Blood Donation

Keroro is seen here holding a stress ball given to me when I went for a blood donation yesterday.

This is my first time donating blood. The experience was eye-opening. They are very cautious in selection and made us fill in this questionnaire with some interesting questions like have you been to Europe for the past few years, did you have sex with more than one party / with another male recently etc. Even if your answer is yes would you write it down?

Anyway the medical staffs were friendly and professional. My blood type O is what motivated me to go for the donation since it can be use for other blood types. You never know when your one small bag of blood can save another person’s life.


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21 Responses to Blood Donation

  1. Panther says:

    Yeah my mom donated blood before, and they have to be careful less infectious diseases are inside your blood and stuff. They canna be giving such blood to others.

    Also they will probably reject me on sight. Too thin. Then I show them eye-popping veins. TAKE THIS!

    Blood type O here too. O+ I think.

  2. Random Misconception says:

    The sex question is AIDS-related, I believe.

    And good to hear it, Otakus are humanitarians too, good job Gordon.

  3. Squee says:

    I’m sure I’ll be rejected too.. I got a blood type of X and it contains 50% alcohol.LOL

    In addition to saving lives, all the blood can also be used to breed a vampire army.

  4. k says:

    my blood type is selfish. only protects its only type ^^.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I want to donate blood but every time I go, they tell me I’m anemic and it’s not usable. 😦

  6. puppy52doll says:

    I went to try to donate blood with a friend here but my iron barely met the limit so I couldn’t donate LOL! was interesting experience nevertheless ^^ I was told if I eat shell fish will get more iron but um I don like shellfish LOL

  7. danielmer says:

    god bless you, gordon for your good deed

  8. sammyb says:

    I want to donate blood too! Sounds complicated in Singapore. I think during the last halloween, there was a blood drive at my high school! Don’t know what the procedure was/how complicated it was though. Wish I had done it, I agree with you that you never know whether you’re saving someone’s life.

  9. Setsuna-san says:

    hmm im an O as well. though i never donated blood, too scared of needles.

  10. Divine Fang says:

    Hey I’m a type O too! We are good donors Gordon! (I have my blood sucked many many times, needles don’t bother be anymore).

  11. gordon says:

    yes they do reject shinny people’s blood. not because the blood is not good. maybe they are afraid one must faint?

    Random Misconception,
    just playing my small part for a greater good. ^^

    dude, by any chance your blood is blue as well? that’s so cool!

    would u do it if the nurse is sweet young thing then?

    that’s too bad. but hey it’s the thought that counts.

    do u like liver? it’s rich in iron too.

    thank you for your kinds words.

    yes it can be complicated sometimes. long queue, must not be underweight, must be feeling well, not taking drugs etc etc.

    actually the pain is bearable. what i did was i look at the other direction when the nurse was inserting the needle. c’mon be a man! GAR!

    Divine Fang,
    haruhi bless u my friend. ^^

  12. k says:

    i would. ….wait… does she come in a tight short skirt? ^^

  13. puppy52doll says:

    I hate liver yuckyuckyuck LOL maybe that’s why I not enough iron myself ^^;;;;

  14. gordon says:

    if she does, your blood pressure will hit the roof. ^^;

    i love liver!! anyway in that case u may consider chewing on an iron bar to get your daily iron intake. ^^

  15. puppy52doll says:

    LOL well sometime last year I did get an iron cast frying pan… not to chew on but apparently cooking with iron cast pan we take some iron also (not sure how true it is tho) LOL

  16. hynavian says:

    I probably should try donating blood but the needles scare me much. (: If it’s for a good deed, I’ll gather my courage and join the blood donation drive.

  17. gordon says:

    LOL, now that’s an idea. haha.

    do it! girls like guys who donate blood. it’s a show of manly courage. well sort of.

  18. double says:

    LOL gordonator, Hynavian’s a girl.

  19. gordon says:

    thanks for telling me. come, here’s $10 for the tip.

  20. hynavian says:

    Ah!!! double, you sold me out for $10!!! What’s happening to the inflationary phenomena that was mentioned by the MPs? (:

  21. まんが says:

    Man that is an awesome stressball. I live in Sydney and we just got a normal stressball, and we didn’t even get to keep it.

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