Outdoors Figure Photoshoot

I love taking photos of figures outdoor. Primary reason is that I like how the figure blends in with the surrounding, providing an atmosphere that makes the figure stands out even more. Furthermore the sun is an excellent light source. Secondary reason is I do not have a decent studio setup and bright lamps at home. Not to mention a lack of space as well.

Anyway the thing I want to discuss today is that from what I read from some fellow bloggers who do shoot their figures outdoor and those who want to but did not, the common thing they brought up is that they are uncomfortable with getting weird stares from passersby. Well I guess that’s understandable, I would have felt the same too if people just stand there and look at me. But so far the locations I choose for my shoots has very little human traffic. Occasionally one or two will just walk past and take a glance. I’m fine with that.

So my point is, if you are interested in shooting your figures outdoors, just do it. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. It’s not like you are doing anything wrong. Follow your heart.

I will also like to recommend some bloggers who takes excellent outdoors shots. They are Moé Moé Rabu, Dancing Queen and Mukyaa. If anyone here take outdoors shots of figures or know of blogs (other than the three mentioned) who does so please let me know. I will love to see them. ^^;


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  1. Panther says:

    You should therefore organize a mass outdoor photoshoot. At least in a gang, we might even get riot trucks coming…like that Xedo protest I read on some blog lol. 4 riot trucks!

  2. Lsio says:

    beside shyness and people weird glance… another problem to me is how to carry them around;.. figma is easy for travel, I definitely will take them out more often; but those pvc figures are huge; how do you travel with them? put them in a box?

  3. puppy52doll says:

    The featured photos U have on here is really nice ^O^!
    if you think taking pix of figure outdoors is stressful, wait till U take pix of dolls LOL esp blythes 😛

    (but sometimes I must admit it is fun creeping the skirmish strangers who cannot keep mean remarks to themselves, since the blythe dolls can change their eye colour/direction LOL)

  4. Dancing Queen says:

    I love doing outdoor shoots now, the sun is the best source of light. I know Danny Choo kinda does outdoor shoots, well more like his are from his window and he has the sky as a backdrop. not sure if that count but thought i’d mention him. The times when i’ve gone and done shoot in public i’ve gotten a few stares but nothing bad, when i did the GSC Tessa/Chidori shoot i had some people stopping by to look, and i had an older couple take a look then kinda walk away quickly. Also when i did the Mahoro shoot i had some people drive by and slow down to take a look. But i don’t mind, if i were ashamed of my collection then i wouldn’t collect figures in the first place.

  5. gordon says:

    it aren’t going to be easy. we need to scout for location, a common topic for the different figures and of course getting weird stares form passersby.

    btw the xedo protest was classic. it was organised by 0ne (formerly known as zer0).

    usually i put them in their original packaging.

    thanks! blythes dolls are those with big head and eyes right? i know someone who collect life sized dolls.

    dancing queen,
    ya danny does nice shots from his baloney. i love the clear blue sky in his pics but all of them are from the same place. i prefer those with locations relevant to the figures.

    and i agree 100% with u in your last sentence. i love my figures that why i’m not afraid to shoot and share them.

  6. puppy52doll says:

    gordon, yes blythes are those with big heads small bodies and large eyes, I felt they remind me a bit of SD characters LOL (but of course other people think otherwise :P) I do have a couple other sized dolls one around 43cm, one 60+ cm but I don’t play with them as much as it gets heavy with all other equipment ^^;;;

  7. Belela-san says:

    I always take pictures of my Gundams and figures outside, its boring to take them inside because I’m lazy to create dioramas.

  8. Mizunaga says:

    Could you share the places you go to to shoot your figures? I need to *cough* snatch me some new figures *cough*.

  9. rokku says:

    I would like to do that, but i only have 1 figure and a gundam model that my teach gave me

  10. gordon says:

    blythes kinds freaks me out. but hey that’s just me. as long as u are happy u don’t need to care what other people think. ^^;

    do u have a blog? where can i view your figure photos?

    the photos are taken around singapore. i always on the lookout for new shooting location. ^^;

    buy more buy more. come to the dark side. muhahaha~

  11. Panther says:

    No need for a background story for all our figures. We just bring one suitable for our location, and try to help one another in our own photoshoots, and have a group shot near the end of the day or something, will do.

    Not too good with outside shots though.

    DQ: Not good for people to look on if I were to do anything like that. I am just going to straight up “WTF you looking at” at them. I am that gangsta.

  12. Belela-san says:

    its animestuff.wordpress.com

  13. wcloudxkumo says:

    I like the idea of the Mass outdoor photo outing ^^ Lately lots of people has been doing that ^^

    One of the most interesting I saw was, a group of people brought a portion of their figures to a cosplay event, and actually made a figure exhibition. It was a big hit ^^

    I would definitely bring my Figmas and Nendoroids if we ever organize such event ^^ I don’t know about 1/8 scale PVC though XD

  14. hynavian says:

    I’m no pro in figures or photo taking but I especially like the lower left photo. Gives me the “stretch out your wings and fly” optimistic feel to life. 😀

  15. gordon says:

    oh yes sorry i forgotten about your blog. i visited it before but seems to have lost the link. my bad. orz

    anyway nice pics of rei revoltech. LOLed at the last few pics. ^^;

    figmas is good. we can come up with many different combinations when we pose them with PVC figures.

    thanks for coming. many people like that shot as well.

  16. Abao says:

    well if you want to take photo outside then joly well get used to the stares.

    better still, be so engrossed in it that you cant see anyone other than your subject 8)

  17. samanosuke says:

    Now if only I had such interest scenery around my local area, I might just attempt to do it! Keep up the good work!

  18. gordon says:

    ya that’s what happened when i was st the beach for a photo shoot. i’m so engrossed in shooting i don’t care about the passersby. i think one of the, even took a picture of me shooting my figure. LOL!

    it’s not difficult to find shooting location. u must know where to look. ^^

  19. Garion says:

    Nice shots of your figures Gordon!

    I think yeah its definitely more interesting to bring your figures out and about to take photos of them! I have seen the same thing done with Pinky:St figures, Figmas, ball-jointed dolls (BJD) and what have you.

    About the public stares and such, I think its inevitable that it will attract some attention..but as long as you are minding your own business, who cares? Its not against the law to photograph figures in public areas (unless they are full nude or something ^^; )

    One downside of these PVC figures is that they aren’t poseable like Figmas or BJDs. So a bit limited in the no. of poses you can have for them.

    Oh yeah this is Garion here from sgcafe forums! Just happened to stumble upon ur blog. ^_^

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