I believe I can fly

From the last post about my MG Wing Zero Custom, many seem to like the “I believe I can fly” pic. Gundamium, a fellow modeling comrade from my Gundam thread in the hardware zone forums, did some Photoshop magic and came with this awesome edited picture.

Thanks buddy! I love it. ^^;

Another comrade Panther also spread some Photoshop love with these 2 amazing works. Thanks for the time and effort put in bro! Cookies will sent via mail to your house within the next few days. ^^;


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15 Responses to I believe I can fly

  1. Setsuna-san says:


  2. gordon says:

    me must go brush up on my Photoshop skills. orz

  3. Panther says:

    Yeah I just got Photochop, I might do some more editing based on your raw pic Gordon. The one he did was mainly put a lens flare and probably make it a little sharper and that was about it, unless he did other stuff to it. IIRC that is really easy to do.

  4. gordon says:

    panther, great. in future if i have Photoshop questions i can consult u. me only started recently so still kinda n00b. orz

  5. Fariz Asuka says:

    Excellent!! Four thumbs up!!

  6. Panther says:

    Read my comment as well in the previous post Gordon, I should have posted it here. >_<

  7. gordon says:

    fariz asuka, 4 thumbs???

  8. Panther says:

    Just realized you did read it Gordon, after I posted that last comment. Get MSN or something. Also saved your raw for some other time to work on, I probably will be cropping the part I am working on and seeing how it goes.

    Just finished my first simple wallpaper of the Mai figure I had, mainly a small test of certain things. I need to do better at vectoring. >_<

  9. gordon says:

    panther, don’t think i will ever use MSN, too addicting. might slow down my work. >.< anyway are u gonna post the mai pic at your blog? me interested to see it. ^^

  10. Panther says:

    Up at my Photobucket already, if you mean the wallpaper. Not going to be featuring it for some time thanks to the articles I want to write about myself (done) and my blog. Also, check your email. If my email did not get through, tell me please.

  11. gordon says:

    panther, thanks for the pics! already edited this post to feature your work. awesome!

  12. Panther says:

    No problem, wonder if the rest know though haha. Also I did not bother with making them into wallpaper image resolutions, so anyone who wants to do that, feel free.

  13. D_Blade says:

    The last pic was A-we-some. (Not disregarding the other ones though)
    gordon, fariz must have implied both of his thumbs and his big toes. ^^;;

  14. gordon says:

    d_blade, lol i’m thinking the same thing too. anyway thanks to all once again for the wonderful artwork. ^^

  15. Lsio says:

    they look great, I like the last one did by panther the most; didn’t know panther is good at Photoshop.

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