Keroro Yagami

All names written inside this note book will buy me a dozen gunpla before dying from heart attack. Muhahaha~

A series of mysterious deaths occurred recently. A handful of people yet unenclosed by the police died from heart attack at the same time on the same day.

Official police statement states that all of the deceased are witnessed at various toy stores purchasing large quantity of gundam model kits before their deaths. It is currently unknown what contributed to this strange common behavior. When asked whether supernatural forces are at work here, a police spokesperson only said investigation is still ongoing.

Picture by ott


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9 Responses to Keroro Yagami

  1. k says:

    only gunpla? shouldn’t you squeeze them dry before giving them the heart attack ^^

  2. Deranged says:

    oh my word… that was hilarious. This has reminded me that I haven’t watched Keroro in ages… Need to get back to that XD

  3. CK says:

    keroro overdose ><

  4. Os says:

    Wow, that’s pretty damn funny. I wish I had that… time to get my plundering tools.

  5. gordon says:

    it seems like keroro only love gunpla.

    i too haven’t watch the anime. must be hundreds of episodes by now and ongoing. any fansubs for this?

    c’mon, keroro is cute.

    thanks for coming, i dropped by yours too.

  6. ott says:

    there are about 114 episodes subbed in English. I watch from Veoh. 😀

  7. gordon says:

    hey buddy thanks for the pic. hope u don’t mind me putting it up here. ^^;

    114 episodes u says. i won’t possibly be able to watch all of them since there’s still so many things for me to do. orz

  8. ott says:

    no problem!

  9. rokku says:

    Agree wif ck and you
    Keroro overdose and keroro is cute

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