Yuki’s Day at the Beach

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

Even a humanoid interface from the Integrated Data Entity needs a break from observing Haruhi-sama sometimes. That is when I decided to bring Yuki to the beach at Sentosa for a day of relaxation. ^^

Upon arriving at the beach, Yuki told me that she didn’t have a swimsuit. Well that’s ok since there a swimsuit store by the beach. Inside the shop I felt rather awkward standing beside Yuki in the lady swimsuits section. The lady store clerk kept giving me weird stares and I swear I saw her giggling. Among all the bikinis on display, Yuki picked a blue coloured one piece.

I must say I was rather taken aback at Yuki’s choice since nowadays people seldom wear one piece anymore. But surprisingly the one piece looks great on Yuki. The blue colour is a large plus too. It’s my favourite colour. ^^;

After changing, Yuki walked to a shady spot under a tree and began reading her book. “Yuki! What are you doing? We are at the beach not at the library. C’mon!” I said to her. After looking at me blankly for a moment, Yuki put down her book and as if uncomfortable with what she is wearing, she began adjusting her swimsuit. Good thing I have my camera with me. ^^

Coincidentally, Rei and Asuka were at Sentosa as well. Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity, I asked them to take a photograph together and they agreed.

Bikini Rei and Asuka are two of my earliest and favourite figures. As you can see, not only does Yuki looks like Rei, both of them spots the same pose as well, adjusting their swimsuit. ^^

Figure Review

Swimsuit Yuki is a 1/8 scale PVC figure from Alter. Other than common flaws of PVC figures like seam lines on the hairpiece and thighs, the quality of this figure is pretty decent. Yuki’s mouth looks too small though but that’s ok no biggie.

The one piece suits Yuki very well. A bikini will be kinda out of place with her character. The pose is also made of win. Simply love the way she adjusts her swimsuit. In conclusion this is a good figure worth getting. Afterall this is a sexy side of Yuki we seldom get to see.

Lastly, below is an image of Yuki in the same swimsuit. If anyone has the complete higher resolution or similar images please let me know. Free cookies to those who help. ^^


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27 Responses to Yuki’s Day at the Beach

  1. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    Nice photos! And wow you brought them to the beach? Not many people around it seems from the photos. If the place was packed would you still take them out?

  2. Nagato says:

    Wows, you weren’t worried about it getting sandy or anything? There are some nooks that would be difficult to clean out. 😡

  3. Panther says:

    Nice outdoor shoot.

    Nagato: You make it sound so hentai.

  4. double says:

    Want REI!

  5. gordon says:

    me and yuki went on a weekday so ya there wasn’t much people around. not that i mind people looking at me, fewer people means lesser people blocking my shots.

    there are some people who walked over to take a look. one of them even took a picture of me taking pictures of yuki. lol. ^^;

    my own pants was wet and full of sand. so is my mobile phone which was in my pants’ pocket. good thing my camera was fine.


    hard to get now this rei figure is. released long ago it is.

  6. Random Misconception says:

    Damn, I remember seeing that Yuki pic in higher res sometime back…

    And I was eyeing that Yuki figurine, now I’m even more tempted to buy it after seeing her wet.

  7. Deranged says:

    The pictures are great… The Yuki figure looks awesome… especially with the few drops of water on it actually…

    /me wants

    I do remember seeing that Yuki pic in higher res a while ago… just can’t remember where… sorry.

  8. lanie-emon says:

    Would love to see Yuki expression when she was choosing the swimsuit, LOl ^^.

    Aside from that, nice pics mate XD.

  9. Mizunaga says:

    After your review, I’ve just realized how great this figure is. WANT!

  10. Timotei says:

    Great figure, and awesome photos. I love the beach as a background, it’s so fitting for figures. I need Yuki! ;_;

  11. gordon says:

    Random Misconception & Deranged,
    glad that both of u like yuki wet. was hard getting yuki to get into the water. ^^;

    thanks, not much expression from yuki other than her big eyes staring at me. ^^;

    go get it!

    i enjoyed the trip with yuki. long time since i have been to the beach myself.

  12. Dancing Queen says:

    they look amazing! Love how in the background you can seem some people but they all like the same size, so the girls don’t look like small figures but people. People asked me a lot if i got sand on the figures or the camera as well when i did my beach photo shoot, at first i was terrified to go out and do it since the beach was packed when i went but after a few minutes and a few stares i was having a blast. I like this yuki figure but i kinda don’t want to overload my collection with just haruhi figures so i haven’t gotten her, but when i go to anime expo if i see her for a decent price i’ll be snagging her.

  13. yumeno says:

    Nice photos. Now, wouldn’t it be better if Yuki = swimsuit + rod?

  14. k says:

    sentosa’s pretty quiet on a weekday ^^. nice photos!

  15. k says:

    btw, forgot to mention. got you on my blog list 😉 keep blogging!

  16. Setsuna-san says:

    Excellent shoot if i do say so myself. keep up the fine work gordon!!

  17. gordon says:

    Dancing Queen,
    your Tessa & Chidori beach shots are what motivated me to do a beach shoot.

    oh behave. keep your fetishes to yourself. ^^;

    thanks so much for putting up my feeds. i’ve already added u to my blogroll. ^^;

    thanks.i will. ^^

  18. Lsio says:

    …nice photos man. The pictures bring me some chill tho >.< it is still quite cold over here in Boston.

  19. super rats says:

    That’s sweet.

  20. danielmer says:

    that has to be one of the hottest photo sessions i have seen

  21. sammyb says:

    Really pretty pictures. Love the one where she’s covered with water^^

  22. gordon says:

    it’s hot here in singapore.

    super rats,
    yes yuki is very sweet. though a little quiet at times. ^^;

    there are hotter ones. have u check out my photo shoot of shion and niniane.

    glad that u like it. it was tough getting just the right amount of water on her. too much and it will not look nice.

  23. Spicytuna says:

    Great photos. I really like that Yuki figure. I should get one.

    As for the picture, I have the high-res version of it on my computer, though I don’t remember where I got them from.

    Check your email for the pictures. I will be waiting for my cookies.

  24. gordon says:

    thanks. I have recieved you e-mail as well. u are such angel! cookies are already sent. should be arriving in your mailbox within the next few days. thanks again! ^^;

  25. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    Nice photoshoot session! I really like how well the figures blend with surrounding.

  26. Ryo says:

    I totally just got this figure! I’m pretty pleased… I have yet to take her to the beach though :/

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi, nice blog (and collection) you have there. Where do you purchase them ? (is La Tendo in Kallang LP a good choice ?)

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