Abandoned Pet

While on my way home, something in the alley caught my attention. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be an abandoned pet in a box.

It kept saying “Lockon, Lockon, Lockon”. There’s a letter inside.

Dear whoever,

Hi. Thank you for picking this up. Inside this box is Haro who looking for a new owner. Not long ago, Haro’s previous owner met with an unfortunate accident and will not be able to take care of Haro anymore.

Under difficult circumstances and the nature of my work in which I am unable to disclose, I would not be able to take care of Haro as well. Thus Haro is up for adoption.

Haro is highly intelligent and needs little maintenance. Haro is good with the computer as well and can search the internet for information within seconds.

If you are the good owner Haro is looking for and with a love for mechanical pet, please give Haro a home and take good care of it. Thank you.

Feldt Grace

P.S. – Haro occasionally say out the name of its owner. Haro will adapt and change once he got used to its new owner.


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25 Responses to Abandoned Pet

  1. Squee says:

    I want 1 too!!!
    anyways did Feldt leave her number on the letter?

  2. gordon says:

    no she didn’t. guess she doesn’t want her identity to be traceable.

    anyway it’s a pretty cool toy. haro runs on 2 AAA batteries. can responds to your touch, says ramdom things and reports the time. but the thing is i don’t know how to do the settings as the manuel is written in japanese. >.<

  3. Caitlin says:

    That’s really cute though. ^_^

  4. allentyb says:

    You have quite a nice blog, and between this is allentyb, if you can remember me, as i no longer wishes to post at sgforums again, due to another stupidity of FI, banning my allentyb v2.01 nick for no apparently reason and i wishes all the best in sgforums.

  5. Fariz Asuka says:

    I pity Feldt, having to take care of Haro after seeing the death of her 2 best friends..

    So how is Haro doing at home? Did he say your name; ” Gordon,Gordon,Gordon”? ^^

  6. misakichii says:

    Does it have special datas/photos of Feldt and Sumeragi?

    Btw you dint buy it locally right?

  7. andra says:

    aww.. Haro is so cute~

    does Haro rolls and blinks around like the sony rolly? o.O

  8. Mizunaga says:

    Hmm.. The image looks a little like it’s shopped… is it?

    BTW- glad to know Feldt can speak English ^^ or did you translate the letter for us?

  9. gordon says:

    yes indeed.

    great to see u man! really missed u bro! do u have a blog as well? maybe we can exchange links. anyway i seldom post at sgforums anymore. need to concentrate on this crappy blog. ^^;

    Fariz Asuka,
    haro is currently adapting to its new home. i’m teaching it to speak english. ^^;

    nope. but i found lot of tieria’s photos though. interested? as for your qns, i bought it through a seller. i believe it was sold at taka as well few weeks back, very expensive though.

    yes haro flips its ear and blinks randomly from time to time.

    the only thing shopped is the text bubble. the letter is written in english.

  10. Setsuna-san says:

    ROFL’d so hard i almost fell out of my chair.

  11. allentyb says:

    No, i don’t have a blog, and you should add a shoutbox on your blog, and i am busy with watching new season anime series. Your blog is rather clean with no ad, maybe you should stay blogging about new series such as vampire knight, soul eater and Wagaya no Oinari-sama

  12. sk-殿 says:

    i don’t get it… what is it? sorry i don’t watch gundam… tell me what i’m missing.

  13. gordon says:

    in that case, do come often and drop comments whenever possible. will love to hear your point of views on anime related stuffs. anyway no plans for a shoutbox for the time being.

    haro is the mascot of the gundam world. every gundam series has them.

    if u are free, u can read about it here. ^^

  14. D_Blade says:

    So you adopted a pantsu-face?
    *Ahem* Sorry I got carried away a little bit there.

  15. Benjamin Takeyo says:

    What a fine pet, I want to find one abandoned on the road, too. >_<

  16. Panther says:

    The “lockon” repetition is disturbing. It might fire a missile at any time. >_<

  17. puppy52doll says:

    @d_blade… pantsu face LOL!!!!!

  18. sk-殿 says:

    thanks for the info. doing some research on gundam now, getting a bit of interest… might wanna start watching gundam seed and destiny…

    how was gundam 00? heard from friend that it was really bloody at the end, and most of the gundam meisters were killed? wonder how season 2 will shape up if so.

  19. Lsio says:

    ‘gordon gordon gordon I found some health care you like’

  20. gordon says:

    pantsu face!!? WTF? O_O

    Benjamin Takeyo,
    or u can just buy one. ^^

    lol. no worries. Haro is harmless.

    gundam seed & destiny are 100 episodes combined. some episodes are rather boring with no action at all. so i’ll recommend u start with gundam 00 since it’s only 25 episodes. and now that’s the season is atking a break, it’s a great time to catch up. ^^

    shhh… not so loud. save them all to my hard drive Haro. ^^

  21. D_Blade says:

    gordon, here is why I call it that way *adds light-hearted music in the background*:
    – Take a Horo, turn it upside-down;
    – Dismiss the flip-flap ears;
    – Do you see a pantsu? XD

  22. D_Blade says:

    Oops… Haro.
    I’ll definitely get killed for that mistake.

  23. gordon says:

    yes i know that. ^^

    but do be careful. legion of haro fans are marching towards your house now even as we speak.

  24. The Sojourner says:

    I have to say, this post really made my day.

  25. Shion says:

    lol I thought you really saw an abandoned pet.

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