Free hugs

In Singapore, there are lots of campaigns telling you what to do (and what not to do). One of them is encouraging you to be kind to others which is what the Singapore Kindness Week happening this week is all about. 100 volunteers hit the streets last Sunday offering free hugs as a gesture of kindness (though money is much preferred). Hugs here are usually sold at the grocery stores so for this week only, hugs are given away free of charge.

Free hugs in action below.

I don’t mind a hug from a cutesy girl. In fact I will go down everyday to get my daily dose of free hugs. Looking forward to free kisses soon.


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11 Responses to Free hugs

  1. Panther says:

    Huggies from cuties are fine. But yeah personally I prefer a knee-strike…never mind.

  2. Squee says:

    Gordon, did you get yourself a free hug from the girls?

  3. alafista says:

    LOL yeah free hugs from cuties!!!

    Though I must say if people are so free to give out free hugs, why don’t they go to old folks home or orphanages, there are losta people there that really need hugs.

  4. ed says:

    cools, i rmb my friend doing the same.
    but i think he was just bored.

    he actually bought a gio tee (cheap) and wrote “free hugs” on the front. then loitered ard douby ghaut mrt giving hugs.
    pretty cool.

    gord maybe u can gather ur otaku gang and go give hugs. =D

  5. wongtcsg says:

    looks like it is at orchard road.
    Can get telephone no. too?

  6. gordon says:

    sure i’ll give u a knee-strike. ^^;

    no i didn’t. free hugs were for last sunday only. orz

    true. kindness can be expressed through many ways in our daily lives. like giving up your seat on the train/bus, switching off your phone in cinema etc.

    otaku gang? we don’t want to be arrested by the police again. lol.

    sure. u can also get her height, weight, waist line, bust size and blood type too. ^^;

  7. moetotsugeki says:

    I rather hug a dakimakura… if i have one that is.

  8. Panther says:

    You know who I want to be knee-struck by, Gordon. >_< And it is definitely not you. :p

  9. Mizunaga says:

    Me wants hug from cutie too >ѡ< @Panther, can I give you the knee-strike in his place?

  10. D_Blade says:

    My mind has been polluted with those pictures of free hugs from weird men from Japan. Shocked for life… I won’t tell whose responsible for that.
    But again free hugs from cute girls. That would be very nice in my opinion.

  11. gordon says:

    i have a dakimakura but no filling. orz

    free hugs are one of the events of the Singapore Kindness Week. they volunteered so they get nothing.

    a certain stormtrooper right? anyway hugs from cutesy girls are nice indeed. ^^;

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