Police Raid Otaku Gathering, 13 Arrested

File photo of the suspects. Man in blue is believed to be the hostage

Police last Saturday arrested 13 young men in what was believed to be the hugest illegal gathering of otakus in Singapore since the start of the year. A police spokesperson confirmed yesterday that the mastermind behind this gathering was identified as Panther. When asked whether the ones arrested are part of an otaku syndicate, the police remain tight-lipped and only state that the case is still under investigation.

Witnesses were quoted as saying the gathering began at around 3pm outside Raffles Place Shopping Centre. A secondary schoolgirl who declined to be named, said she saw the group getting on the bus at the opposite street. “It was my first time seeing so many otakus. I wonder what they are up to?” said the girl.

A check with the local bus operator revealed that the group alighted near the soon to be demolish National Stadium and was seen by passengers to be walking towards Kallang Leisure Park. Tenants interviewed by our reporters said they remember seeing the group walking past. The mall security officer who only wanted to be known as Mr Lim said, “We don’t get many shoppers normally since this place is so ulu so seeing them in a group is something hard to miss.”

Robin, a shop assistant on the second floor recalled seeing the group heading in the direction of La Tendo on the third floor, a shop that specialises in anime figures and toys. “The group stayed inside the shop for quite a while. Then I saw one of them seems to have taken the boss hostage and dragged him outside for a photo shoot.” said Robin.

After a while, the group made their way into the arcade above. Ahmad, one of the staff on duty that day said a few of them played and the rest just watch. “One of them was kinda pro with this shooting game while another was not bad with this King of Fighters game.” said Ahmad.

The group then headed to the food court for dinner. Madam Tan, who was dinning with her family at the food court, was terrified when she saw the group. “They must be up to no good. Looking at the increasing crime rates and a terrorist on the loose, it never hurts to be careful. That is when I decided to call the police.”

The police arrived shortly and the group were taken into custody. No further information was available by press time.

The above fake news was bought to you by Gordonator News Network. lol ok seriously now, I enjoyed the trip, it was great chatting about otaku related stuffs which I can’t do with my normal friends who aren’t into this hobby. Nice talking to fellow comrades like Panther, Misaki-chii, Sabar, Squee, CK, Zero and Fariz Asuka. I’m sorry if I didn’t get the chance to chat with the rest much like Hirito and wcloudxkumo. I’ll make it up by signing 7 extras and visiting your blog more often. ^^

And btw, i’m glad I went for the trip as I bought a figure from La Tendo which I can’t seems to find in other shops. More on it in the next few days.


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15 Responses to Police Raid Otaku Gathering, 13 Arrested

  1. Panther says:

    I was released on bail. For a measly 2 dollars. Oh yes.

  2. CK says:

    awesome post! so golden haha

  3. 萌 突撃! says:

    I was found innocent, and was released earlier, but was caught again while at KKnM.

    Haha anyways nice meeting you XD

  4. Squee says:

    I award you with d best outing post.

  5. Kawasumi Hirito says:

    I’m speechless. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry laughing. LOL best post out of all!!

  6. puppy52doll says:

    LOL!!! so…. how was jail food? Hope you guys didn’t get molested by criminal dolphins 😛

  7. Fariz Asuka says:

    The interrogation took 3 hours, and the police were asking me the same question over and over again..

    ” When are you buying the Kotobukiya’s Kureha?? “… The agony..

  8. gordon says:

    thanks guys for your comments! it was fun. i enjoyed myself. ^^;

    criminal dolphins!? O_O

  9. Panther says:

    Ah yes I wanted to edit my post but Blogger did not allow me to.

    Best post evar. I got everyone to come here the instant I saw it, hence the early replies lol.

    Chun: You should join us on the next one LOL.

  10. wongtcsg says:

    straits times want to hire writer.

  11. puppy52doll says:

    panther thanks for asking…. but no thanks 😛 I’m not in SG now anyways LOL

  12. gordon says:

    blogger can modify post. i did it all the time.

    thanks for the offer but not interested. i want to concentrate on my otaku career. ^^;

    we will wait till the enxt time u caom back for holiday then. we can go sentosa see the dolphins. ^^;

  13. wcloudxkumo says:

    lol, definitely the best coverage so far~XD

    lol no worries Gordon. I think we had some nice talks on the way home ^^

  14. d says:

    No waiiiiiiii~!!

  15. gordon says:

    we will make it up next time.

    d_blade is that u!!!!

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