23rd April Secretary’s Day

Every year, the Wednesday of the last full week of April is known as Secretary’s Day aka Administrative Professionals Day to recognise the work of secretaries, admin assistants, receptionists etc.

Talking about secretaries, have you all met my new secretary Yoko (above)? She is such an energetic and cheerful girl it’s a joy to come to job everyday. ^^

Last week, she asked me whether she can dress casually on Friday. I thought why not since its Casual Friday so I gave my permission for her to go ahead. Last Friday I got a shock of my life when she came to worked dressed in a red hot flaming bikini! She told me that’s what she wears all the time outside work. O_O

I couldn’t concentrate on work that day due to excessive nose bleeding so I took the day off. Oh btw, I also gave Yoko a pay rise and canceled all my appointments for Friday.


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5 Responses to 23rd April Secretary’s Day

  1. Panther says:

    Is that a vector of Yoko’s artbook scan? Seems like it was combined from two images though.

    And happy Secretary’s Day to all secretaries and like staff! Including Yoko. ❤

  2. gordon says:

    yes it’s a vector. ^^

  3. D_Blade says:

    Yoko as secretary = Hell Yeah!

  4. puppy52doll says:

    yoko pai? LOL

  5. gordon says:

    hell yeah!

    hell yeah! ^^

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