Wing Gundam Zero

Camera used: Nikon COOLPIX P5100

Finished my 1/100 MG Wing Gundam Zero last week but was too lazy busy to take pictures. The rainy weather Singapore is having lately also prevented me from doing so. Finally managed to spare some time yesterday morning to take some shots. Thanks Haruhi the weather was bright and sunny. Photos turned out OK but could be better. I’ll work on improving myself in future. orz

Same pose as the box cover art ^^;

Hurry up with the shot! These twin rifles are heavy!

Who are you staring at punk?

I believe I can fly~ I believe I can touch the sky~

Yes Gundams need hugs too

Wing Gundam Zero the flasher?


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24 Responses to Wing Gundam Zero

  1. grahf23 says:

    wah ur wzc is very chio…panel line oso very good….pro sia….

  2. ed says:

    the “i believe i can fly” pic is nicely taken!
    great job with the kit too.
    will do up mine one day if no1 wans to buy. XD

  3. Simmy says:

    i like the i believe i can fly picture as well! been wanting to do that with my PG wing zero… but no stand for PG… 😦

  4. gordon says:

    thanks all. ^^;

  5. Panther says:

    Not interested in Gundam, but some of the pics were well taken, Gordon. Is that Bishan?

  6. gordon says:

    panther, nice observation. yes it’s indeed bishan. near RI.

  7. D_Blade says:

    Great job!!
    And about your self-proclaimed laziness, better late than never. ^^;

  8. gordon says:

    d_blade, thanks. i like the word lazy. it rhythms with busy. lol. ^^;

  9. Squee says:

    Nice pics you have there ^^ it’s raining almost every weekend and I can’t paint my kits T_T

    a member at a gunpla forum I joind curled the ‘feathers’ of his wing and it looked really good, Here’s a pic for your reference ^^

  10. dice says:

    Cool pix! My Zeta Ver2.0 is STILL at 85% complete. and its been 2 years already! Talk about lazy/busy! LOL

  11. ott says:

    It looks great! I like it with the wings spread out! I wanna get one too later on. 😀

  12. gordon says:

    squee, ya hated the rainy days as well. but it seems to rain mostly in the afternoons. morning is bright and sunny. the modification looks cool. can it really be done since the feathers are rubber? btw my feathers keeps falling out! >.< dice, i LOLed when u said cool pix. that’s the model of my camera. haha. ^^; didn’t knew u are into gundams as well. that’s so cool. since u are already 85% done with your zeta, why not finish it? ^^ ott, thatnks. it’s a decent kit, but kinda small compare to other 1/100 MGs. HAG should have stock. ^^;

  13. Rokku says:

    I have that, but didn`t have the time to complete it.
    Look really good

  14. gordon says:

    rokku, are u free this afternoon? i’ll freeze the time this afternoon so that u can finish it. hehe. ^^;

  15. Choo says:

    very very nice compared to my gundam. Love the photoshoots too ^^

  16. puppy52doll says:

    nice! the “I believe I can fly” picture is fabulous ^^

  17. Squee says:

    According to the guy who did the mod, all he did was to roll up the feathers, tape em up and leave it for a few hours.
    I also wanted to ask if the decals on the wing came with the kit? it looked really nice

  18. gordon says:

    thanks choo and chun. ^^;

    squee, yes the decals u see on the wings comes together with the kit.

  19. gordon says:

    Setsuna-san, thanks. great to know the hard work and hours spent modeling it is worth it. ^^;

    Panther, i live in jurong and work in bishan. btw i’m the only caveman in this world who don’t use MSN. sorry. orz

  20. Fariz Asuka says:

    I like the pose where the Gundam carried the twin rifles.. Very nice pic indeed.. What camera did you use?

  21. gordon says:

    Fariz Asuka, the camera i used is written on the 1st pic. the Nikon COOLPIX P5100. ^^;

  22. Squee says:

    Gordon, you travel more than me to get to work! I live in Yio Chu Kang and work in Jurong…opposite direction…

  23. gordon says:

    squee. ya loh very far i know. take 1 hour to reach work place. orz

    but i’m used to it. will read newspaper or take a nap on the bus to pass the time. ^^;

  24. ChioBeeBee says:

    Bro your photos very nice & sharp wor but also can see the kits got very obvious seamlines on the weapons. Might wanna cover the seamlines on your kit

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