Gundam Unicorn Blue

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

Gundam Unicorn completed (finally). Initially I wasn’t keen of getting it as I didn’t like the red translucent parts. I got it nevertheless but decided to paint the red into blue instead. End result looks kinda cool (I think).

Other than blue, gold was used for the V-fin, metallic steal black for the internal frame and a bit of red for the chin.

Didn’t like the unicorn mode so never bothered to take pics of it. Saved me the hassle of transforming it as well. Don’t wanna risk breaking the parts during transformation.

Only applied a minimum of decals as I wasn’t fond of all those red caution stickers. Over time, stickers will collect dust and will have unsightly grey borders.

Keroro helped me build this gunpla

you want a piece of me boy?


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20 Responses to Gundam Unicorn Blue

  1. dannychoo says:

    Unicorn looking good.

  2. Setsuna-san says:

    wicked!! the blue color scheme actually looks better than the red one. surprising.

  3. gordon says:

    thanks. how about getting one yourself? long time since u build a gunpla right? u might need a time capsule as well. ^^

    me think so too. me favourite colour is blue as well. ^^

  4. Ed says:

    coolness. blue looks better.
    try modding the legs maybe? for more poses. =D

  5. Deranged says:

    Damn, it has been ages since I did some gunpla…

    Damn, this looks so fricken sweet… XD

  6. gordon says:

    someone posted the link at EDMW. will take a look.

    thanks. ever consider getting back into this hobby? ^^;

  7. Rokku says:

    That`s nicer that the red one.

  8. Fariz Asuka says:

    Gordon.. That look totally awesome.. My gundams and I bow down to your Unicorn Gundam.. ^^

    Maybe I should start painting mine too.. Not too late to start on such hobbies..

  9. Setsuna-san says:

    maybe if the white was painted gold it would look better still.

  10. gordon says:

    thanks. guess i didn’t make the wrong decision to paint it blue.

    Fariz Asuka,
    for starters, u may try mr hobby metallic black to spray the internal frame. use it to practice. even if u screwed up, at least it won’t be so noticeable. once u get the hang of it. u can move on to other more advance stuffs like priming. ^^;

    GOLD!? O_O no thanks i prefer the original white. looks neat and clean. ^^

  11. Prim3 says:

    wow.. saw quite a few ppl who got this gundam.. is it the popular one now? sorry.. quite some time not into gundams already.. btw, it looks good XD

  12. kintaro says:

    Looking slick Gordo! Really clean job.

  13. gordon says:

    ya it’s kinda popular. many people here bought it.

    thanks. i washed it with soap thus the neat clean look. ^^;

  14. wongtcsg says:

    Gunpla master,
    to paint a gundam
    beside spray paint type,
    got any use brush type of paint?
    sorry, noob question.

  15. gordon says:

    welcome welcome. ^^;
    other than spray cans, there’s hand brush and air brush.

  16. Mizunaga says:

    Wow~ Looking great. I still find it amazing that people can do such detailed work like that ^^; I’d probably mess up the paint job real badly.

  17. marvinryan says:

    hey Gordon, your blue unicorn looks mighty fine. ^^

  18. gordon says:

    it’s our passion. GUNDAM for LIFE!

    thanks! ^^;

  19. Jacques says:

    Gordon, great job on your Gundam Unicorn. Sadly, I’m not doing much progress for mine. only completed up till the endo-skeleton frame. :s And MG Musha is about to be release too!

    Liked The blue color scheme which you employ for the destroy mode very much.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey, it looks very wicked. Nice job!
    I myself am thing of doing a “dark” unicorn,Black over the white and painting the red glow-in-the-dark. Now I need to find the paint first.

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