Singapore Efficiency Part 2

Last month, I mentioned about an uneven pavement near my house. Few days ago, I found out that someone had finally attend to it but what I saw wasn’t satisfactory at all. Bicycle tracks and footprints can still be seen (Top picture). Below picture is the one I took last month.


Two possible reasons that could have caused this. These were fresh tracks made when the cement is still wet during the repair or it could be just sloppy work by the contractors. I have sent the town council another e-mail suggesting to them to get the relevant authorities to get their contractors to redo it but this time put up a sign to warn people of wet cement. Anyway isn’t it common sense to put up a sign for this kind of thing in the first place?


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5 Responses to Singapore Efficiency Part 2

  1. puppy52doll says:

    LOL omg I thought the fixed up one was the original one at first and got confused by the “before” picture at the bottom LOL toooo funny! 😛

  2. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow.. So much for calling it a repair.. I think they just want to save cost thats all..

    Hopefully, no one can get hurt when they walk over that section..

  3. gordon says:

    i just hope it won’t take another 3 weeks to fix this up. >.<

  4. Mizunaga says:

    They got the job done! Woohooo! *rejoices*

    I wonder why they couldn’t even finish a simple job like this? Not that we’d get better results in Malaysia..

  5. gordon says:

    the job is done yes but not satisfactorily. will update again when they repatch the pavement in haruhi-know-how-long.

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