Mirai Flash Doll

Saw this over at chun’s site and fell in love with this game drawn and programmed by the lass herself. Basically it’s a flash game in which you can dress (or strip) Mirai up in various costumes. My favourite being the meido one and the mizugi one. ^^;

Click here to play it. Oh btw, if you do not know who Mirai is (shame on you!), please click on the dannychoo banner on the right to find out. And lastly it’s official, someone has a dolphin fetish. ^^


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10 Responses to Mirai Flash Doll

  1. Panther says:

    Haha nice find.

  2. puppy52doll says:

    LOL~ thanks for the plug Gordonator you has dolphin fetish? (you can hide the dolphin you know? LOL

  3. gordon says:

    panther, do drop down chun’s site and strip mirai.. er.. no i mean dress mirai up. drop her a comment while u are at it. ^^;

    chun, i don’t have a dolphin fetish. i have eyes fetish. ^^

  4. qingy says:

    as your psychiatrist, i can tell you that we’re not going to get anywhere until you admit that you have a dolphin fetish.

    look out your window, i see a dolphin.

  5. puppy52doll says:

    qingy…. where? U talking about yours? *covers eyes* (LOL!!!)

  6. lanie-emon says:

    Sweet. Definitely something I wont touch during office hours ^^.

  7. gordon says:

    what the devil is a dolphin doing outside the window!? O_O

    why not? who know? maybe your boss might like it? ^^;

  8. Setsuna-san says:

    i feel so perverted now.

  9. gordon says:

    i knew i wasn’t the only one who clicked on mirai’s er… nevermind. welcome to the dark side my young apprentice.

  10. Mizunaga says:

    The things we do while no one’s looking..

    *You do not see me…*

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