Detective Conan: A Popular Series That No One Talks About?

Detective Conan is a manga/anime series about a high school detective who got drugged by a criminal syndicate which shrunk his body into that of a little boy. While trying to unearth the mysterious people behind the organisation, he continues to solve cases in his miniature form.

The series is very popular in Japan but strangely I don’t see many people blogging about it. I have been following the manga since its debut in 1994. It is currently at volume 61 (in Japan) and is still going strong with no end in sight. I haven’t watched the anime (must be over hundreds of episodes by now) or it’s many movies (and probably never will).

The picture above shows my volume 1 bought in 1994 and volume 60 released in Singapore last week.

Btw an interesting thing about the series is that the main character’s real name is Shinichi. The pronunciation sounds a lot like 洗衣机 in Chinese which means washing machine. ^^


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13 Responses to Detective Conan: A Popular Series That No One Talks About?

  1. double says:

    Detective Conan was what got me into anime. If not for it, I would probably not be what I am now.

    You should watch the movies and the anime. They’re good stuff ^^

  2. puppy52doll says:

    It is an interesting series, I actually read a bit of it when I was buying those bundled up comic magazines (Man4 hua4 zhou1 kan1) but I think the art style is not the most attractive to me so I’m not too upset when I don’t get to access it anymore.

  3. Lsio says:

    I only read to like 30ish volume. The begin is good and later get boring to me. I just hope it ends. I mean come on Conan should have grown back to his true form by all these years, but he still look like a child.

  4. Munz says:

    yay. i hv also been collecting the mangas all this while! XD. gawd its been years. sometimes i oso jz wish for it to end. =S

  5. Setsuna-san says:

    old is gold as they say.

    i still love the theme park case in volume1 classic beheading.

  6. gordon says:

    judging by the replies from u guys (and a girl), seems like people do read/watch the series eventhough they don’t blog about it. ^^;

    the anime is over 500 episodes now. O_O guess i’ll just stick to the manga.

  7. Mizunaga says:

    I used to read this too, but the cases around volume 40+ started to get really confusing (and tiresome to read), so haven’t been following it for a long time now.

    It’s at volume 61 already eh? I’ll probably pick it back up once it ends ^^;

    @Gordon, Over 500 episodes?!

  8. chuan3205 says:

    the story dragged too long…. 😦

    he really should have grown up by abit.

  9. qingy says:

    Conan is like a walking curse, murders occur everywhere he goes. If you think this is a long series, try reading 130+ volumes of Golgo13.

  10. gordon says:

    the manga can be wordy at times but not as wordy as death note. anyway what language did u read yours in? online or hard copy?

    speaking of growing up, somehow i kinda want to see a case in which his 3 friends in school grew up as well. by drugs or whatever. just a thought. ^^

    all detective stories are like that. anywhere they go, someone got murdered. ^^

  11. alafista says:

    wow you are like my friend who also collected the entire series of detective conan.

    I don’t read conan but I do have an impressive collection of one piece ^_^

  12. gordon says:

    i read one piece as well (but not the anime). the latest chapter is damn funny. the sanji lookalike. lol.

  13. Mizunaga says:

    @Gordon, Haha, I guess you’re right about not being as wordy as Death Note.

    I (used to) buy the Bahasa Melayu ones.. Maybe I should take a shot of all of them ^^;

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