Windows Vista Service Pack 1

A bit of old news. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was released two weeks ago, Vista users interested to upgrade may refer to here for more info. Already upgraded mine. took me about 2 hours.

Actually I don’t really care about the service pack, just want to show you all the above cutesy Vista OS-tan I found. ^^;


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15 Responses to Windows Vista Service Pack 1

  1. Deranged says:

    Lol… love the vista pic XD

  2. Panther says:

    Yes I have quite a few of OS-tans, notably XP-tan, though Win95-tan and Vista-tan are also in the list. Good stuff from /w/ as usual.

  3. puppy52doll says:

    dude, full view is available of the OL woh 😉 in gallery LOL

  4. Nagato says:

    Hehe, I think Vista Business Edition-tan looks the coolest. ^^;

    Also I installed Vista a while back and I couldn’t stand it – the SP1 was supposed to fix a lot of the issues though…have you noticed any changes?

  5. qingy says:

    Microsoft needs to adopt OS-tan as an official mascot

  6. Fariz Asuka says:

    Wow.. Love the Vista-tan.. She looks beautiful..

    Like Qingy said, hope Microsoft take them as official mascots.. They do need one..

  7. gordon says:

    deranged, yes she loves u too. ^^

    panther, me is n00b. what is a /w/?

    chun, noted. ^^

    nagato, SP1 is said to perform faster, i don’t know how true is that but if u have 4GB of ram installed, it will properly show the 4GB under my computer now.

    qingy & Fariz Asuka, a good idea for the japanese market maybe? i’ll discuss this with bill gates over lunch tomorrow. ^^;

  8. Choo says:

    sweet. love the picture ^^

  9. Panther says:

    4Chan is an image board that is full of retards and stuff, one of the most well-known around. If you heard of memes such as “Gar for ARcher”, “F**K YEAH SEAKING” and the like, they all came from 4Chan.

    4Chan itself is split into many sections, /w/ stands for Anime/Wallpaper section. The posts move so fast, you are advised to check once every 24 hours. /w/ is not as fast as /b/ (Random), where in 12 hours the threads unless popular have already been changed once over.

  10. gordon says:

    panther, thanks for the info. here’s a cookie. and one for choo too for dropping by. ^^;

  11. Nagato says:

    I <3 4ch/a/n :3
    First timers should avoid /b/, though >_>;;

    And oh yeah, I remember now that was the fix that SP1 was supposed to do. I guess I should go read a changelog, huh?

  12. Panther says:

    Lol for all your OS-tan needs, I found a thread that hopefully, by the time you read this, will still be around.

  13. gordon says:

    Nagato, don’t bother reading the changelog, i fell asleep halfway reading it.

    panther, it’s still there. u my good sir, is made of win! ^^;

  14. Mizunaga says:

    @Gordon, After seeing that picture, I just had to go and read up about the OS-tans. (Never really got into OS-tans before) Now I can’t thank you enough! xD

    @Nagato, Oh wow. And the first time I paid a visit to 4chan was to /b/ >_>;;

    @panther, Great link! 😀

  15. gordon says:

    it’s good to learn something new everyday. ^^;

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