gordon ^^!

  13. Cruxay says:

    I don’t stop by for a week and you have like 1230912095324 new posts! Holy crap man! hahaha

    Melon-pan ftmfw!

  14. Akiraman says:

    Hi Gordon all the best.

    Possible to put a link to my site on your blog?

  15. Setsuna-san says:

    you singaporeans have all the fun. I on the other hand languish in the hinterlands.

  16. gordon says:

    thanks. u mean good luck as in the lucky draw right? actually i have bought anything yet so i haven’t vote. maybe i’ll buy something there tomorrow. ^^;

    dude not that many! O_O (i wish it was)

    sure. don’t forget to me too. ^^;

    don’t feel so down. its great to have an anime shop which cares for it’s customers.

  17. Mizunaga says:

    I’ll be rooting for you and Squee~! ^^

    @Setsuna-san, you and me both. orz

  18. Stifler says:

    So, I guess I will see you there tomorrow?

  19. gordon says:

    I was there the whole morning, did u see me? ^^;

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